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Phantom Magic: Meet the Rolls-Royce packing an 800bhp, turbo & supercharged 2JZ heart ⬇️ Similar users

'Dai offered me a ride in the Falken S14 while his mechanics were making adjustments to his S13, and it was crazy. I got an intense massage while sliding around at 80mph.' Photo by: @lusciousy #Speedhunters #GridLife #JoyOfMachine


'Look closer and you’ll find even more carbon. The tidy and tight-fitting rear finned diffuser ties everything in together nicely.' Photo by: @speedhunters_dino #Speedhunters #PS13 #JoyOfMachine


How To OEM+ Restore A BMW 850Ci - Now Live On Photo by: @larry_chen_foto #Speedhunters #BMW850ci #JoyOfMachine


'Under the hood, this Skyline packs a stroked RB26DETT running upgraded turbos for an output of around 600hp. An HKS V-Cam ensures the low and mid-range is kept nice and lively.' Photo by: @speedhunters_dino #Speedhunters #AutoSelect #JoyOfMachine


'With Ryan Videl at RMV Racing leading the mechanical side of the build, the 1.8-litre CA18DET lined up for the build was completely rebuilt using forged pistons, balanced forged con-rods, and ARP bolts throughout.' Photo by: @matthew_everingham #Speedhunters #Datsun #CA18


'When I collected the car, the service technician walked me through 10 pages of detailed notes and photographs of the car that he’d observed while replacing the brake lines, and also proactively quoted the work to fix the worn bushings I mentioned earlier.' Photo by: @blaketjones #Speedhunters #ProjectNSX #JoyOfMachine


'Upon returning home, Neil had gained a new appreciation for Irish car culture, something he found was missing in Canada, or at least paled in comparison.' Photo by: @pmcgphotos #Speedhunters #AE86 #JoyOfMachine


'The concept of the AP4 rally car is to produce a build specification that ensures cars can be locally made from locally sourced components, while still guaranteeing that the initial build, as well as ongoing running and maintenance costs, are kept within realistic bounds.' Photo by: @matthew_everingham #Speedhunters #ToyotaYaris #JoyOfMachine


'Visually, it’s on the verge of being overwhelming. Seeing a sight like this never gets old.' Photo by: @speedhunters_dino #Speedhunters #RsMeeting #JoyOfMachine


'When the session was eventually called to a halt after sundown, both cars had comfortably survived the evening and required only simple maintenance before taking to the track again the next day.' Photo by: @pmcgphotos #Speedhunters #FormulaDrift #JoyOfMachine


Dude, Where Are My Body Panels? Now Live On Photo by: @larry_chen_foto #Speedhunters #ChrisForsberg #JoyOfMachine


'Long gone is the factory twin-turbocharger arrangement, and in its place a huge BorgWarner 369SX-E single turbo. With all the necessary supporting mods, Norly told me that power output is sitting around 800hp on pump gas, running 2.0bar (29.4psi) boost pressure.' Photo by: @celestinephotography #Speedhunters #GTR #JoyOfMachine

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