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#WheelWednesday: We've ALWAYS had a love affair with the TE37 since day one, and it still remains one of the most versatile designs for any car. Question is, what variation & finish is your favourite? #Speedhunters @raysmsc #WheelWednesday


Players Classic - it’s one of our favourite events on the calendar and just a few days away. We can’t wait to get back over to @goodwoodrrc - who’s joining us? Photos by: @pmcgphotos #Speedhunters @players_shows #PlayersClassic


1930 Ford Model A + 9000rpm Honda F20C motor = ALL kinds of insanity. What started life as a render by Beck Kustoms back in 2014 now prowls the streets of Miami and its cooler than we ever could've imagined. Photos by: @tyrphoto #Speedhunters #FordModelA #JoyOfMachine


If you’ve got the resources, that is money or time (or more realistically a combination of the two), you really can create whatever you can imagine. There’s nothing standing in the way of the craziest automotive ideas, and that’s why we love car culture. Photos by: @stanceiseverythingcom #Speedhunters #Datsun #JoyOfMachine


One of one, it doesn’t get much rarer than this. First built back in 1994 by DP Motorsport, this 1991 964 Turbo wears a carbon-Kevlar 935 street-style aero kit combined with a 450bhp 3.3-litre flat six. In fact, It’s also the only 964 to have ever been converted to this spec by DP Motorsport 🏁 Photos by: @tyrphoto #Speedhunters #DPMotorsport #JoyOfMachine


‘For those of you who’ve never been to Melbourne, it’s one those modern cities that prides itself on a high level of culture and appreciation of art. While I’m sure a lot of the roadside installations are almost invisible to locals, they sure stand out to any road user that’s more used to traversing the dull and bland roadways of Sydney.’ Photos by: @matthew_everingham #Speedhunters #Melbourne #JoyOfMachine


In case you missed it: Our latest collaboration with @earnestco is now available from the Speedhunters store - link in bio for full details. Based on Earnest's popular Hardin design, each 'Crafted For Speed' overall boasts triple-stitched seams, double-layer reinforcement and bi-fold shoulder panels to create a timeless workpiece inspired by Japanese trackday culture. We can't promise they'll make you fix your car faster, but you'll look damn good in the process... #Speedhunters #SHxEarnest #JoyOfMachine


We’ve all built our ‘dream’ cars in the world of virtual gaming like @needforspeed, but @86_akira has gone one step further and actually turned that virtual design into reality 🙌 Photos by: @tyrphoto #Speedhunters #RocketBunny #JoyOfMachine


RAUH-Welt Porsches come in all shapes and sizes. Question is, which one are you driving? Swipe ➡️ for more. Photos by: @speedhunters_dino #Speedhunters #RAUHWelt #JoyOfMachine at Tsukuba Circuit


Italian Rump Beef vs. Japanese Wasabi - which @csf_radiators monster is your money on? In the left corner packin' a twin-turbo V10 punch is the @sheepeyrace Huracan - all show & all go wrapped in one badass package. In the right is CSF bossman @djdeluxeravi’s Evo X, a former Pirelli World Challenge machine rebuilt from the ground up with a spec list to die for, not least a fire-spittin' GTX3582R turbo setup bursting out the bonnet. Swipe ➡️ for more pictures. Let battle commence... Photos by: @larry_chen_foto & @lusciousy #Speedhunters #CSFRace #JoyOfMachine


‘There is a whole world that comes alive if you scratch below the surface of Japan car culture and delve into the more niche sub cultures. Those involved really live for style, and that extends to period correct hair, clothing and music.’ Photos by: @showaelite #Speedhunters #Kyusha #JoyOfMachine


Rotaries at Idlers? They’re quite possibly the last sort of cars you’d think of when imagining Nakai-san battling it out on track with his friends, but yes there are... and they’re awesome. Photos by: @speedhunters_dino #Speedhunters #Idlers #JoyOfMachine

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