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I take local trees and reclaimed lumber and turn it into things. — St. Louis Mo.— #woodworking #stl #maker #stlouis #wood #woodwork

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The only thing better than 1 maloof low back chair is two!! Finally looking like chairs! I was able to get some driveways shoveled and spend the rest of the day putting the last few legs on. Here’s a few updated shots. Full disclosure I’m building two in hopes of getting one nice one out of the pair.


Really digging how this chair is coming together! Hopefully I’ll have a few snow days to get the legs on.


I was able to take advantage of the 20 degree morning and get outside to carve and sand the seats this morning. I’ve hit a few bumps in the road but all of those will be avoidable next time. I live for these projects that push my skill level and challenge my problem solving. Hopefully some back legs soon!!


Nothing says American craftsmanship like piles of #missouri #walnut being transformed into a chair on top of a handmade walnut rolling tool box with some newly delivered hats from @windsorone thanks again guys for the great gifts. I will certainly try to represent them well!!


New year new me right!?!?! Doing some rebranding and figured it was time for a new logo. Thanks @lilsle for hooking me up with such a great logo. If anyone is looking for a logo or graphic work hit her up.


A few finished pictures. I was able to install the final piece of glass today and apparently it was backwards. Who knew stained glass had a “A” side and a “B” side. Oh well. It’s an easy fix.


Before and after of some seat carving. I may or May have not have hit a domino if anyone has a great idea on a patch......


What was one walnut seat is now two. Had a second today to go rough them out on the bandsaw and glue one up. Truth is I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m convinced that this project is going to be a good skill builder and teach me patience. Amongst other things. And..... I really hope I can grind that knot out of the seat. I’d hoped to catch more of it with my bandsaw. To be continued......


The only constant is change. You’re never staying the same. You either get better or worse. That being said I’m not sure which is happening here with this chair LOL. But one things for sure. Somethings happening. A bunch of 8/4 walnut soon to be a sculpted low back maloof chair.


A few still shots from yesterday’s install.


Finally! Install day. This has kept me up for 2 nights. Will they like it? Will it fit? Did I measure right? I’m pleased to say everything fit like a glove. What a good feeling! Tomorrow a little touch up and on to the next one. It’s Always good working for good people and on fun projects. Not sure I would change anything even if I could.


Last push before the holidays! Double sided sliding door with custom glass. Modern black and white for the dining room and #rustic reclaimed grey and white #barnwood for the kitchen. This is truly the definition of #custom. When you want something no one else can do I can do. My niche is doing anything and everything. #madetoorder


Finally got these window frames back from the glass shop and they look great! I’m always impressed by looking at the work of master craftsmen and these windows are no exception. I can’t wait to get these finished up so I can show the final install.


Doweling up a few breadboard ends for a last minute side project on a reclaimed wood table top.


Just hung up the @atlas46gear vest on the new rolling walnut tool chest after a long day of glueing up tops and doors. Swipe right to see a quick video of the doors and drawers on the tool chest. I’m so fortunate to have so much time to pursue this passion of mine. #cheaperthantherapy


After a long wait...... I see lots of flat boards in my future. New 8” @grizzlyindustrial jointer with helical head. Looking forward to breaking it in.


Dry fitting a few interior #custom windows that will be a folding partition between a kitchen and great room. Off to get glass soon.


No need for a filter here. Had a little free time in between some glue ups on some clients stuff today. All the drawers and fronts are mounted and ready to go. Now just some pulls, sanding, finish and a top.

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