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One of my favorite spots during my road trip down South Africa's coastline was the Wild Coast and specifically Coffee Bay. With no tour buses flooding the area with people, I was left with just myself and one local in front of me to enjoy the peacefulness that sucks you in. at Coffee Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa


On the other side of this bridge lies a swing that drops into Oribi Gorge. The gorge, with a depth of 540 ft., holds the highest gorge swing in the world. Due to the devastating drought that is affecting South Africa, the waterfall on the other side of the bridge was only trickling down the rock side of the gorge. *Note to those who want to jump - jump off like a pencil dive not straight out like bungee! I had a misunderstanding thinking the rope was going to grab right away. After a 3 second free fall I was racing head first into the ground before the rope, attached to my waist, took hold. It was a slightly unpleasant feeling! Haha at Oribi Gorge


From wilderness reserves to Swazi villages, Swaziland is a place full of old traditional ways and modern development. One amazing waterfall was at the Mantenga Reserve where you can enjoy a stroll through a Swazi village, watch a traditional dance performed by local Swazis and hike along trails to the waterfalls. at Mantenga Cultural Village, Swaziland


The key to road trips is finding the perfect spot to stop and relax. at Three Rondavels


Seems like the best time to be in Kruger is during sunset. On my second day, on the way out of the park, I saw a hyena laying on one of the roads to feel the warmth of the passing day. Coming to a stop, I looked over and all of the sudden several little puppers started popping their heads out of their underground den close by. Such an amazing experience watching them play as the sun set in the park. Little fact, hyenas are not a member of the dog or cat family, but their own called Hyaenidae.


As the day ended on the start of my road trip through South Africa, I happened to stumble upon a stunning white rhino as the sun started to set in Kruger National Park. It is believed that less than 10,000 white rhinos are left in Kruger and less than 30,000 rhinos in the world. at Kruger National Park


Benefits of living in Germany are the day trips to castles. Eltz castle, built in the 12th century, is hidden within a forest and surrounded on three sides by a river.


Winter can be brutal where I live. Looking towards warmer weather, when the bitter cold has passed. One day I'll make it out to Flamingo Beach. Credit: @argenel


After the picture, I jumped on one of the sheep and rode off into the distance. at Iceland


Waterfalls tend to stop me in my tracks for an extended period of time.


God's creation is too beautiful not to explore.


Find yourself ever wanting to live in the wilderness? at New Zealand


The end goal is not to count how many breaths you took in life, but how many times life took your breath away. at Iceland


In 1973 a US Navy DC-3 crashed on the southern coast of Iceland. The plane was abandoned instead of recovered. The shell after 45 years of extreme Icelandic weather is all that remains. at Iceland


During the full day hike up into the valley, a strong down pour began to develop. Up ahead, I quickly scurried to shelter underneath some boulders wedged together from a past rock slide. As I pulled out my book to wait out the storm, I sat under my stone roof listening to the rain and waterfalls around me. at Iceland


Perched on top of Sugarloaf welcoming in the 2016 Summer Olympics. Awesome experience running through the city with @vikinghustle at Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro


Beauty in a storm. I can't wait to get back to this amazing and diverse country! at Okarito, New Zealand


Some things take time, but are worth it in the end. Taken with a 10 second shutter speed to get the water like this. The fisherman, as you can see, was so concentrated on his fishing that he didn't even budge. at Lagos, Portugal

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