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'There appears to be a recurring theme behind Viktor’s builds: German chassis’ with Japanese hearts.' Photo by: @pmcgphotos #Speedhunters #Throwback #2JZ


'it was time I revisited the Drift Matsuri and soaked up some of the amazing atmosphere that sees people coming back year after year once more.' Photo by: @speedhunters_dino #Speedhunters #Ebisu #DriftMatsuri


'With the last of the big mechanical tasks complete, the remaining time went into fitting the CarbonSignal Moonbeam bodykit which arrived at the very last minute, and then applying a very quick coat of paint to have the GT-Z ready for its WTAC debut.' Photo by: @matthew_everingham Owner: @dimmack_driven #Speedhunters #DimmackDriven #Datsun


S-Chassis Perfection - Now Live On Photo by: @speedhunters_dino #Speedhunters #SChassis #JoyOfMachine


'It’s not an open checkbook build that’s transformed overnight to meet a show deadline or to appease sponsors, but rather an ongoing evolution.' Photo by: @jordanbutters #Speedhunters #E30V8 #TwinTurbo


'Dustin’s craving for four-door Japanese performance was sated by not one, but ultimately three R34 sedans. Number one proved too wrecked to resurrect; number two suffered terminal build headaches; number three ended up with the full package. This car delivers.' Photo by: @snoozinrichy #Speedhunters #Skyline #2JZ


'Putting a twin-cam engine into a Minor isn’t completely new, but a Fiat or Alfa block is the typical solution, or even something completely different and modern like a Ford Zetec.' Photo by: Jonathan Moore #Speedhunters #MorrisMinor #Lotus


Autumn Feels: Revisiting Ebisu’s Drift Matsuri - Now Live On Photo by: @speedhunters_dino #Speedhunters #Ebisu #JoyOfMachine


'On top of the bonding and fond memories created in the process of building the car in the first place, it’s challenges like this that make father and son projects so special.' Photo by: @celestinephotography #Speedhunters #Datsun #JoyOfMachine


'A day that started with little prospects and ends up with shooting a McLaren until the early hours of the next day? There are a lot worse things to do, in fairness.' Photo by: @pmcgphotos #Speedhunters #IDLGarage #McLaren


'Open the boot and all becomes apparent. Ross found that he couldn’t make the gigantic rear wheels fit with the stock coilover setup, so the E30 went back into the workshop while he engineered his own custom cantilever pushrod in-board suspension setup.' Photo by: @jordanbutters #Speedhunters #E30V8 #TwinTurbo


When Supra Met Skyline: A Match Made In NZ - Now Live On Photo by: @snoozinrichy #Speedhunters #Skyline #2JZ

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