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Travel and Adventure Photographer || SonyAlpha || Living life to the extreme while chasing after the Lord ✟

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Kalil louhichi

Benefits of living in Germany are the day trips to castles. Eltz castle, built in the 12th century, is hidden within a forest and surrounded on three sides by a river.


Winter can be brutal where I live. Looking towards warmer weather, when the bitter cold has passed. One day I'll make it out to Flamingo Beach. Credit: @argenel


After the picture, I jumped on one of the sheep and rode off into the distance. at Iceland


Waterfalls tend to stop me in my tracks for an extended period of time.


God's creation is too beautiful not to explore.


Find yourself ever wanting to live in the wilderness? at New Zealand


The end goal is not to count how many breaths you took in life, but how many times life took your breath away. at Iceland


In 1973 a US Navy DC-3 crashed on the southern coast of Iceland. The plane was abandoned instead of recovered. The shell after 45 years of extreme Icelandic weather is all that remains. at Iceland


During the full day hike up into the valley, a strong down pour began to develop. Up ahead, I quickly scurried to shelter underneath some boulders wedged together from a past rock slide. As I pulled out my book to wait out the storm, I sat under my stone roof listening to the rain and waterfalls around me. at Iceland


Perched on top of Sugarloaf welcoming in the 2016 Summer Olympics. Awesome experience running through the city with @vikinghustle at Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro


Beauty in a storm. I can't wait to get back to this amazing and diverse country! at Okarito, New Zealand


Some things take time, but are worth it in the end. Taken with a 10 second shutter speed to get the water like this. The fisherman, as you can see, was so concentrated on his fishing that he didn't even budge. at Lagos, Portugal


He who was and is to come, Is the One who lives in us. #thegreatIam #yahweh at Joshua Tree, California


Moments like these, sitting in silence and surrounded by His beauty. at Lagos, Portugal


While it was snowing in Germany, the warm weather in the Canary Islands was very welcoming.


Hanging out in Portugal for the moment. What blue coastline would you travel to?


Frankfurt's first snowfall


It's getting to be that time again. One more month and Zermatt will be a winter wonderland glowing with Christmas lights.

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