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When Warren Buffett donated the bulk of his fortune to our foundation and joined us as a partner in its work, he urged us to “swing for the fences.” All these years later, that advice still guides how we think about our philanthropy. #TBT


When we first started our foundation, @melindafrenchgates and I were optimistic about the power of innovation to drive progress—and excited about the role we could play by taking risks to unlock it. Twenty years later, we’re just as optimistic, and we’re still swinging for the fences.


I couldn’t ask for a better partner on this journey. Happy Valentine’s Day, @melindafrenchgates!


This year marks the 20th anniversary of our foundation. Despite how much things have changed in that time, our belief that every person deserves the chance to live a healthy and productive life is still our most important driving principle. In our 2020 annual letter (link in bio), @melindafrenchgates and I reflect on the first two decades of our foundation and look forward to the next 20 years.


For my holiday reading list this year, I chose five books I loved in 2019 that I think you’ll also enjoy reading.


Our family loves reading together and sharing book recommendations with each other. My daughter @JenniferKGates recommended two books — An American Marriage and Why We Sleep — that I enjoyed so much I added them to my holiday reading list.


Click the link in my bio to see my end of year books list. I chose five titles that I think you’ll enjoy reading over the holidays. #bookstagram


I'm a big fan of @siliconhbo and was excited when they asked me to appear in the series finale tonight. #alwaysblue


My father is one of the wisest, kindest, and most fun people I know. Happy birthday, Dad!


Construction materials are a major contributor to climate change. Here’s one company with a clever approach to embedding carbon dioxide in concrete.


Aliko Dangote and I have a lot in common. We both started successful businesses in the late 1970s, and for our second act in life, we both chose to start foundations. Melinda and I are lucky to have him as a partner (and friend!) in our work. Our foundations are working together to improve malnutrition in Nigeria, which could have an impact on all of Africa.


I think you’ll be inspired by the story of Dr. Elvis Eze. Having suffered from malaria several times himself, Dr. Eze is now helping to lead the fight against malaria by serving as a Youth Ambassador for @malarianomoreuk. When we achieve @theglobalgoals, it will be because of people like Dr. Eze.