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I’ve donated 5 million trees and water for farmers in Africa. If you'd like to join me, you can make a donation to Trees For the Future - link below 🌳 Similar users

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I hear it’s National Puppy Day. But even if it isn’t. We never need an excuse to give thanks for all the creatures like this little one, who brings us constant joy, just by being themselves 🐶 #nationalpuppyday


What a sight for sore eyes! After weeks on the road, from a sold-out UPW in San Jose to having the privilege of working with the Golden State Warriors, to addressing top leaders in healthcare at the Fortune Brainstorm Health summit, I’m finally back HOME in beautiful Palm Beach, Florida. But it’s a short-lived time in paradise! We are getting back on the road for two events, first in snowy D.C. and then back down to Orlando. Hope to cross paths with some of you! 😎❤️🌴☀️🌊 #paradise #palmbeach #homesweethome #lifeisagift #dontdreamitliveit at Palm Beach, Florida


Spent the afternoon yesterday at Fortune Brainstorm Health 2018. A huge thank you to Deb Disanzo and the entire IBM Watson team for having me, and thank you to Dr. David Agus for an enlightening conversation on leadership and the future of health. We're living in extraordinary times, where there are more solutions for human health, longevity, vitality and LIFE FORCE than ever before. Stay tuned later this spring as I go to the Vatican in Rome to attend UNITE TO CURE: A Global Health Care Initiative where we'll be discussing the future of stem cell therapy! #BrainstormHealth at Laguna Beach, California


My dear friend @Pitbull provided a surprise performance at UPW San Jose last night! The energy from the crowd nearly brought the SAP Center to the ground! What an entertainer – what a force… and from such humble beginnings – I’m so fortunate to call him my friend. #mrworldwide #purepassion #makeyourlifeamasterpiece #tonyrobbinsupw 📸 @SammyZ85 at SAP Center


Priming is a key part of my daily morning routine. It's normally something I do by myself! 👤 But what a feeling it is to experience this with 10,000 souls at this incredible UPW in San Jose 🙌🏽 Sure, it looks a little strange, but priming is simply about using directed breathing and movement to center yourself so you're ready and in-state for whatever the day may bring. Your gratitude pump is primed! It's also the way to get lasting results, because it takes alignment, focus, and congruity WITHIN to unlock and unleash your personal power. THIS is how we prime ourselves for opportunity, impact and success. If you don't do it, you'll still be primed ... primed by cultural conditioning to fit in. To be OUTSTANDING, practice priming daily to experience an incredible shift in the quality of your thoughts and emotions 💭 🧠👊🔓 at SAP Center


Today is TRANSFORMATION DAY! The SAP Center is bursting with the energy of 10,000 people on their feet, ready to tap into their ultimate power! Ultimate power is the ability to change your life, to shape your perceptions, to make things work FOR you and not against you – and not just in order to produce the results you desire most for yourself, but to also create value for others. We grow, so we have more to give. Now, more than ever, the world needs centered, compassionate individuals who will make a positive impact on the world. After this transformative experience, we will be unleashing a crowd of full hearts, open minds and strong souls. Life will NEVER be the same! #transformation #tonyrobbinsupw at SAP Center


It’s Day 1 of Unleash the Power Within and we’re at MAXIMUM CAPACITY here in San Jose, California. There are over 10,000 people, primed and ready to take massive action! For the next four days, we’ll be slaying our own limitations and creating an extraordinary life – a life lived on our own terms. #tonyrobbinsUPW #rockthehouse #Unleashthepowerwithin at SAP Center


It was such a privilege to work with the Warriors on Monday and then see their extraordinary performance last night! THIS is where the season starts. 👊🏽😎🏀 @NBCSports said it best: “The Warriors didn’t allow their shorthanded status Wednesday night keep them away from achieving something they’ve managed only once in franchise history. They overcame miscues and a mangled roster to come away with a 117-106 victory over the Lakers, sweeping their SoCal neighbors for the first time since 1993-94.” I’m beyond excited to see so many players contribute to this victory—it was truly a team effort. Congratulations, and go Warriors!


I always say the only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.... Stephen Hawking wasn’t always confined to a wheelchair, with no voice of his own. Until he was 21, he lived the same life as so many of us do. Then, in his final year at Oxford, his coordination started to deteriorate, he got clumsy, his speech started to slur. At the age of 21, Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with ALS, a degenerative disease where the neurons that communicate between your muscles and your brain stop working. There is no cure. This disease only gets worse, taking everything away from you. He was given two years to live. That was over 55 years ago. Despite this terrible, unforgiving disease, Stephen Hawking went on to have an extraordinary career in math and physics, all while ALS continued to take away his ability to move, and even speak. It got worse. He came down with pneumonia and doctors urged his wife to take him off life support. She refused, and they performed a tracheotomy, completely removing his ability to speak. At this point, Stephen Hawking had so many reasons to give up, and most people in his position would have. They’d complain about how unfair life was. They’d accept the story in front of them. But Stephen didn’t. He was bound to a wheelchair, only able to speak through a voice synthesizer. And because of his courage, his persistence and his passion for the universe, Stephen continued to explore the cosmos. What he accomplished is unbelievable, and he did it despite the many barriers standing in his way. No matter your perceived limitations, there’s probably someone out there with even more of the deck stacked against them, who are making an even bigger impact on the world. Stephen Hawking was a limitless mind in a limited body. Join me in remembering this extraordinary person. May he rest in peace, and, hopefully, every question he asked of the universe has now been answered.


Hey San Jose, it’s time to STEP UP! Unleash the Power Within – the event that last time packed the SAP Center with more than 10,000 people – starts tomorrow! The energy is so extraordinary, you can feel the building shake. Join me in creating breakthroughs and changing lives! Are you ready to play full-out? Leave a comment and let me know what your goals are. What area of your life will you transform? What will never be the same again? #TonyRobbinsUPW #STEPUP at SAP Center


I’ve been honored to sit beside my dear friend Peter Guber, co-owner of the Golden State @Warriors at so many games. Coach Steve Kerr invited me to speak to this extraordinary group of talented players today as they enter the last 15 games of the season. The team has been plagued with injuries in the last few weeks including some of their best players Steph Curry, Andre Iguodala and Draymond Green. Given this challenge, they need to maximize what they have. Greatness is demanded by the playoffs. Demanded by the level of competition that is about to begin. It all comes down to constantly raising your standards, knowing that there is always another level. It’s the little things that make the greatest difference. The core of this team is so phenomenal. Victories will come and victories will go, but as men they come together to form a team that is truly dedicated not only to victory, but to each other and that’s where championship rings come from. Tomorrow night, as they compete against the Lakers, they will maximize their ability while missing so many of their key players. They will need to find a new rhythm – regardless of who is on the court. Within 5 games most of the players will return to full vitality and health providing the team with a level of talent and commitment that is nearly unmatched. It’s a privilege to work with such remarkable players, human beings and souls. I can’t wait to cheer them on tomorrow and into the Playoffs and beyond.


After our night in Las Vegas, we were off for a quick stop into NYC for some business, but this time we learned our lesson and made sure to get out before we got snowed in by another nor'easter. Anticipation is power! at New York, New York

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