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Just selfie-ing it up with my favourite girl waiting for daddy to come home & take us on our lunch date ❤️ we’re about to leave the house for the first time in nine days 🤩 #evaaudreyjune #10daysold at Leeds


Eva Audrey June arrived at 10.20am on Monday, December 3rd. Six days before her official due date, she weighed a healthy 6lbs 13oz. She’s perfect, and we’re so elated and grateful. We got home on Tuesday night and I haven’t left our newborn nest since. It’s been cuddles and donuts in bed all round. And guess what... I’ve only had one hot chocolate since she got here. The lattes are back! #evaaudreyjune at Leeds


Eva. at Leeds


At exactly 39 weeks it seems the perfect day to share a special video I’ve been putting together over the last nine months, documenting the happy moments of my pregnancy. It’s all about waiting for Eva. {Link in my profile} 🌿 • pictured is a beautiful card made for me by @hannah.straughan and these gorgeous flowers were gifted to me at my baby shower by the brilliant @lucymacnicollfloraldesign xx #thisisjulesflowerhearts #39weeks


39 weeks today!!!! AND we found our Christmas tree! #lifeisgood at Leeds


NEW BLOG POST! My pregnancy & newborn must-haves 🌿 from THE luxury baby changing bag by french brand @josefinabags to what oils to use to help healing after birth to the ultimate slippers and socks for your hospital bag from @thewhitecompany - I’ve got you covered! In the post {link in profile} I also talk about how we’ll be trialling some special pillows gifted by @mimospillowuk with Eva in a bid to do as much as can to try and ensure she doesn’t develop Flat Head Syndrome like Oscar did. | Much of what is featured would also make lovely Christmas presents for newborns and mamas-to-be/new mums too if you’re looking for gifting inspo 🤩 at Leeds


#ad • Any minute now!! That’s how I feel. That any minute now, she’ll be here ❤️ so in the meantime I’m soaking up these final days before Eva is in our arms at last, and we get to hibernate until the new year 😍 | Speaking of hibernation, my chunky coatigan from @celticandco may just be the cosiest piece of knitwear I’ve ever owned! I chose it because unlike everything else I’ve been wearing over the last few weeks, this will see me through for the rest of the winter after Eva arrives too. I also love that Celtic & Co clothing is designed and made right here in Great Britain ❤️ | I’ve linked to my beautiful knitwear in my Stories and you can get 10% off {+ free delivery!} with the code JULES10 at @celticandco until the end of December | 📷 by the brilliant @hannah.straughan at York


It’s moving day TOMORROW!!!!! Which means today is my last full working day for a little while. Still haven’t worked out the practicalities of how I’ll juggle work with a newborn... People have asked if I’m giving myself maternity leave - the answer is not as such... I can’t really. However I will be having a breather from my blog, over the festive season at least 🙌🏻 Will miss having these beautiful woods literally at the end of my street, but excited to have more space, more storage and a fresh start 🌿 #itsprimupnorth at Roundhay


Today was our last day together, just the two of us before Eva’s arrival. I’m working for the next couple of days and then with moving this weekend - James is off from Friday until his paternity leave finishes - whenever that may be. I knew I’d find the end of this era emotional - but goodness I can barely hold myself together 🙈 I am SO emotional!! I’ve loved this last three-and-a-half years, and I know the next stage is going to be magic - but I still can’t help but acknowledge my heart hurts a little all the same. Took me an age to choose which picture to post to mark today - which by-the-by was a pretty quiet cosy one, not the action packed day I foresaw - though in the end the everyday ordinary was actually pretty perfect. This snap of us from September 2017 put a smile on my face. So here you have it ❤️ #oscarstanleyandjules #thisisjulesrainbowbrolly at Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan


Dear Oscar, please continue to love your curls. Hold my hand. Tell me you love me and bring me flowers. And treasure. Pronounce your middle name Stanley as Stampley. Call home Oscar’s Forest, and the new place, Oscar’s New Forest. To tell strangers they are naughty when they don’t wait for the green man at crossings. And to call the coffee shop the milk shop, because you’re quite right - that’s where we go for you to have a glass of milk #ohtobethree #oscarstanleywilliams at Leeds


I cannot remember the last time I did an intro on here, but earlier this week the absolute ray of sunshine @all.thats.pretty did a brilliant one, inspiring me to follow suit! 💕 I’m Julia, better known as Jules. Wife to James, mum to Oscar (aged 3) & soon to arrive baby girl Eva. I’m #38weeks pregnant, feel like she could arrive at any minute & am moving house next weekend! I’m a Canadian born Geordie, & have lived in Leeds since 2012, following a decade in South Wales where I went to uni & met my Welsh better half. I live for travel - today alone I’ve suggested Dubai, Cuba & Hawaii as potential 2019 holiday destinations, because no I’m not deluded & yes we’re made of money 😳😆 if we were to runaway tomorrow it would be to either Cornwall or New York. I’ve holidayed in NY 15 times - it never gets old 🤩. Before I became self-employed I worked in PR & prior to that was a journalist. I specialised as a Court Reporter & I loved it! I sometimes still consider whiling away an afternoon in a court room to listen in on the cases. I used to find it so fascinating & got pretty good at predicting verdicts 🤓 I love flowers, trash tv, the royals, 80s music, autumn, cinnamon swirls, fancy stationery, brunch & everything Anthropologie :) Writing is my passion & usually words come to me before a photo does. It’s my dream to one day have my own column somewhere brilliant. I’m terrible in the kitchen - not sure there’s a single thing I can cook other than a ready meal 🤷🏻‍♀️ I‘m an only child. Swear too much. Hate driving, pineapple on pizza, limp handshakes, half-hearted hugs and when people I barely know touch my bump (gerrrroff!) 😋 Moist, bloated, soggy and secrete are among the words that make me want to 🤢 I’m a coffee addict though since being pregnant that has been replaced by hot chocolate. I have two cups most days! Pre-motherhood I was pretty organised & never late for birthdays, coffee dates, anything! These days I’m late for everything that is non-professional & I hate that about myself 🙈 Thank you to all of you who follow along here with me - I’d love you to say hello below & tell me a bit about you! If we’re friends - tell me something I don’t know already! at Salts Mill


#ad • Pine cone collecting with Oscar & Eva bump - doesn’t get much better than that! 😍 Enjoying the outdoors, exploring & adventuring together as a family has always been a priority for us since Oscar came along, and even more so the older and more inquisitive he gets. When the @woodlandtrust invited us to try out their family membership which would also give Oscar the opportunity to become a Nature Detective, where he gets his own exciting post – activity packs every season - we jumped! Over on my Stories we’re taking on the Nature Detectives pine cone art challenge & I’ve also detailed what you get in your Woodland Trust membership welcome pack. From just £5 per month, the membership is a great Christmas gift for your whole family, but particularly for the nature-loving little ones in your life too! #naturedetectives at Leeds

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