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Former coach turned inspirational artist, sculpting real people in real life with real stories and messages for success. Similar users See full size profile picture

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“Student First, Disability Second” – Client Moved to Tears Capturing a Client’s Passion in Original Art - From heart felt meetings to a midnight sketch to a maquette to a piece of art… What a great journey it has been to create this piece of art that will help tell Doctors Melaura Tomaino and Edward Miguel, creators and operators of Port View Preparatory schools, amazing story about their work with K-22 students with severe autism. How, with a simple slogan, “Student first, disability second”, they move their students from the security of being wrapped in a blanket to performing on a stage in front of family and friends, all while providing an environment of connection. Each figure has been moving and emotional as the clay was transformed into a likeness of the students. I can only hope I have done them justice. For more of the story go to the link in my profile.


To create art that is moving is truly a blessing. In this picture collage is the daughter of Natalie Kotsch during the unveiling of her mother’s portrait sculpture. Natalie was the founder of the International Surfing Museum in Huntington Beach, CA. The sculpture was unveiled last night at the Museum’s International Surfing Day event. It was my privilege to have created this sculpture to honor Natalie. Based on my research and what people told me, Natalie was a loving, giving person who loved the sport of surfing in spite of the fact she had never surfed a day in her life – may her love of community live on forever. The sculpture was done under the direction of Diana Dehm, Executive Director, another person who loves surfing and her community.


The Dig - Mastering the fundamentals to be great. A hand sculpted singed original ready to enrich your life.


Watched the Kentucky Derby today and couldn’t help thinking about my sister, who is no longer with us, how much she loved these beautiful animals. I miss her a ton but I know she is only a thought away❤️


Solar lighting on my sculpture, Wave Rider - “Timing is everything” It is over 3 ft high with 120 pounds of clay in the wave. For the whole story, visit my website.


CAPTURING A CLIENTS PASSION IN ORIGINAL ART - PART 2 - Part 1 was about uncovering the image that would capture the passion of Dr. Melaura Tomaino (Melaura) and Dr. Edward Miguel (Eddie), cofounders of Port View Preparatory®, have for working with individuals with severe autism. Part 2 is about uncovering the human emotions to be captured in the original piece of art that will help tell Melaura and Eddie’s story. READ MORE: Click the link in my profile, .


“Students first and disability second” CAPTURING A CLIENTS PASSION IN ORIGINAL ART What an honor it is to have this commissioned piece to do that deals with severe autism. Dr. Melaura Erickson-Tomaino and Dr. Edward Miguel, founders of Port View Preparatory® asked me if I could capture the passion behind what their schools accomplish. I know it is asking a lot, but I hope you will CLICK THE LINK in my profile, and then the picture of the maquette, to read more of the story and join me on this journey.


Reflecting on hitting Three-Quarters of a Century. So #blessed: #architecture #bulider #coach #artist #sculptor #husband #father #uncle #grandfather #greatgrandfather #love #foregiveness #faith


I had to share this. It is hanging in Cappy’s Resturant in Newport Beach, CA where we had a great breakfast with to of our kids❤️


A walk drown memory lane - this is one of my favorite plaques. Last night we celebrated our grandson’s 30th Birthday. At the party was one of the players I coached on this youth football team 23 years ago. When this group of kids got to me they had played for three years and never won a game so we focused, not on winning but on playing like champions. We ended up 3 - 6, the best season they had ever had and one of my proudest moments coaching.


Lessons from the studio.


34th Anniversary. I️ first met her at age 16 and thought she was hot. I reconnected with her at age 39 and still thought she was hot. We have been married 34 years and still she is hot. She is the love of my life and I️ am so blessed to be with her! ❤️❤️❤️


20% DONATION TO THE CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE. Click the link in my profile for all the details. God bless.


Last week it was 105 outside and 95 in my OCC sculpting area - plastic wrap and wet towels. Today things are much better - 67. #art #sculpting


Six year old, soon to be seven, sells her first piece of art to help raise money for her school. #art


Great weekend with a special friend and my lady visiting Taliesin West in Arizona, created by an amazing architect, Frank Lloyd Wright in the late 1930’s.


HELPING HANDS Have 20% donated to the charity of your choice, in your name. Because of the multiple catastrophes over the last months I am making this offer good from Oct. 17, 2017 to Nov. 17, 2017. For details click the link my profile. God bless.

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