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Michelle Shepherd (Gomes)
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Flex Friday, multi title holder and fire fighter Jorge Fernadez


Good luck to those competing at the USA Today


One of people’s contradictory ideas. We live in a technological age of space travel, cloning and stem cell therapies yet we hang on to medieval ideas.


MEMORY LANE: This was a photo shoot right before Jr. Nationals in Avalon NJ. This was an impromptu photo. These girls, with their father want a photo with me but we offered to make them apart of the shoot. This was the photographers concept, The Life Guard.@roselajosephifbbpro See, the old man wasn't always old.


@hitech_emy 10 days before the Masters Nationals. Last year she took 5th in this division. When she steps onstage next week it will be the culmination of 2yrs of consistent training, nutrition & improvements. at Busy Body Fitness Centers


My guy has got a guy so I’m VIP at the Friday night fights. #LifeOfaProTrainer


Everyone one goes Gaga for Glutes. Here’s @eddie_shep_ppus with his version of Glutes Nasty during prior contest prep.


#ThrowBackThursday @europakris back in Jacksonville before she became an IFBB PRO. She was the first athlete I trained that earned a pro card by winning the NPC WWB Hvy Wt & Overall National. That was when they only gave one card per class and the classes were stacked


@hitech_emy practicing posing before her show, The NPC Masters’s National. Last year she took 5th in the over 50 WP.


TIME UNDER TENSION: Left big to get big is a popular motto. If it were only that simple. Time under tension is as important to gains as max percentages. I like using leg press after heavy squats or dead lifts. I use a moderate weight but for high reps, like 4x20rreps using a moderate rep speed. Try it at Busy Body Fitness Centers


@hitech_emy 55 & 5 wks out. at Busy Body Fitness Centers


DRAMATIC TRANSFORMATION: This video is a timeline of @hitech_emy prep for the NPC MASTERS NATIONAL. It's 4 clips of curls from Mar. 19th to yesterday June 5th. Last year Emy took 5th in her class. We're looking to improve upon that. We have less then 7 weeks remaining @deborahm903 @vii3682 @artortiz3 @rosela_joseph_ifbb_pro_ @the_fit_fiddler @krismurrell @_stephanie411 at Busy Body Fitness Centers


When the show is done & memories are made, a great physique remains. @rosela_joseph_ifbb_pro_ at Busy Body Fitness Centers


INVESTMENTS AND DIVIDENDS: If people viewed health in the same capacity as they did money, people would be more sensible in perception and expectations. An investment should be for long term benefits. It should also be sustainable and transferable to daily life. The immediate gratification of weight loss can have long term consequences if the proper process isn't in place. Training for aesthetics is the lure but the experienced trainee understands that fundamental functional exercises are what lay a foundation & sensible nutrition is what builds a body. I'm 52yrs old & the keys to wealthy health are no different now then 42yrs ago when I started. Yes, people look IG fabulous but most won't last because what they're doing is not sustainable nor is it optimal. Keep it simple, keep it fundamental and live it daily. Over time, You'll be happy you did, trust me @hitech_emy @rosela_joseph_ifbb_pro_ @deborahm903 @_stephanie411 @artortiz3 @gainzachiever at Busy Body Fitness Centers


ANATOMY OF A DB INCLINE: 1. Bring the Dumb bells down to just above the shoulders. I see too many who only bring them half way. You will wreck your shoulders doing that. 2. Chest uo with an arch in your back. Laying flat on the bench won't prevent chest development but it will wreck your shoulders. See a theme? 3. Keep your chest up when you push up. I see too many drop their chest turning the exercise into a glorified shoulder press at Busy Body Fitness Centers


DYNAMIC TRAINING using high tension bands adds conditioning, greater reflex action and joint mobility. I also notice increased muscular depth from competitors. Use between 50 to 70% of 1rep max in blocks of 1 to 3. Remember, speed is the goal, not tonnage at Busy Body Fitness Centers


SELECTERIZED LATERAL RAISE: This alternative exercise is a great way to isolate the medial deltoid, otherwise known as the lazy head. It's also great for the trainee who hasn't mastered DB LATERAL. Key point when doing these, push through the elbows, not the wrists. at Busy Body Fitness Centers


CABLE CROSS OVER W STATIC HOLDS: This isolation exercise is a great pre-exhaust or finishing exercise. It can be done in combination with push ups as a fiber blast or dumbbell flat bench press as a super set. at Busy Body Fitness Centers

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