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Daily mantra: Feel the fear and do it anyways🌞 Model || Stylist Creative Soul . . . Connecting with the society through style.

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Susann Weißenborn

Day 2: What I wore today I’m not here #30dayphotographychallenge #johnekephotography


So I’m following @virtuousi to do a 30 day photography challenge. Sometimes I’m going to be my own photographer🌚🌝. Anyways Day 1: Self portrait 📸:@yusufshotme #30dayphotographychallenge


You all need vitamin ME in your lives. . . . Photographed by @yusufshotme Creative Direction: @stylesenami


Not a secret; just none of your business.


❤️ Aug 25th ‼️Save the date #theElis2018 Shot by @libartystudios Makeup artist: @yesitslarry @skylarkfaces Event planner: @nwandossignatureevents Event decor: @nwandossignatureevents Prewedding shoot Creative director/stylist: @preciousamah_




Just take Makeup by @moeyfaces


Summer vibes with @summerfiesta_ng X @konstantkwears for summer fiesta 2018 Creative direction: @serbia_w


❤️ #randompost


They thought I was dead but @yusufshotme brought me to life. Creative Direction by @stylesenami . #stylevitae #style #naturalhair #naturalhairrocks #styleinspiration


K I K S 🌸


🌸 Mua: @moeyfaces


🌚 . . . Wrap body suit from @officialclen📸:@stylesenami


📸:@_neverdat Slides: @maliko_ng See as I'm fine in this picture....I'm light skinned o but in this picture I was looking too light .. Beginning of the year I was looking too fair, too light skinned and my friends were asking me what I was using ; that I'm getting to fair . I was like it's black soap I'm using o .. it got to a point where they started thinking that I was bleaching my skin and I would get worried and defensive a little cause I was using black soap and I was using cussons baby oil to moisturize my skin so why the hell would I be getting light .I didn't even get why the black soap was making me look lighter because I asked the person that sold it if it would bleach my skin and she said it wouldn't . Well apparently these soap producers say there's a difference between bleaching and lightening . But I personally believe that they mean the same thing : bleaching, lightening, whitening . I was leaving team caramel and entering team something else. I just want to tell people not to bleach,lighten,whiten their skin for anyone or anything cause it's never really worth it. If you're using anything that is changing the color of your skin you should stop. You need to learn how to love yourself for who you are and the skin you were originally placed in. Accept yourself for the great and beautiful and wonderful person that you are. . . P.s I've gotten my original color back ... my God given color 😂and I feel great . No more black soaps for me🤗🤗

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