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The beautiful autumn colors slowly getting more and more ... πŸπŸ‚


After climbing a great mountain, one only finds that there are many more mountains to climb πŸ”


A year ago we woke up on that incredible place with heavy rain storms and got completely soaked but it was all worth it, the view and scenery was still unbelievable β›°β›° who's been there already?


The beautiful fjords of Norway πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄ Damn i wanna go back there ...


Paddling through a tunnel of ice, filled with ice cold water on a glacier at sealevel 3200 meters was definitely a special adventure! It was pretty tricky to shoot this because of low light and all the movement on the boat where i took this photo. Did you know you can also dive in here?


When you hike for 5 hours, everything is covered in clouds and suddenly this happens 🀀


It feels good to be lost in the right place πŸ”β›°


Soo thankful to call this HOME πŸ” would you jump into that freezing cold lake?


Could watch this for days 😳 just breathtaking Nature ...


Right before i did go to sleep in my sleeping bag i had to climb up to the highest point of the summit to take this photo of an unbelievable scenery above 3300 meters sealevel at around 8:30 pm πŸ” Hope you enjoyed my challenge and don't forget to use #MammutChallenge for a chance to win some stuff! . #anzeige #sponsoredby #mammut #eigerextreme #mammutabsolutealpine @mammut_absolute_alpine


Here comes the sun 😳 what a magical moment this was!


This one was pretty crazy β›° on the way back from the glacier we had to pass this massive crevasse, this shows how we did!

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