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Mission: Impossible - Fallout Crossed $500 Million at Worldwide Box Office Only in 24 Days. 😍💪🔝 #Tomcruise #Ethanhunt #Missionimpossible// #repost @tomcruiseoffcial via #repogram #tomcruise_suricruise


Tom Cruise fala da filmagem do halo jump em Abu Dahbi. A sequência foi feita lá e no filme a cena se passa durante uma tempestade de raios em Paris.// #repost @tomcruisebrasil via #repogram #tomcruise_suricruise


Come here darling 😉// #repost @tomcruiseandth #tomcruise_suricruise ecruisers via #repogram


Tom Cruise on set of Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. Tom held his breath for 6 minutes to film this scene. Dedicated!// #repost @tomcruiseandthecruisers via #repogram #tomcruise_suricruise


tom cruise doug liman american made scene// #repost @mypagethomascruise via #repogram #tomcruise_suricruise


They changed the game. Don't miss #MissionImpossible Fallout, now playing in theatres.// #repost @missionimpossible via #repogram #tomcruise_suricruise


INCREDIBLE!!!!! Could you imagine jumping out of an airplane at over 25,000 feet and while falling at around 180mph, you have to somehow catch up to a camera operator and get EXACTLY 3 FEET in front of the lens or you'll be out of focus?!? On top of that, the camera operator, who has never shot narrative storytelling, has no view finder and the entire shot is being done through a “feeling” and a hope that it’s in focus. How the hell do do you pull focus falling that fast?!? So much relies on Cruise getting it in the exact position all while acting out the scene for the film. Cruise and the filmmakers did this jump 105 times. Christopher McQuarrie told me a “handful” were done at the 25,000 mark and the rest were done at 18,000 feet. (Video above: Tom Cruise and I geeked out about his HALO (High Altitude. Low Opening) jump.) #missionimpossiblefallout// #repost @kevinmccarthytv via #repogram #tomcruise_suricruise


Part 2 of my interview with Tom Cruise: THE ANKLE BREAK. 🎥❤️🎞 THIS STILL BLOWS MY MIND! We all know by now that Tom Cruise broke his ankle while filming a continuous running shot that ends with him leaping from one building to the other. The actual shot of the ankle breaking is still in the film as he limps off camera. He’s talked about it extensively but I wanted to know if Tom Cruise broke character as he's said he knew the ankle was broken and he needed to finish the shot...// #repost @kevinmccarthytv via #repogram #tomcruise_suricruise


3rd and FINAL part of my Tom Cruise interview: Arc de Triomphe motorcycle stunt with no helmet with an insane amount of on-coming traffic. This stunt is the most anxiety I’ve felt in a film in a long time. Cruise has no helmet as he’s riding a motorcycle into on-coming traffic! NO HELMET. The entire time I’m just grabbing my seat because if he falls or gets hit, he could die. What if one of those cars drove out of their line or what if Cruise lost control of the bike? That’s an insane amount of trust. On top of that, the shot was done around 6am so the road was cold. Blew my mind that they had to have cars drive around it so that the road would warm up to make it easier for Cruise to zig zag in and out of the cars without crashing. Just wow. #missionimpossiblefallout ❤️🎥🎞// #repost @kevinmccarthytv via #repogram #tomcruise_suricruise


Tom Cruise é o cara neste comercial do canal português Hollywood. 😎// #repost @tomcruisebrasil via #repogram #tomcruise_suricruise


Rebecca ‘s smille// #repost @mission_imp6 via #repogram #tomcruise_suricruise


Laughing Tom Cruise 😆😍 He's so handsome 😎 #tomcruise #laugh #laughing #funny #cute ==>Double Tap and Tag your friend<== ============= Via:@tomnsuri// #repost @tom_cruise_officialfan via #repogram #tomcruise_suricruise

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