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Portuguese in Vienna, AT ☀ Lover 🎨🎶🎬📷 Molecular Biology ENFJ #freespiritsontour

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Loneliness... the waiting for the ending of one more cycle. at Augarten


I am now very briefly in Schwedenplatz and decided to take this photo. Have a nice weekend everyone at Schwedenplatz


When I was a kid I loved to be at the window and look outside. I liked specially rainy days. My mind was just wandering in my imagination of how the world was. at Markt Piesting, Niederösterreich, Austria


This Plotagraph was made from a photo taken with a drone. In this case you can see cars parked but changing position with each other all the time. I think I would have problems to find my car if it would be there. Photo by @j_of_aaa. at Doncaster


Here coe another video made from a photo (Plotagraph). This photo was taken by @timmy727 and the video editing made by me. at Planet Earth


I wish you a good start of 2018. I leave this Plotagraph I have made from one of the beautiful photos of @pat_kay. at Planet Earth


Good morning and Happy 2018. at Markt Piesting, Niederösterreich, Austria


Happy New year of 2018 #whpresolutions2018 = become a better person everyday, dream more and travel to New places at Vienna, Austria


I wish you all a happy New Year and all the best for 2018. What are your resolutions for the New year? #whpresolutions2018 at Artemis


Today I am in Maribor (Slovenia again). This town surprised me for the positive. It has really nice streets and some surprises along them (like people playing interments). In the last days I was thinking what kind of resolutions I want for 2018. I came to the conclusion that I want to travel more than before. #whpresolutions2018 at Maribor, Slovenia


Ljubljana in Slovenia at Ljubljana, Slovenia


I have taken this photo today in Bled. It is my first time in Slovenia. I hope all of you had a nice holiday week. at Bled Slovenia


Today I went for a walk in around Piesting. This is what I took during it. I hope you like it. Have a nice continuation of holidays. And let the MAGIC be with you :) at Markt Piesting, Niederösterreich, Austria


A Merry Christmas for all of you from Vienna. We (me and @dreamingofmidsummer, that is in this photo) wish you a nice holiday. Do good, be kind, and let's all of us show our humanity. #whpcelebrate at KUNST HAUS WIEN. Museum Hundertwasser


In tropical forest with a freezing day outside at Palmenhaus Schönbrunn


Photograph by me and photo by @fernandofamiani at Etna


Lately I am using photos from other instagramers to make #plotagraphs. Without them I would never be able to do some of the creations that I have posted so far. Therefore I want to use the weekend hashtag project #whpthankful to thank all the content creators in Instagram. Here we influence each other and we continually try to improve our work. I want to thank the author of this photo @krenn_imre at Budapest, Hungary


This is the Plotagraph of the day. I made this video from a photo of @st_ella . at Shanghai, China

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