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Join me in supporting Feeding America’s Disaster Relief Efforts through our 100 Million Meals Challenge - I’ll be matching every dollar donated ❤️🙏⤵️ Similar users

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My whole focus is — how do you get the greatest result with the least amount of time or energy? Intensity trumps duration all day long. I took @businessinsider Senior Reporter, Richard Feloni, through my briefest workout at my home in Fiji. Big props to Richard for really playing full out! 💪🏼 Check out my Instagram Story to see the entire video and get a sneak peek into my daily workout routine. 💯😎 #trainingneverstops #endurance #dailyroutine #pushyourself at Namale Resort & Spa


I'm beyond honored and humbled to be named in the #WORTHPower100, the 100 most powerful men & women in finance, for the 3rd consecutive year! I moved from #75 in the world last year, to #25 this year! In a world of increasing uncertainty, I'm as passionate as ever about helping everyone become truly #UNSHAKEABLE - both financially and emotionally. Pick up a copy today and 100% of the profits are donated to FEEDING AMERICA. at Worth Magazine


Thanks everyone for coming out and crushing it with me today in Charlotte, North Carolina! Off to Dallas,TX now for a seminar on Saturday - hope to see many of you there! ✈️😎 #beautifulstate #neversettle #extraordinarylife at Charlotte, North Carolina


Celebrating a monumental event with our Family in Vancouver! It’s my wife’s Dad (and my adopted father now!) Bill Humphrey's Celebration of 50 years sober in Alcoholics Anonymous. 50 years of dedication to helping souls through the hell of addiction by first being an example and then giving nearly every day of his life to serve others. Pop there is no man I respect more than you! HAPPY 5OTH and Happy 74th birthday! How perfect that both your birthdays are on the same day! Your decision 50 years ago changed not only your life but the destiny of your family! Love your guts! Mom, your love of Dad and your absolute unconditional love for those who often don’t love themselves is a miracle you generously share with everyone in A.A. and in life! You two are amazing partners, and this Celebration is yours as much as Dad’s! You are two of the best souls I know—and I know a lot of souls! ;-) #onedayatatime #decisionschangedestiny! #whereyoustartisnotwhatmattersitswhereyoufinish! #alifeofmeaningisalifeofcontribution! #familyloveisit! Anyone out there clean and sober? Sending props to all of you on the path as well! God Bless! at Vancouver, British Columbia


Beautiful time with family in Vancouver- love my sister in law & brother in law Barbie & Arnie & my amazing nephews @richochet11 @jacob_rae & my niece @brookie__1984 #nothinglikefamily #purelove


I gave @businessinsider a behind-the-scenes tour of my home in Fiji -- watch my #InstagramStory to see the entire video! 😎🏝🌸☀️ 🌊🌴 #Fiji #paradise #homesweethome #fijitime at Namale Resort & Spa


If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.


What was your first job and what value did it bring to your life? 🎥: @cnbcmakeit | @cnbc


Most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in two or three decades.


Take what you learn and make a difference with it.📚📈💯 #constantandneverendingimprovement #studentforlife #makeadifference #mentor #mentoring #teaching #growth #feedyourmind at Manhattan, New York


With heavy hearts, Sage and I are praying for the victims in Las Vegas. The resilience of this city and its generous spirit is strong, vibrant, and alive — witnessing the capacity of human hearts in these trying times touches us deeply. It's unfortunate that a senseless, horrific act of evil brings us all together. The stream of support to blood drives and donations, the caring and immense heroism of first responders and all the volunteers is absolutely beautiful. Sending love to the families and friends and all the residents of Las Vegas; our thoughts and prayers are with you. #StrangersCare 🙏❤️ at Las Vegas, Nevada


Faith is trust made eternal.

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