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These two are going places. It might be big, it might be small, but they will be together. And that’s all that matters 💜 #LAbeans


The LA beans are inseparable 💯 ___________________________________________ As many of you know from my story, ariya is staying with @babadoofs for the week. She’s been there since Monday night. I’m picking her up Saturday evening when I get off work. I’m not going into detail of why Jae has her but everything is okay! I just wanted to make a post so there is no confusion on why she’s constantly with a brindle bean lol. But Thank you everyone who has messaged me about it 💜 I really appreciate it as I was a emotional mess. Ariya is doing wonderful and Jae has been updating me constantly on their adventures 🙂


Just wanted to repost from my story. Ariya learned how to jump off a ledge instead of going into the water from the steps (which she likes to do). It took some baby steps and about 10 minutes of confidence building and she can do it no prob 😋I’m really hoping I can find a dock diving facility near me. The closest one I found where I’m located is an hour and a half away ☹️ if anyone in SoCal knows of a place please let me know!!


Our first review this month is the Honest Kitchen bone broth. It’s chicken broth and only has 5 ingredients. Ariya does not like this stuff which is weird because she likes chicken broth I bought from the store before. I followed the instructions on how to use and ariya has not eaten her food in 2 days. She eats Chicas instead lol. It has a intense smell so I’m not sure if that’s the reason why she doesn’t like it. She only eats a few bites here and there but other then that she prefers to steal chicas food. I’m waiting for her to finish this and just keep putting her other toppers in her food. She usually likes honest kitchen items so I was very surprised when she didn’t want to touch this. I’m sad this didn’t work out but it’s okay 🤷🏻‍♀️ probably going to give this away to a friend. All in all we rate this a nub waggin’ 3/10. ___________________________________________ I received these free of charge from @chewy in exchange for my honest review.


When you’re trying really hard to find the weekend 😢


Why worry when you have two giants to protect you?


I used to be that person that needed to tell the world every panic attack I had, every dizzy spell, every flare. Why? Because I needed to assure everyone I wasn’t lying. I’ve realized over the years that the Service dog community is crap and I don’t need to prove to ANYONE what goes on with me. I’m more focused on myself, my dog and my life and I plan to keep it that way. You will see pictures of ariya working, or a caption reading “having a bad day today” or “going through some issues” but I don’t need to explain what or how. I’ve backed out a lot from the community and it was the best thing I ever did. I’m not stressing over stupid crap like I used to. But one thing for sure is, if any of my followers have a question about my disabilities or what tasks ariya provides I’m 💯 and will answer no problem. I get a few DMs every now and then of people just curious and asking what ariya does and I let them know. If any of you have any questions feel free to DM me. It takes a few seconds to contact the person instead of making up your own scenarios 💕


I love this hazel eyed bean 💕 ___________________________________________ Sorry for the crappy phone picture 😅


That face you make when Monday slaps you in the face 😑


Keep a close watch on the weekend. Maybe it will stay longer 🤔


My sister is going to middle school in the fall 😱 graduation pictures were a must with me and the bean


“WAIT! Come back! Let me love you!” -Most likely Hemingway ___________________________________________ I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far!


The elegance this dog has is just stunning. #wetdogwednesday ___________________________________________ All photos at the beach were taken by @anabeldflux ..i took some as well but I’ll always watermark mine! I can’t thank her enough for catching ariya in action! All photos came out beautiful!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DANI @theteenygolden I’m grateful to have a friend like you! You helped me when I was broken and defeated and I’m thankful for that! I hope today is filled with joy and laughter. Thank you for being you and blessing everyone around you! I love you and luca! I hope we can celebrate your birthday soon! 💜 _______________________________ Photo by @anabeldflux


We tried re-creating the OG picture of ariya and hems 😂


Ariya had such a wonderful day today. It was so nice to be able to hang out with some awesome friends and their pups. When ariya seen hems she went crazy for him 😅 she was so happy to hang out with her man. Her summer body was ready for sure! 😂 she loves this dude so much. More pictures to come!


Happy birthday to this lovely girl! I can’t believe you are two already! This photo was taken when ariya was about 8 months old. Ariya hasn’t seen luca since then but I can’t wait to see you guys Sunday! I hope today is filled with lots of kisses and food! It’s so amazing to watch you mature into the lovely golden you are! Have a wonderful birthday sweet girl, see you soon! @theteenygolden


Remember that video where ariya was frustrated she couldn’t turn around on this ledge? Well we worked on it twice a week and a few weeks ago I took this video! ___________________________________ My love can finally turn around in both directions. When we worked on it she was only comfortable turning around on her left side. She was scared to turn around on her right side. Then she was able to turn around on both sides! I love getting this result when working on something she is frightened of! It strengthens her confidence and her trust in me. 😊

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