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She brings joy to my life 💕 __________________________________________________ 📷 : @handlerstravels


I finally got to meet this little fluff ball @handlerstravels ..he’s so cute and spunky. He was so excited ariya was at his house. It was really cute watching them chase each other around the sofa. We had a great day today! Hopefully we can see you guys again soon! I’m sure ariya already misses his weird obsession with licking her ankles 🤣 He’s got so much potential, you guys are going to make a wonderful team 💕 it won’t be long until Ariya is in love with him 👀 better watch out 💯


Who doesn’t like a bean in her jam jams?


If she’s boba, I want extra 🥛


Baby it’s cold outside ❄️ ___________________________________________ It’s been cold here and I decided to make some snoods. I’ve gotten a few interests so I tested them out and now they are up on Etsy @theroyalk9 if anyone is interested! I will be posting a matching set for you and your pup soon!


My bean 💕


Our first review of the month is the @grandmalucys organic oven baked dog treats pumpkin flavor. I love Grandma Lucy products. Humans can eat these as well and I’m not going to lie, I snack on them. I have the cranberry flavor (LOVEEE), the apple flavor and now these. When I saw these I knew I had to try them (for ariya of course 😉). I’ve also tried the coconut ones and I don’t even like coconuts and those are pretty bomb too. Ariya loves these as well lol! You get a pretty decent size bag which is awesome! All in all we rate these a nub waggin’ 10/10 ___________________________________________ I received these free of charge from @chewy in exchange for an honest review.


“Airplane ears” ..a common stress signal in dogs. Owning a dog you get to know their stress signals. I can spot Ariyas as fast as you can say stress. The past 2 years I’ve known everything about her. I know what she can and can’t handle. In this photo one could say she’s stressed? Take the ball out of the equation and photoshop her in a store, oh boy. This photo would spread. But no, she’s not stressed. Doberman’s are SUPER observant. Down the road behind her is my dads muffler shop and a warehouse where semi trucks drop off their loads. Loud commotion was going on in the background and she was quick to listen but didn’t move and kept looking forward. If she was stressed, she would’ve whipped around so fast, tail down and trying to pin point the noise. She’s grown around loud noises so nothing really bothers her. Trains, mufflers, motorcycles, no biggie. It’s hard to judge a photo which is what is common in the community. There are some pictures that are super obvious, I won’t deny that but sometimes people make assumptions just because they can. Just let it go and stop trying to find something wrong in every handler. It’s actually very nice 💕


I heard if you keep feeding them, they will start doing tricks for you 👀🦌


In love with our SPS harness 👌🏻💜


It was chest day at the gym 💪🏻


Some days you just need a hug....or collars..lots of them! ___________________________________________ Half of my collection of collars are from @collarmania ..going to take group pictures of each maker I own 😂 #mywallethatesme


Foxfires legend of a pretty girl CGC, CGCA “Ariya” ______________________________________________________________________ A day that was supposed to be happy, turned sour REALLY fast. Ariya had her CGCA test today. I got to the location 40min early so I took ariya across the street to burn off some energy and practice for our test. Upon arriving, there was a group of older men playing baseball. I went to a corner and practiced our off leash commands and threw her ball, no where near the men playing. One man was watching us and I paid no mind. He then yelled “put your dog on a leash”. I simply ignored him due to the fact I was only staying 15min and she was under control. He then watched us intensely and I grabbed my bag and moved across the parking lot to a dirt area, completely away from the park since he was making me uncomfortable. He continued to follow me and i moved further up towards my car, while he followed. I started panicking, messaged a few friends/parents who had my location and took some pictures etc. I ended up leaving and he stood in the middle of the parking lot watching me leave. I met the trainer and 30min of testing, we passed and he took a picture of me and ariya and even asked to take selfies with her LOL. As I was on my way home, my mom asked me to stop at the grocery store to get some stuff which we did. I’ve come to this store many times and had NO issues at all, until today. A employee came up to me and asked the questions, although he didn’t ask what “tasks” she performs, instead he wanted my medical history. I told him he couldn’t ask that. He argued with me and then wanted her documentation. He finally walked away and I continued my shopping and then he came up to me again and told me to leave, that he didn’t want ariya in here. I asked to speak with a manager and he told me he was it. Thankfully the actual manager came up to me, asked the two questions RIGHT and left me alone. My mom called the store and the manger profusely apologized after what had happened and said he would train his employees better. I’m trying to push those two things aside and be proud that my girl received another title on her name 💕 it’s been a long day 😣.


Being consistent is key 🤗 ___________________________________________ Here is the progress videos (sorry about them being blurry). These aren’t back to back days. We practiced whenever I had time. I’ll do a run down of each day and what I was looking for. Day 1: We did NO training. It was more of a “let’s see how you are” type of deal. You can see she’s ALL over the place. Literally like a dog on cocaine. Like I’ve mentioned before I hardly ran her after starting school so she was SO excited to be out. Her little brain was going a mile a minute. She wants to just go go go but you can see she’s fighting back and actually fixes herself but is still on drugs 😂 Day 2: Much better but she isn’t as tight as I would like her to be. Day 3: She lacks eye contact but she’s paying attention and following my steps. Day 4: Her eye contact is much better. She’s more tighter then the previous video Day 5: Lots of check ins, following my steps, keeping good eye contact. Day 6: She kept her eye contact almost throughout the video. Much happier with her progress Day 7: She actually fell because she was paying attention to me 😂 Shes about 90% where I want her but this video was to show everyone you CAN fix something you’ve been slacking. In just 6 sessions you can see a complete difference in her progress. Life, depression, anxiety etc CAN get in the way but don’t feel discouraged if your dog is lacking in something. Just go out there and train, be consistent and watch the change happen 💕


Next week, Friday the 16th is the final court date for those of you that have been following my brothers murder trial. We will find out if he gets another trial (he pleaded to have a re-trial) or if he gets denied and he will get sentenced right then and there. The intermediate family (parents, siblings and my nanny) are allowed to write him a letter, stand in front of the court room and say it to his face. In the beginning I did not want to give him the time of day. But, with a lot of thinking I’ve decided to do so. I need to have it done and emailed by next Wednesday to have it approved. I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m scared, nervous, and sick to my stomach. My question is, if and when I write it, would you guys “proof” read it? Give me pointers? Add or delete stuff? Most of you guys have really been involved and following this tough journey so I feel like you should be apart of this last piece of the trial. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below ⬇️💕


Find your inner beast. Or in this case, inner doe-berman 🦌 ___________________________________________ Took a few days off of Instagram. Deactivated my account and deleted the fb app. Much needed break I needed. I really needed that time to take care of myself 💕 trying to get motivated again.


Happy Howl-o-ween everyone! Please stay safe tonight! 🍭🍬🍫 ___________________________________________ Although we aren’t participating this year, please enjoy last years costume ☺️🦌. Made this costume 3 days before Halloween and my hands were stained red for a few days and I got no sleep. Never again 😂😅 The bean did very good with all the kids and kept this on all night (minus the hooves. They kept sliding off so I took them off). Everyone loved it


The past few weeks have been stressful. Due to me going back to school and dealing with amping my shop, I’ve neglected to train Ariya. It has shown during our outings together which is my fault. She hasn’t been communicating with me correctly vise versa. Her confidence has been shot down when her confidence is usually through the roof. Not stepping back and evaluating the situation, my stress and anxiety almost pulled her completely. I had a small mental breakdown about this but with the encouragement of some friends, they allowed me to take a deep breath and see the situation as a whole. Me leaving my old job and not continuing to work with her training, stressed her out. Doberman’s are a breed that like a continuous schedule. Ariya will get used to a schedule and if there’s a dramatic change to her daily routine, it can confuse her. Going to work with me every day, getting her energy out, constantly training during our shifts to staying home, going on minimal outings other then school wasn’t enough for her. She needed more and I neglected to give that to her. I was either too busy and when I had time I was too tired or depressed to do anything. I pushed past all my emotions and continued to give her that mental and physical stimulation she needed. I also took a step back and began using her prong and it has allowed us to communicate way better. Once our communication is back to 100% I’ll bring her back to a flat. Sometimes you need to take a few steps back to try and fix a problem. We are almost back to where we were and I was able to figure out what she needed. I have some videos I will collage together to show you guys our progress. You will be able to see a dramatic change in her training. Doberman’s are a breed that NEED to keep working. That mental and physical stimulation is so important, I can’t stress that enough. Yes we can slack and make mistakes and that’s okay. It happens, it’s life. But you can pick up where you left off. That’s why I love this breed. Their dedication shows, they will do everything in their power to make sure you are happy with them. They NEED that encouragement. They live for it.

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