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I freeze time, whats your super power? 📸 DM me for pricing or collaborations! Houston, TX.

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So much can be said about this photo. I recently took a trip to Colorado with my business partner @timmothie. Our mission for this trip was to go and capture content that would help us build our portfolio. After nearly 16 hours of continuous driving from Houston, Texas to Alamosa, Colorado we arrived at our first location, the Great Sand Dunes National Monument. Did we capture breathtaking content there? Of course! Did we also get sand everywhere (including our camera equipment) you better believe it! Not only did the sand get everywhere but it also put our @djiglobal Mavic out of commission. After a long day of hiking in sand we decided to start making our way to our @airbnb for the night. On our way there we came across this oversized chess set that we knew would make for some interesting photos. Fast forward to four hours later when Tim realized he had no idea where his camera was. We flipped all of our bags inside out, flipped our car upside down and scavenged all through our cabin with no sign of his camera being around. After hours of searching, we determined the camera had been lost, or worst, stolen! This would’ve put a huge damper on our trip, but we were determined to find a solution. Unfortunately, it was nearly 1AM and nothing could be done beyond filing a police report and waiting until the morning when we had more daylight to resume our search. As day broke, we ate a large breakfast, got our coffee fix and hit the road for our very unconventional Colorado adventure. We backtracked and scavenged trails we hiked the prior day, asked local businesses if anything had turned up and to no surprise, still no trace of the camera. We were ready to give up our search when we decided to stop by this chess set and look one last time. Turns out someone turned the camera in to the front office of the hotel resort where this chess set was! To me, this photo symbolizes the problems you’re going to encounter in life. It’s easy to throw your hands up and take that L, but trust me, it’s so much more rewarding to have the grit to keep going when the going gets tough. Persevere and stay blessed yall. at Pagosa Springs, Colorado


Green Snow Oasis cabins in Dolores, CO. Honestly this was by far the best @airbnb experience I've ever had. Not only was our host, Wendy, super accommodating, but I mean come on, you can't beat this view! Counting down the days until I can go back and visit! . . . . #milkyway #nightsky #longexposure #travel #stars #cabin #colorado #imaginativeuniverse #milliondollarvisuals #artofvisuals #agameoftones #moodygrams #earthfocus #shotzdelight #eclectic_shotz #gramslayers #Nights_DreamWorld #ig_killerz #stellarshots #discoverearth #nikon #theglobewanderer #ourplanet #wonderful_places #earthofficial #igmasters #houseoftones #DreamWorldImages #theimaged #earthexclusive at Dolores, Colorado


Those @vibram boots were made for walking, and that's precisely what they didn't do. On our way up the Great Sand Dunes @timmothie and I took the advice of a fellow hiker and left our boots behind because "it would be easier to walk through all the sand". Half way up the Dunes, our feet started to blister from the hot sand but we were too far to turn back! When was the last time you took advice from a stranger that ended up backfiring? . . . #earthofficial #nature #naturelovers #travelphotography #ronin #sony #wizardoftones #agameoftones #greatsanddunesnationalpark #colorado #coloradoliving #vibram #hiking #hikingboots #hikingbangers #earthpix #earthporn #earth #earthscape #sand #clouds #nikon #nikonnofilter #dji at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve


I wanted to take the time on this post to thank all of my friends turned clients, and vice versa. Through the art of photography, I’ve had the honor of capturing some of life’s most precious moments. I get humbled by the fact that in a sea full of photographers, you all trusted me and for that I'm super grateful! I’ve included some of my favorite photos over the years and look forward to all of the future endeavors my camera will lead me on! . . . . #engagementphoto #engaged #propose #shesaidyes #graduation #birthday #family #familyphotos #familyfirst #familylove #oldphotos #Mondaymotivation #mondaymood #reset #Houston #houstonphotographer #katyphotographer #cypressphotographer #houstoncity #maternityshoot


Baba: Growing up, my father was always the family photographer. He made sure he had a fresh roll of film in his 35mm to capture all of life’s little moments. He sparked my interest in photography by getting me a bunch of disposable #Kodak cameras and eventually helped me purchase my first 35mm #Pentax film camera. Little did he know how much of an impact these cameras would have on my life and for this I am eternally grateful for him. Mama: My mother has been my # 1 fan. She’s been supportive of nearly every decision I’ve made (sorry ma I can’t be perfect). She’s taught me what it means to be compassionate and selfless, to be the sunshine on someone’s cloudy day, and to give even when you feel like you don’t have anything left to give at all. Her hustle and love for life is what keeps me going when the going gets tough. @saa393 : This guy right here has been one of my biggest inspirations. Not only is he my oldest brother but I would say he’s been one of my greatest mentors. As first-generation Americans there were many obstacles to navigate and we didn’t have the experience of our elders to draw from. My oldest brother kept me under his wing and made sure that the decisions I made would create a solid foundation from which I could pursue my passion. @syedsabbas360 : Man, talk about a hustler. This man embodies traits I hope to even half-way emulate someday. He’s shown me it’s not about the cards life deals you, instead it’s how you play those cards. I’ll spare the details, but I’ve literally watched my brother rise from the ashes when his cards have been stacked against him and I know with his grit and perseverance, the sky is the limit! . . . . . #family #familyphotos #familyfirst #familylove #oldphotos #Mondaymotivation #mondaymood #reset #lookslikefilm #filmphotograph #Houston #houstonphotographer #katyphotographer #cypressphotographer #houstoncity

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