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A pretty mix of autumnal plants on the forest floor. Who will be in Colorado to photograph fall colors this year? We saw the very first hints of color on the aspen trees earlier this week up at Red Mountain Pass. 🧡 #colorado #smallscene #forest #autumn #fallcolors


A couple TimeLapse clips of a delicate layer of fog dancing around the trees. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🥰🌲


@vinivicimusic gave me the chills when they played Great Spirit at 808 Mandalay🤩🤟🏻 You know it’s definitely a party when there’s crazy pyrotechnics and an insane crowd!! 🔥


Yellow door


It’s the first week of December and I’ve already heard about 1 gazillion Michael Bublé songs in EVERY store I’ve walked into 🎅🏼💀 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #AllAboutAdventures


Fun shapes in the new dome today




On the drop. #santacruz


I'm on the edge, appreciating the side I'm on yet close to where I'll one day be. But the string sanity relies upon grows bonds with ways to set it free. It's a mad man's world, soft at times yet eager to simply be. The craving for that taste to linger, with flavors sprinkled in between. Where the colors which nature brings stay bright regardless of how dark they seem. A song that doesn't stop playing, one that's on repeat and only you can hear. Give those who only care to receive, hoping one day they'll start to see. A soul's journey, a book filled with stories, ones you'd rather want to go back and read. Be the author of something great, for nothing great comes if love is selective, cause it might be you that they do not need. #wadirum #jordan


German artists @elmgreenanddragsetstudio's 20ft-tall folded swimming pool, created for #miamiartweek. ​ ​Photo: Robin Hill


Milky way under the ocean 👌🏻 We can promote your photos on our account. Check the instructions in our bio: @astrography_ To also submit Astro Photography use #Astrography_ Photo credits: @roycebairphoto


#Repost @archdaily with @get_repost ・・・ House in the Trees #architecture : Luciano Kruk @lucianokruk.arquitectos #photography : Daniela Mac Adden @danielamacadden . . "Parallel to the sea, this neighborhood is separated from the coastline by a screen of leafy pines, thus producing a setback that complies with provincial regulations. The lot’s highest level is at the front, and slopes downward as it gets farther from the street, just as sand dunes do as they interfuse with the sea. " . . #archdaily #house #singlefamilyhouse #concrete #brutalism


High-precip #supercell #thunderstorm on the high plains. May 25, 2017 along the Kansas/Colorado border. #stormchasing #stormphotography #kswx #cowx #canon60d #severeweather


Saturdays are for snoozing.


Botanica Khao Yai #architecture : Vin Varavarn Architects #photography : Spaceshift Studio . . "The project is located on the edge of Khao Yai mountain range, one of the most important and extensive national reserve forested regions of Thailand." . . #archdaily #architecturethailand #h #hospitalityarchitecture #botanical