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Sorry for the inactivity! I’ve been so busy and I’m going through a hard time right now. I don’t have any new pictures so enjoy ariya helping me carry my lunch from a week ago. 😋🐤 ___________________________________________ Ariya is going through a fear period, which I’m hoping is her last 🤦🏻‍♀️ just useless and unnecessary stuff she’s getting spooked with. I’m currently looking for a board and train for her. Nothing is wrong with her, but I have no time to go out and help her during this period so I would like her to work with someone else for a week, maybe two weeks so I can focus on some stuff im dealing with at home. I’ve contacted a few CA board and trains but none of them have responded to me ☹️ if anyone knows of someone they recommend, please let me know! 💜


Confidence building ✔️ ___________________________________ This may not look like confidence building to some but it is. Ariya wasn’t confident to turn around on a ledge like this. The video before this she actually got very frustrated with herself since she was trying so hard but wasn’t confident to do what I was asking. She was telling me “I’m trying really hard but I can’t.” And trying to use me to help her. I know my dog like the back of my hand and I knew she was able to do it if she really put her mind to it without any help. (You see me put my hand out but i don’t touch her when she’s turning. It’s just for her guidance and knowing I’ll push her back if she falls). Confidence building is one of ariyas favorite exercises to do no matter how frustrated she can get at times ☺️


She’s my world. I’d do anything for her. 💞 ___________________________________________ This is an old photo since I don’t have any new ones yet. Ariya has been going to daycare this week and had a valentines photoshoot yesterday. Can’t wait to receive the pictures. They said she was one of the only dogs that left the prop on her head 😂 unfortunately she might stop going there after March 1st since they are adding more strict rules about spaying and neutering. Ill have to pay an extra charge if she isn’t spayed and continues to attend 😭..but other than # that the staff have missed her and get so excited when she comes ☺️


Sorry I’ve been slacking on posting. My body has been adjusting to this new job which is hard! I’m also going through a rough patch 😔 but enjoy this comparison photo of monkeybutt. 6 months vs 16 months. You can definitely see some changes she’s gone through. Hoping those changes still continue throughout this year!


This job has me so beat 😅 but I’m glad I get to deal with dogs all day. It’s very interesting to see the different breeds that come in. Today a red Doberman came and he was a big sweetheart. Sadly, ariya cant attend this daycare yet since she has to be spayed which won’t be until summer time or even winter if I let her go through her 3rd heat cycle (just depends how much she’s matured) so she will attend her old daycare until she’s able to switch over to mine. It’s sucks but she will live 💜


5 months post op (I’m so late on this lol)..Can’t believe it’s been that long. The only difference from this month and last month is the bottom half is starting to grow hair. I’m not convinced it stopped growing so I am still applying remedies on her scar to get as much hair growth as possible. Both her sores on each side have officially healed and are growing hair. Her right side is 95% grown back and her left side as you can see has some more hair growth to accomplish! ___________________________________________ Shout out to my dads friend for letting me use his camera today 💜📷


I love everything about her 💕


Dober-Missiles 💥🚀


I’m proud to say Ariya passed her CGC today! I was so nervous! I planned to do this back in August in NC with Nicole but Ariya got in her accident and then she went into heat when I planned it in December. I wanted to get it done before she was a year but age doesn’t matter to me anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️ she passed and that’s all that matters. Next stop is her CGCU. One of my goals for this year is to get as many titles as possible and enter in competitions 🤓


This month we are reviewing the Halo Liv-a-Little’s. These are for dogs and cats. These are freeze dried chicken breasts. They only have 5 ingredients in them. They don’t smell that bad but they do leave white powder on your fingers which isn’t a big deal for me. Ariya loves these treats and was actually drooling while taking this photo. I would recommend these! All in all we rate these a nub waggin’ 10/10 ___________________________________________ Disclaimer: we received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for our honest review


This photo is everything 🙌🏻 _____________________________________________ This is the camera I want! My dads friend took some shots of us and this is unedited. I can’t wait to get my hands on this camera 😍 other than that Ariya met another of her kind today. His name was Charlie. Ariya presented a great focus while Charlie barked at her.


The face you make when your human got the job and now you can start requesting everything on your wishlist 😏 ___________________________________________ I’m so excited to announce I got the position! I’ll be a boarding attendant! I’m so stoked. It was a little overwhelming because I have to learn every dogs name, personality etc, all the codes they use but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it after a week or two. The most exciting part is ariya is allowed to come to work with me and get free services on the days I’m scheduled. She just needs to get her evaluation scheduled so she can attend the day care section! For a congratulations present, I’m ordering ariya her first CM collar! (Collar mania)..I’ve been eyeing her shop for awhile and decided to bite the bullet and get a custom PLL collar 🤗


Peaking out of the week since the weekend is finally here! ___________________________________________ Today I have a nervous/exciting day. I wasn’t going to mention anything until I knew I officially had it but I thought getting some prayers and good thoughts would help ease my nerves! I had an interview this week with a dog boarding/daycare facility. I wanted to take ariya there when I was first looking but the hours at the time didn’t work well with my schedule. The interview went great and they scheduled me today to have a working interview. They will show me what I would have to do etc and I’m going to be there all day. The manager told me she would talk to me once my “shift” was done and then will post the schedules tomorrow morning and I would know if I got it or not. I’m super nervous! Ah!


Didn’t you all know? Ariya does mobility! Jk. She is getting OFAd this year and I’m very nervous. I was able to try her lover’s, I mean Hems yupcollar harness because I’ve been wanting one for so long. I know what adjustments I would need and it’s overall a good harness. Obviously her man is bigger than her so it looks all lop sided lol. I believe she has some more room to fill out so I want to wait until she’s 99.9% done before I get her a mobility harness (and of course she passes OFA) ___________________________________________ No, ariya didn’t wear this around. She tried it on before me and @babadoof departed ways!


I’ve seen people in some groups I’m in on Facebook post on threads pictures of when their dog went through their ugly phase. I honestly didn’t think ariya went through one until this photo popped up yesterday in my memories. Omg look at her! Small head, big chest, long legs, big paws and a petite twig body 😂 now I can post this picture during those threads because monkeybutt needed Jesus and a hint of fairy dust during this phase. She was almost 5 months here.


Update on ariyas sore. Please don’t swipe if you get grossed out by bloody flesh! ______________________________________ From day one - today. This sore was a STRUGGLE. It looked like it was getting better but then boogerhead would open it back up 🤦🏻‍♀️ she was constantly getting to it over and over again and I wanted to rip my hair out. I finally figured out her tactics and noticed she only really got to it once I put meds on it and put her in her crate. No matter what strategy I had she found a way around it. So I left it be and would put some stuff on it once she was supervised and that seemed to work. She barley notices it now. You can see the top half has closed and I’m waiting for that little strip to finish healing. Thank you @castiel_in_service for helping me and giving me tips on a remedy! It works really well! I’m hoping by the end of the month it will be 100% closed. Her other side is all healed up and her hair is starting to grow back!


One of Ariyas items she got for Christmas. A @kokolatileather collar from her winter collection! So glad I was able to snag one of these. I absolutely love her collars and will continue supporting her shop 💜 I recommend everyone to go check her out!


Training training and more training. I like to have an emergency down/stop. I’ll practice with something she’s highly interested and focused on which is her ball. I practice her stop, down and heel. This is very effective in emergencies especially if in a large field and you spot a animal that can be dangerous. I’ve only had to use this twice in “real life” and it helped tremendously. Also bonus points for her listening through the loud motorcycle behind us 👍🏻😝 ___________________________________ What are you working on today?

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