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Portuguese in Vienna, AT ☀ Lover 🎨🎶🎬📷 Molecular Biology ENFJ #freespiritsontour

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In tropical forest with a freezing day outside at Palmenhaus Schönbrunn


Photograph by me and photo by @fernandofamiani at Etna


Lately I am using photos from other instagramers to make #plotagraphs. Without them I would never be able to do some of the creations that I have posted so far. Therefore I want to use the weekend hashtag project #whpthankful to thank all the content creators in Instagram. Here we influence each other and we continually try to improve our work. I want to thank the author of this photo @krenn_imre at Budapest, Hungary


This is the Plotagraph of the day. I made this video from a photo of @st_ella . at Shanghai, China


The Day of the Dead (or Dia de los Muertos in Spanish). It is a day to pray, remember and celebrate friends and family that have died. This has the objective to support the spiritual journey of the dead. In some cultures is said that the soul will find light and rest. ⭐ This is the Plotagraph that I am posting to the intagram weakly hash tag project #whpfindthelight. The photo was taken by @asteryx. at West Hollywood, California


I hope you are having a great weekend. Today I have picked a photo from @4_23 to make a video using #plotagraphpro. The photo was taken in #changsha in #china. at Changsha


Can you find the movement in this video? Last time in Lisbon we had a wonderful dinner in the Restaurante Bastardo from the @internacionaldesignhotel. Its a boutique Hotel in the historic centre of Lisbon. at Internacional Design Hotel


Have you ever been to Paris? The plotagraph was made by me and the photo was taken by @ssnnas. at Paris, France


Would you have the courage to walk in this road? The Plotagraph was made by me and the pic taken by @alinakondrat. at Ireland (country)


A wave of stone 🌊 ------- About ------- Plotagraph Artist: @timelessjourney (Me) Photographer: @pigreco1971 at Rome, Italy


Some weeks ago we were in Portugal. We stayed two nights in the @macdonaldmonchique and it was simply wonderful. I highly recommend their SPA. It is very relaxing and beautiful. I decided to make a #plotagraph from a photo that I took from the SPA. These chairs were warm and that is the reason why I have decided to make them move. at Monchique


The fisrt time I saw this photo from @4_23 I was amazed with the perspective of the photo. The building that is depicted is as well amazing. Therefore I decided to make a #plotagraph out of it. I hope you like it? Have a nice day. at Hong Kong


I am missing @onyriapalmaresbeachhousehotel and the dreamy view to the Ocean. This photo is from a Beach close to the Hotel and Lagos. Its Praia Dona Ana. Have a nice day at Praia De Dona Ana - Lagos, Algarve, Portugal


I hope you like this #plotagraph. Have a nice day. The plotagraph was made by me and the pic is from @5.12 at Beijing, China


I am already missing Lisbon. Thank you Hotel OnJ S. Lazaro for giving me the oportunity to visit Lisboa. at Lisboa, Portugal


Today I have decided to make a Plotagraph about the never stopping city of London. Have you ever went to London? ------- About ------- Plotagraph Artist: @timelessjourney (Me) Photographer: @mabdulle at London, United Kingdom


Hello I hope that all of you are having a nice weekend. Lately I am a bit addicted in doing #plotagraphs and this is making me to be have less time for photography. It takes a considerable amount of time to make a #plotagraph that have a complex mix of movements. Therefore from now on I will start posting less photos and more plotagraphs, Several times I will start using photos that are not mine. In case you like the photo please follow the photographer, I am sure that person would appreciate. I hope that you enjoy the videos that I will start posting in the future. Have a continuation of a nice Sunday and weekend. -------About------- The plotagraph artist is @timelessjourney (Me) and the pic is by @eliagrilli at Leaning Tower of Pisa


It would be nice that all streets would have escalators. This street just had stairs in the middle. Therefore I have decided to insert some movement. at Lagos, Portugal

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