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Commercial wedding photographer, photo editor, lover of craft beer, lighting geek. #weddingphotograper #weddingphotography #instawedding #photographer See full size profile picture

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What’s that.. you have nothing to do on a Sunday and you need to book a wedding venue? Then you need to get down to @quendonhall for their open day and come say hi! 12-4 today! at Parklands Quendon Hall


In case you didn’t notice .. It’s raining... a lot. So if you’re looking for a great wedding venue, come to @mulberryhousehotel open day! I’m in the marquee come say hi! at Mulberry House


When you need to test you set it up right! That @samyanguk 35 1.4 is sooooo sharp! And the @sonyalpha a7iii is a beast! Eye Af even when @audleyreclamation is pulling a face... cheers John 😂


Goodbye Nikon my old friend.. Sony have one upped you once again ... With dynamic range an focus peaking. Nikon’s one card slot left us screaming... Sing that for the full effect 😂 #sonyalpha @sonyalpha #sonya7iii #samyang #samyang35mm

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