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At the beach or the gym 📍 Two Mark’s are better than one 💍[email protected]

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Thanks for all the foot rubs, random food runs, and getting up in the middle of the night to turn off the fan because I can’t ever decide if I’m hot or cold-lately 🥵🥶 at I Love You


Less talk, more rock 🤘🏽 Just picked him up some headphones for an upcoming trip, he’s ready to roll 🎧


Nothing refreshing like a cold @littlevillagergoods juice at the beach🥤No sugar added, no preservatives, nutritious and delicious! Swing by @target on your way to the beach to pick up all three flavors (Apple, Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade) 😉 #littlevillagergoods #ad at Hawaii


Mama and all her kids and grandkids in the same place at the same time. The older we get, it seems the less we get to see each other, but the closer in our hearts we grow. Happy birthday to the funniest little lady we know. at Hawaii


“There will be so many times you feel like you've failed. But in the eyes, heart and mind of your child you are super mom.“ 🦸🏽‍♀️ I usually go all out with mom-made costumes, but my creative juices were not flowing this year. So I let little Mark choose and there is something about slipping into a superhero suit that really makes you fully get into character 💯😏 at Metroville


"What does anyone in this family know about normal?" Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack. Bet you can’t guess who’s Jack-Jack 😂 #theincredibles #halloween #pintaurepartyof3 at Metroville


Superheroes drink juice too 🦸🏽‍♂️ The new organic @littlevillagergoods juices are INCREDIBLE! 100% organic, no sugar added, has essential vitamins, and now available at @target! These are going to DASH off the shelves for sure 😉 #littlevillagergoods #ad


The sugar to my malasada. at Leonard's Bakery


Baby Mark with his hair slicked back 🥰 #postsurf #babyfever


“One day you will carry them on your hip then set them down and never pick them up that way again” – Constantly reminded of this and how fast they grow up sooo much lately 😭 #bestfriends #staylittle at Maui


Cooler than I ever was at three 🚲🦖🤘🏽 (I didn’t learn how to ride a bike til I was like 10 🤷🏽‍♀️) #thisisthree #grommom at Jurassic Park


Saturday morning’s are for the Farmers Market 👩🏽‍🌾 #townies #mommyandme at KCC Farmers Market


My reaction when he says I’m more than a handful 🤪 Dreamy morning at our favorite beach with @jordancverckophotography at Hawaii


Mom’s plan, Mom’s plan 😏 Cutest lyrics tees


We just got our wedding photos back AND I AM SHOOK. I’ll try not to post them all 😜 Forever captivated @rianonstephens#pintaurepartyof3 at Jurassic Park


Just opened up Instagram and saw THIS!!! Dying to see the rest 🙏🏽 #PintaurePartyof3 at Kualoa Ranch & Private Nature Reserve


Blue skies up ahead 😎 @diffeyewear #loveDIFF at Hawaii


Same, same 💑

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