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• • Throwback to 1994 when I started in Melbourne. • I head back to my home town of Bendigo tomorrow. When I left there I was so messed up. I had lost everything. I didn’t know if I would even make my next birthday. I had no money at all. No car, no home, no formal education. I had a huge debt. I was an angry young man. I thought the world owed me something • I thought about quitting and giving up every single day but I didn’t • Instead I worked my arse off. I focused on what I could do, not what I couldn’t do • I made a decision every day to fight, to do whatever it took. To believe in myself. To ignore the popular opinion • I killed my ego, destroyed any sense of entitlement that I may have had. I learned that, if it was to be, it was up to me • If you are lost, or feel like quitting, dig deep, get busy. Stop looking for approval and do the work • Choose life, choose work. Choose to be the difference every single day • Looking back now, I have no regrets and I want to tell you all that no matter how bad it seems, you can get through it • Dream bigger Sleep faster Work harder • #relentlessmomentum


#Repost @scottgoblebodybuilder ・・・ Registrations close at 7pm tonight. If you’re debating about jumping in as a warmup for Amanda’s Show the time is now to jump online and start tanning. Show starts at 6pm tomorrow, tickets are available at the door. I hope to see lots of you there. #bendigocountryclassic #ifbbproleague #mcquinnsgym #clogsbendigo #massnutritionbendigo


• Forever grateful • To everyone that supports what we do. Everyone that comes to our shows • Everyone that sends a message or asks a question. Everyone that asks to have a photo • Everyone that comes to our gyms and becomes part of our family • To everyone that has believed in me. Also to those that have not believed • To everyone that said I would fail and everyone that said I might win • To my mentors and teachers, family and friends • I am truly grateful to be who I am and to do what I do • So thank you to everyone • We have got a long way to go but grateful for how far we have come • #relentlessmomentum #attitude #gratitude


Want to be part of something great? We are looking for a chosen few to join our crew. Previous customer service experience and people skills a must. Sales experience and knowledge in supplements a bonus. Applications by email only. Send in your details and resume to: [email protected]


・・・ 💥2019 TICKETS ARE LIVE!!!💥 Get yours now: link in our bio! @arnoldsportsau • • VIP packages • Super Pass • Pro Show Pre-Judging & Finals • Pro Athlete Meet & Greet • Party with the Pros • Expo Passes Be part of our iconic 5th Anniversary event!


Being featured with @tonyrobbins never gets old or feels real • #Repost @always.massive ・・・ I just leave this here... #staythecourse everybody!✊ . Video: Always Massive: DREAMER . FEATURING: @tonydohertyoz 🙏 @tonyrobbins 🙏 @romanfritz 🙏 @stephfitmum 🙏 @martinslicis 🙏 @bionic_body 🙏 ...and.many many more!!! 🙏🙏🙏 . #believe #achieve #gym #fitness #bodybuilding #powerlifting #strongman #training #workout #mind #body #soul #dreamer #dream #goals #justdoit #go #get #it #fight #good #goodvibes #goodvibesonly #love #life


So I had a question today about advice for a young father • I typed this out in one hit and had so many messages that I feel like I have to share it. It is so tough to be a good parent, so this one is for you all, because we don’t get any real guidance with parenting • • Show them that you care • Teach them confidence •Teach then self respect • Be patient • Be present •Get them a savings account •Teach them value of $10 • Make manners a priority • Show them the world • Always be forgiving •Teach them to respect their mum • Be their hero • Don’t shield them from reality • Read to them • Be a good human • Tell them you love them every day


Best wishes and safe travels to Mum and Dad. They do these massive trips every chance they get, they embrace the internet, stay fit and always have a ball • It is because of them that I have always been obsessed with seeing the world and embracing different cultures • Thanks to them for encouraging my curiosity and having my back always and through everything ❤️ at Melbourne Airport


A beautiful moment with a wonderful champion @angelicaht after winning @arnoldsportsau @ifbb_pro_league bikini pro. Big shout out to @marcoolbjj • Angelica is living proof of big dreams and hard work. She continues to inspire and is always a humble winner • @darranpettyfilms 🎥 at The Plenary - Melbourne Convention Centre


••• So many parents push their kids to fulfil the dreams that they never got to do. • They tell their kids to conform, to find safety and security and not to take risks. It has become an ingrained mentality that most times ends in pressure and guilt • So when my kids stay over, I encourage them to follow their own passions. To study and learn about the things that interest and inspire them • My 10 year old Adelaide loves makeup, so rather than talk her out of it, I encouraged her to learn as much as she could. Over many months, via watching tutorials on YouTube she has become really good at it. She practices on her sisters and friends and really enjoys the art of it all • We live in the greatest age of information in history. The world is changing rapidly. Be prepared to allow your children to learn through any method that teaches them, traditional or not • Open your minds and embrace the world we live in • #randomthoughts #parenting #teaching #knowledgeispower


One of my best friends in the world @mrolympia08 Dexter representing @dohertysgym he has outlasted everyone because he outworks them all in smarts. Proud of you brother • #Repost @mrolympia08 ・・・ 10 weeks out today!! This was shot yesterday.. see there are advantages to having a fast metabolism and there are also disadvantages.. The good thing is.. I can get into shape really fast... as you see I’ve leaned out a lot in just a couple weeks.. now the bad thing about having a fast metabolism is that I know my trainer @georgefarah_guru is guna take my food up. Smh! I already hate to eat so It’s a struggle getting all my food down when he ups my calorie intake.. Lol! I look forward to seeing emails with my food being cut. I know it sounds weird and the opposite of what most want but like I said it ain’t always good times having a fast metabolism. 😂 @dohertysgym #mro #mrolympia #mrolympia08 #dex #dexter #dexterjackson #dexterjacksonclassic #dexterjacksonproductions #built #builtbyblade #blade


Was a pleasure to have @izharbasha at the @arnoldsportsau office. He is the founder of @ehplabs and and inspirational leader. Izhar is one of those few people that I just clicked with from day one. Look out for our interview on his podcast dropping soon. at Doherty's Gym

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