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Opening State titles with my business partner and WA promoter @josh_lenartowicz Our 5th show in 15 days . #Repost @ifbbproleagueoz ・・・ It’s finals time in WA! #proleagueoz #proleaguewa #mbga at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre


Making bodybuilding great again #mbga . #Repost @ifbbproleagueoz ・・・ Tony Doherty and Joseph Mencel put on an INCREDIBLE show today at the SA State Championships! Thanks our promoters, sponsors, judges, crew members, trophy girls, DJ, spectators, fans, and of course... THE ATHLETES! We did it 💪🏆 #makebodybuildinggreatagain #mbga #proleagueoz #proeleaguesa @tonydohertyoz @josephmencel


Here we go again . #Repost @ifbbproleagueoz ・・・ @tonydohertyoz kicks off the SA State Championships! #proleagueoz #proleaguesa #mbga at Scott Theatre


. . Sometimes in life you’ve just got to let it out. . Open up to someone you trust . Ask for help . Find your way back . Don’t suffer in silence. When you reach out, there is a network of friends and professionals ready to help . Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help . Here is an example of a friend in need that kept it all hidden. You would never have guessed that he was at rock bottom. Depressed, desperately lost and lonely . @atif_anwar_ifbbpro is a tough guy, popular, huge, strong and always laughing . You never know what someone is going through. We put on our masks, act tough and then suffer in silence . I am so proud of my friend Atif. He is back on top and now inspiring others . Whatever you are going through just know that it gets better . The sun will rise tomorrow and you will have a chance to reset and start again . We are all in this together . @atif_anwar_ifbbpro @darranpettyfilms @ifbbproleagueoz


This national qualifying series is just amazing. 6 shows in 4 weeks leading in to the @ifbbproleagueoz pro qualifier . Making bodybuilding great again . #MBGA at Kingston Arts


. . This is a shout out for anyone doing it hard right now . Hang in there, you don’t know how close you might be to breaking through . The darkest hour is right before the dawn . Just trust the process, keep showing up, keep working and never give up . Stay busy so you don’t overthink . Routine, persistence, perseverance and discipline will outweigh motivation every single time . Motivation is like the weather. It comes and goes and changes it’s shape every day . When you can’t do something to help yourself, do something to help someone else . Kindness cannot be quantified but it will return to thank you time and time again . You are stronger than you know . #relentlessmomentum


. . It’s been a long road . Looking back at this pic with Gary Strydom really got me thinking . Everything great takes time. Just remember, we all start somewhere . Never give up on your dream. Patience, perseverance, consistency and passion will get you there . For me it has been like a 30 year apprenticeship to make bodybuilding great again . Find something that keeps you awake at night and wakes you up in the morning . Society tells us not to be obsessed. I never bought in to the dream they were selling . If you find your passion and stick with it, you will never suffer regret, complacency and mediocrity . Dreams do become reality if you keep outworking even yourself, you will have no regrets . Everyone dies but not everyone lives . Dream bigger, sleep faster and work harder . #relentlessmomentum


. . Great photo with @wgjondavie I have wanted to promote bodybuilding with him for so many years and finally we have the opportunity to do it. To raise the bar and to make bodybuilding great again . Thanks to everyone that contributed . Every athlete that made it to the stage Every sponsor that supported Everyone on our team that gave their time Every fan that attended . We are just getting started . #relentlessmomentum #ifbbproleagueoz at Home of the Arts


Today’s office, Home Of The Arts, Gold Coast Qld . #Repost @ifbbproleagueoz ・・・ Let’s get this show on the road! . #proleagueoz #proleagueqld #tonydohertyoz at HOTA


It’s all happening at the Victorian titles @ifbbproleagueoz @darranpettyfilms at Kingston Arts


. . I am so proud of what we are doing for the sport that we all love . To every athlete, coach, sponsor and supporter, thank you . I can’t remember this level of excitement in all my bodybuilding years . Let’s all continue to raise the bar, to give back and to change the game. See you all at the show . We are just getting started. . Making bodybuilding great again. . @ifbbproleagueoz @ifbb_pro_league @npcnewsonlineofficialpage @darranpettyfilms at Doherty's Gym


This will instantly become an iconic destination point for visitors to @dohertysgym . @schwarzenegger by @lushsux at Doherty's Gym

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