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She hates this photo, but I LOVE it. Pure happiness on her face because the sun was setting and Moraine Lake was mirroring the sky. These are the moments that I love capturing. at Moraine Lake


Some crazy views from the top of Whistler Mountain. This photo contains everything from forests and mountain ranges to rivers and lakes. Probably one of my favorite mornings from our Canada road trip. at Jasper, Alberta


^The face I made when I realized that she’s visiting me next week. at Mount Robson


Lake Crescent was one of those happy accidents that @alicegower and I encountered back in the spring. So on our way back from Canada in August, we were both like, “Yo we GOTTA visit our lake,” so we made the trek to Olympic National Park, parked on the side of the road, slept there overnight, and woke up just in time for the sunrise. at Olympic National Park


I had started planning our Canada trip about three weeks before we hit the road. When I did my research on Lake O’Hara, I found out that this magical place is only accessible by shuttle (unless you want to walk 7mi one way just to get there) and camping reservations should be made three months in advance. So to avoid hiking there with our camping gear or possibly missing out on this lake, I pretty much bothered the hell out of the Lake O’Hara offices and called them twice a day every day until I managed to snag a reservation after someone cancelled three days before we were heading into Yoho. Just a reminder to never let your dreams be dreams and just do it 😂 at Lake O'Hara


My favorite person on our favorite lake. at Olympic National Park


It’s always nice to slow down and enjoy the view, especially when you’ve ventured to a place that’s new. at Maligne Lake


Whenever I show my mom photos of myself on the edges of cliffs, she goes “Ay nako Teemy, always be carepul!” Happy belated birthday mom 😂 at Athabasca Falls


I totally forgot the name of this lake, but it was something that we saw while on the road and we wanted to get our feet wet so badly. On a side note, I love the expression on her face lol at Mount Robson Provincial Park and Protected Area


This place was unbelievable. It was just the two of us surrounded by a huge rock wall with the waterfall cutting through the middle and forming a pool at the base. The experience was as refreshing as the water. #oregonyouhellapretty at Portland, Oregon


As the highest point in the Canadian Rockies, Mount Robson is much, much bigger in person than it is in this photo. On a side note, @alicegower brought her iconic yellow jacket solely so we can take photos of her in it. 😂 at Mount Robson, British Columbia


When @alicegower and I were driving on this road, we couldn’t help but stop to look at all those gorgeous layers of trees on trees on trees. at Maligne Lake


The Alpine Circuit that goes around Lake O’Hara and also stops by Lake Oesa is one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done. Although I wasn’t ready (when am I ever?) for the sudden elevation gain, the many switchbacks, and the very narrow cliffside trails, I embraced my inner mountain goat and trekked through. The views were worth it. at Yoho National Park


@alicegower and I made sandwiches and walked along the shoreline of Maligne Lake until we found a nice log to sit on. From here to Lake Oesa to Lake O’Hara, eating sandwiches on a lakeshore was a constant pastime for us when we were in the Canadian Rockies. at Maligne Lake


Best seat in the house. at Yosemite National Park


Nothing makes me smile more than cadid happiness. at Mount Tamalpais State Park


What I love about her is that she isn’t afraid to stand on the edge. She tries to get as close as she can to nature, and I think that’s lovely. at Sunwapta Falls, Jasper National Park, Alberta


Fields of grass in the fall. at Patrick's Point State Park

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