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You never get work done owning a Doberman 👀 ___________________________________________ Been super busy the past few days planning everything for our party. Finally got everything and just have to make the rest and assemble it. Party planning is stressful 😴


The past few days have been MISERABLE for me. The amount of pain I’m in is exhausting. It’s to the point I regret getting my wisdom teeth out. Just waiting for it to all go away 😭. At 4:30 this morning I woke up and had a major panic attack that was probably stress induced. NOT a fun way to wake up. Ariya responded lovely and made it to were it didn’t last too long. Today is also my last day of work since I start school next week. Sad I won’t be working with dogs anymore but might do Wag or Rover for some income. This week has been not so great😪. ___________________________________________ Harness by @blackonyxgear737


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! Today the bean is TWO. I cannot believe it. She’s everything I wanted and more! I can’t explain the blessings this dog has given me. She has made an impact on my life and I’m forever grateful for it. We both have had some major impacts in our life, to me losing my brother to her almost losing her life but despite those set backs, those heartbreaking moments, we both stood by each others side. We both pulled through. I know she would give every inch of her soul just to please me and so would I. She is the breed I fell in love with plus much much more. Thank you Ariya for dedicating your life for me. Keep your head and nub up because we both have many more years together 💕 I love you so much my bean. ______________________________________________________________________ I am planning a birthday party at the end of this month so if you are in SoCal team/friend then expect a message from me ☺️


I can’t believe tomorrow this girl is going to be two.. ___________________________________________ I had to redo this since I’m so out of it I didn’t realize I put her handle on wrong 😓 in my head I realized there was something wrong but I didn’t put it together 😂 Take Two 🙈 Ariya got her @blackonyxgear737 harness the other day. I got all my wisdom teeth out today so I was pretty out of it and was able to snap some quick photos before returning to bed. I love this color on her 😍 Thank you @blackonyxgear737!!


“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen” -Orhan Pamuk ___________________________________________ I can’t believe this bean is turning two in 6 days. Time went by so quickly, it’s bitter sweet. I remember when I would say, “i can’t wait to see how she matures when she’s two” and here I am wishing I could go back to when she was 3-4 months. She’s turned into a magnificent dog and I’m so grateful. Dealing with my brothers trial, I didn’t have time to plan her anything. I wasn’t going to do anything but @babadoofs keeps insisting SO, I might rent a small place, find a nice park to do a BBQ at, or just do one big outing. I’m not 100% sure. If I had something it would be towards the end of this month so I can gather details and I would combine mine and her birthday together since mine is the first week of October. If any of my SoCal friends are interested in gathering for her birthday, please DM me so I can kinda see what I should do depending on the headcount 🙂


“Hurry and take the picture so you can feed me already!” -Ariya ___________________________________________ I’m 3 days late but thank you @chewy for being super patient with me! The past two months have been difficult. We chose the @instinctpetfood ..we got the beef recipe! Ariya Ioves raw food so she is all for these. They come in small bites (I’ve bought big ones before) and I just mix these in her kibble. If I just put them on top she picks them out and leaves the kibble 😅. All in all I give these a nub waggin’ 10/10. ___________________________________________ I received these free of charge from @chewy in exchange for my honest review.


“BE GONE YOU UNWORTHY BEAN” - Lynx ___________________________________ Reposting one of my favorite videos of Lynx and Ariya. Still makes me laugh 😂 @babadoofs


As you all have read, the man that took my brothers life is guilty of first degree murder and possession of a firearm. The verdict came QUICK. Yesterday we went over the last piece of evidence and heard a horrifying statement the man said to my brother AFTER he had killed him. We are thankful the neighbor came to testify last minute to provide this evidence. We did not expect to go back until tomorrow or even next week. With the verdict being so quick, we had a feeling they chose guilty. While they read out the statements, it was the most horrifying and longest sentence in the world. I literally felt like they took 20 minutes to read it. As we all held hands and gasped as we heard guilty with first degree, tears falling down our faces and hearing the jury proudly say “yes” as the judge went down the line to insure they made the right design was a blessing. The defendant is trying to appeal to another trial as he feels like his attorney did a horrible job so we are praying the judge says no. We will get an answer next week. If all is good, his sentencing is scheduled at the end of next month. Thank you to all who have been supporting me, I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. 💕 #justiceforderek


Just a update about this past week. It was very brutal and real. Tuesday we were prepared for the graphic photos that would be shown. Although, my brothers attorney was VERY respectful and only showed the jury, I saw a glimpse of them and that was enough to break my heart. The witnesses testified and shared their story. They were all veterans and worked in the medical field. They all tried to help my brother although the chances were slim. We met them in the elevator and I just couldn’t contain my tears and we thanked them for trying their hardest. We were told something completely different that day at the hospital. We found out how he truly died and he DID suffer. We were told he did not and he was gone instantly. Wednesday was just phone calls and his ex girlfriend at the time testified. Thursday we were NOT prepared for what we had to see. As we were waiting to go in, they let us know the body cam of the officer that responded to both calls were to be shown. I wanted to throw up. The first video showed the officer responding to the first call which was my brother and his gf at the time arguing. Seeing him during his last hour really broke me. I don’t know how people can cry in silence because I was struggling. We saw his laugh, his smile. We saw him joking around with the cops and even gave them a fist pump. The second video was the same cop responding to the gun shots. I won’t go into details but it was very graphic. Some of the jury were crying along with the cop testifying. We will have to endure this some more next week. Having to go through all this again has truly broken me down. Thank you to all the messages I’ve been receiving, it truly means a lot.


Today is the day. I’m so incredibly nervous, I feel like throwing up. To those who don’t know, my brother was murdered a year and a half ago. This week we will find out his murders sentencing and hopefully get the justice we deserve. We waited a year and a half for this. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers. It would mean a lot to us. We truly need it. Also thank you guys for voting on what gear Ariya should wear! We decided to go with her basic purple set up. Simple and to the point! ___________________________________________ Collar and tag by @kokolatileather


Ariya’s face when she realizes tomorrow is Monday 😳


🛑Please don’t swipe if you get grossed out by graphic photos🛑 ____________________________________ A year ago heart was completely shattered. The pain I felt was so incredibly high and intense, I’m actually surprised I didn’t have a heart attack. 6 months prior to this day I had lost my brother. I was going through the grieving process and decided to take a vacation with my best friend @lifesavingpoodle ..we did not know 12 days into our vacation my dog would be in a accident I never want to relive again. Without going into much detail, if you are new to my Instagram and have seen that scar on Ariyas side, she was de-gloved while running into a field and ran right smack into a ditch with metal bars sticking out. It was 12am so we did not see the ditch as it was a big field we let the dogs run in before bed. If you scroll down my feed you will see the full story. Those final weeks in NC were miserable. I couldn’t eat, sleep, I was stress vomiting, crying until I didn’t have any tears left, just horrible. I asked my family, friends and followers for help and to my amazement, the SD community came together and I was able to raise more than half the cost for Ariyas surgeries..and to you guys, I am severely grateful. Ariyas career was on hold for at least 4ish months and I did not know if I would have my partner again. With a lot of check ups and a few months of physical therapy, ariya was back to her normal self. To this day she acts like nothing happened to her. While I still deal with the traumatic events. It took me months for her to be able to be off leash in a field and if she is, I find myself checking it for anything dangerous. I put my blood, sweat and tears into getting her back to where she once was. I’m blessed she is healthy and alive. She’s on the road to health testing and so far everything is 💯. A lot of people make fun of me when I see something in the store and my first reaction is, “omg ariya would love that” or how much stuff I buy her. You want to know why I do that?..because I almost lost her. During that time, I had lost a lot of things and that accident was my breaking point. (Continued in comments)


This week was National Assistance Dog Week! I’m thankful to have this bean by my side. She is my first Doberman and won’t be my last. She’s taught me so much about the breed, I will never go back. I love her so much, it can’t be put into words. She has stuck by my side through thick and thin and is always willing to help, it amazes me. Thank you my bean 💕


Had a really fun time with bae @babadoofs and @tailsofkaiba !! Just did a little training and desensitized the dogs to the fake animals Bass Pro Shops has ☺️ even though I had to leave early to head to work, it was fun hanging out with you two! Ariya of course showing Kaiba who owns Lynx per usual. I’m 💯 sure if it was hems she would’ve been standing over him 🙄 ___________________________________________ Jae mentioned this in her photo she posted so I’m going to say it here. Some dogs will show stress signals with their ears as seen with lynx and ariya. If you have a doberman, you will know they use their ears ALL the time to check their surroundings. They are really aware of what’s going on. If you worked with me and ariya you will see her always moving her ears. Shes just listening to the sounds behind her while staring at us taking photos. Just a disclaimer 🤗


This collar is so beautiful. The leather goes so well with Ariya’s coat color and will definitely match her burgundy gear. Hoping to get a few more pictures in the sun so you guys can see the red ☺️ Thank you @kokolatileather. Your work continues to amaze me. ___________________________________________ Please bare with me as I’m trying to figure out my editing style and the theme I want for my feed. Trying to hit a warm type vibe 🙂


No one knows an intense stare until they endured a dobe stare 🤣👀


Today marks a year that me and @lifesavingpoodle met each other in person. I’m so sad we couldn’t do it again this year. We had a lot of fun leading up to Ariya’s accident. In 12 days we will relive one of the most devastating experiences we’ve ever had to endure. I can’t believe it’s already been a year 😭 Hoping next year Afro boy and the bean will be reunited. 💕


The bean has a healthy heart! So so so relieved! No more checking my emails every couple of hours 😅 So glad her heart is okay. That’s one of my major concerns with this breed.

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