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Happy child of God❤️❤️❤️💥💥


Daughter of the most high💥💥💥💥 #happymothersday #happysundayfolks 📸: @stylesenami


Happy birthday to the second baddest photographer I know....God bless you...more life ..more blessings... More of @stylesenami @stylesenami said I should tell you that she loves you very much . More blessings .


😎 📸: @_neverdat Purse : @maliko_ng Slippers:@maliko_ng




Cheers to the beginning of a new beginning.... . . . . #naturalhairgoals #selflove


My heart is really heavy...Guys I really need your help..I'm breaking out..its bad. This has been going on for like three months. My face went in a journey and I've been begging her to come back but she said no. Its my fault I used a soap because I just felt I should try it o and since then I've just been having series of break outs. I went for facials last week..the face is getting better small small sha... So this night I've used my facial mask , facial scrub ,rose water and methylated powder. Lemme wait and see the result tomorrow. You know that girl wizkid talked about in his song ..the fine girl no pimple babe...that was I'm miss blackheads...I'm tired o . . Pls if you know anything that you've used o that can help me or if you have any advice for me concerning my face don't hesitate to tell me a sister out. Thank you . . I'm close to using that Castor oil..


See ehen I've been jumping up and down since people are starting to think I'm crazy sister opened her heart to new possibilities and she found her Mr right.... Ebi I'm so happy for you ... @deedeeo_ see our girl right here . . .


That 90's kiddo . . Anyways new post on blog ... Do check it out and don't forget to share pls. . . Wig made by @nnennas_place


Most times we make ourselves unhappy because we are constantly seeking validation from others. The day you stop seeking validation from others, the day you stop caring about what people have to say , the day you realise your worth as the queen you are meant to be...that day would be the beginning of your journey to an unending joy. . . P.s : Your happiness depends on your mindset and attitude.


For God hath not given us the spirit of fear,but of power and of love and a sound mind. . . Have a fruitful week.


Happy birthday my love ....God bless you


Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. #fbf


The only one greater than me is me.


Just when y'all thought she was the shit 😂😂 baby girl isnorfight is jussapishure


Skrr skrr 💞💞


Church flow 😁

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