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Curiocity Toronto

Global cosmetics giant Chanel has opened a branded Coco game center in Holt Renfrew. Open from March 14th to April 15th, it is the first pop-up store in North America.The store is a real marriage between the beauty world and the game world. Visitors will be able to to enjoy original games, including a unique version of the retro Pong game, which has pixelated versions of Rouge Coco in place of the traditional paddles. Alongside this are crane machines and games that allow additional chances to win select products. 上週日本大熱的限定COCO GAME CENTER登陸多倫多,現在起到3月14號在Holt Renfrew Bloor店開了,限定店不但提供六色新產品試用及不同彩妝服務,還有不同遊戲可以玩,如:“ROUGE COCO GAME”Pixel 畫像遊戲、“THE BEAUTY RIDE”拍照館、“THE BUBBLE GAME”夾公仔機等。 #chanelgamecenter #cocogamecenter at Holt Renfrew


Specialising in their aburi pressed sushi, TORCH is a new concept Japanese takeout restaurant located in North York north of Yonge and Finch. 在Yonge&Finch附近新開的壽司店TORCH, 以其炙燒押壽司出名,他家的押壽司做得非常講究。 TORCH的押壽司會採用明火炙燒的方式處理,厚切魚片配上自家醬料。 at TORCH pressed Sushi


Gudetama and Curry House are teaming up for a collaboration that will bring the lazy egg in LA. The meal consists of a dish of keema curry, salad, Curry House’s famous corn soup, a drink, and dessert. 📍 #losangeles 洛杉磯日式咖哩連鎖店Curry House 這次將與Sanrio 聯手,將旗下的Gudetama 蛋黃哥變成咖哩套餐!這個是限時套餐,本來是到1月底,後來就延遲到2月底結束。 at Curry House Japanese Curry and Spaghetti


Mango Mochi 芒果糯米糍😍😍 at 米芝蓮


Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is known for her repetitive polka dots and peep-show-like chamber rooms that create the illusion of infinite space. Infinity Mirrors is the biggest North American tour of Yayoi Kusama's work in nearly two decades.Visitors can enjoy six of her Infinity Mirror Rooms in AGO in Toronto until May.27th,2018. 現在起到2018年5月27號,日本國寶級藝術家草間彌生(Yayoi Kusama)將攜她最著名的代表作"無限鏡屋(Infinity Mirrors)"在多倫多的AGO展示。這次展覽中的最大亮點就是將有6個鏡屋同時展出!是有史以來展出最多鏡屋的一次。 #infinitekusama at AGO - Art Gallery of Ontario


Over 120 years, KGC is a luxurious brand of Korea that has inherited the tradition of the Korean Red Ginseng. CheongKwanJang's Korean Ginseng is the World's No. 1 Brand of Best Ginseng.KGC produces popular Korean Red Ginseng products such as : Korean Red Ginseng Extract , Honeyed Korean Red Ginseng Slices and so on. Recommend KGC's Hongsam Jeong Everytime, the tube-shaped, easy-to-carry product that contains red ginseng tonic. In the TV drama "Descendants of the Sun", Song Joong Ki recently appeared in a scene when he was seen consuming a red ginseng tonic. NOTE: red ginseng's main remedial effects include strengthening the immune system, stamina and blood circulation. 愛追韓劇的觀眾們,有沒有發現,除了一堆帥氣的歐巴,還有一個曝光率甚高的隱藏版角色?那就是有上百年曆史的高麗參品牌 ,是全球銷售量第一的人參品牌“正官莊”。 特別推薦正官莊高麗參精,很多明星藝人也愛吃。在《太陽的後裔》裡面,宋仲基還常常拿著它出現。韓國正官莊高麗參精Everytime 是提取6年根高麗紅參濃縮精華而製成。能夠大補元氣、益氣攝血、抗衰老,適合長期熬夜、工作疲勞的白領人群。 PS:不過參的苦味有點重,如果你接受不了參味的話,要慎選。只能說吃得苦中苦,方為人上人。 at Toronto, Ontario


Another restaurant for Eel Rice 黃鱔飯🍲 at 福如樓


Interviewed with David Tao, who is a Taiwanese Golden Melody Award-winning singer-songwriter. He is well known for creating a crossover genre of R&B and hard rock tunes. @davidztao Your music is really good. Break a leg on Friday. And hope you can enjoy our special gift for you (Toronto Food Map & David Tao's Marshmallow). PS: You still can buy the David's concert ticket on 喝著咖啡,我們和陶喆談談音樂,談談未來…… 祝你週五的演出成功!希望你喜歡我們送你的美食地圖和你的專輯封面的棉花糖! PS:現在還能在Ticketmaster.ca購票,有可能獲得陶喆的親筆簽名CD哦! #davidtao #DTinthehouse #陶喆 #陶喆初心演唱会 #陶喆多伦多演唱会 at Sony Centre for the Performing Arts


The new handcrafted tea lattes in Starbucks,they are available in Black, Rooibos and Matcha.Only available in Canada, Starbucks' new tea lattes are made from tea leaf powder instead of tea bags. What is more, you can try Blossoming Rose Tea Latte ,which is exclusively in Canada. 研發了3年,由茶品專家研發出來Teavana Tea Lattes,在加拿大的星巴克咖啡店全線獨家發售,現在有得喝啦! 這些拿鐵茶系列是分別以Black(紅茶)、Matcha(抹茶)和Rooibos(南非國寶茶)茶葉為原料,由原片茶葉精細研磨成粉狀,不是用茶包沖泡而成。最重要的是,你還能加topping,變成少女心爆炸的Blossoming Rose Tea Latte at Starbucks Canada


Lab Sense is a liquid nitrogen ice cream in Toronto Downtown. Unlike pre-frozen ice cream, liquid nitrogen ice cream is prepared from the spot from raw ingredients and chilled on the spot using liquid nitrogen.The pretty pink flower wall and ball pit makes for the perfect photo backdrop. 鮮花遍布、粉紅椅子、玫瑰花的分子冰激凌… 夢幻到哭,這是一家少女心炸裂的分子冰激凌店! Lab Sense的分子冰激凌也是很有特色的,看看這個玫瑰形狀草莓味的冰激凌,草莓酸酸甜甜的口味,跟牛奶的醇香結合口感可是相當不錯的~ NOTE:氮氣料理是分子料理的一種,是利用液態氮來做料理,讓食物急速降溫而結晶,所以做出了的雪糕的口感比較順滑細膩。 at Labsense icecream


Enjoy these highlights from Concord's WinterFest on Family Day. Looking forward to seeing all of you again at @concordcityplace upcoming community events! . . . #winterfest #concordcityplace #toronto #blogto #hockey #torontomapleleafs #torontoevents #torontolife #sponsored at Concord Park Place


Toronto Fashion Week F/W 2018 榮幸受邀到2018年多倫多時裝周觀看@pedramkarimi_ 的show。先後在英國和Montreal接受服裝設計訓練的設計師,他的極約主義風格非常明顯。這次2018念秋冬秀的主題是「反消費主義」,挖掘我們的內心,像小孩一樣肆意玩耍,減少過度消費。 NOTE:多倫多時裝周是北美第二大,加拿大最大的時裝周。 #tfw18 #tfw18ss at Yorkville Village


The Dessert Kitchen is a franchise from Hong Kong to Toronto and serves light Asian desserts – their menu promises low-fat sweets with ingredients like matcha, fresh fruits. Must try their award winning creation PURPLE IN LOVE, is made with Kyoho grape seaweed balls, grape shaved ice, mini rice balls, grapes, and taro mochi ice cream. 主打「輕甜品」文化的香港連鎖甜品店“甜品廚房”在多倫多開業了。除了網紅的冰川拉麵之外,必須要試試它家獲得“食神爭霸比賽”的甜品“紫葡之戀”,頂部是由海藻珠提煉的,非常健康。底層為淋有煉奶以及鋪滿濃濃提子味的刨冰,再加上大大粒的新鮮提子和糯米糍雪糕,口感清新。 at The Dessert Kitchen


Barton G. is the most Instagrammed in L.A. You cannot enjoy the food without your phone here. Every dish has some ridiculous props, such as jumbo forks or knives. 📍 #losangeles Barton G是洛杉磯最好玩的餐廳,如果你來這裡不拍照,就太虧了。桌上的餐巾也折成小衣服的樣子,造型相當獨樹一幟。餐點擺盤相當浮誇,網路上不少爆紅款的創意料理也都出自這裡,例如這個凡爾賽拜金女棉花糖(Marie Antoinette’s Head)被多個外媒報導。 at Barton G. Los Angeles


Sneak Preview for Starbucks Reserve Roastery☕️ The new Starbucks Reserve Roastery, which will be opened on Feb.17th,2018 in Shop at Don Mils, is the first Toronto location of a new series of shops designed as an interactive showcase for the world's most rare and sought-after Reserve coffees. The 3,200-square-foot space store will "bring coffee craft to your life." Caffeine-lovers can expect rare, small-lot Starbucks Reserve coffees handcrafted by baristas using special brewing techniques, including Modbar (a first for Starbucks Canada), Black Eagle manual espresso machine, Clover® brewing system, Chemex , and Nitro Cold Brew taps. Here’s a cute idea——The coffee passport. It has pages with slots where you insert the Reserve coffee tasting card for the coffee you’ve just tasted. 安省首家的星巴克臻選咖啡烘焙工坊(Reserve Roastery)將在2月17號開業。這間佔地3,200平方呎的分店將座落於CF Shops at Don Mills,將供應星巴克旗下最優質的咖啡。星巴克臻選咖啡烘焙工坊是星巴克的新概念,讓客人從咖啡、烘豆機,到材質、手工細節,更加了解咖啡。 在咖啡吧台,你可以觀賞咖啡師煮咖啡的過程。那裡提供5種不同的煮製方式——MODBAR®精準自控衝煮、世界級咖啡機Black Eagle(很多比賽專用),Chemex 咖啡壺,氮氣冷萃咖啡和特有的CLOVER®衝煮(真空過濾衝煮)。你還可以問他們拿coffee passport,可以把你試過的咖啡記錄下來。 at Starbucks (Shops at Don Mills)


Rainbow lattle 🌈 at Assembly Chef's Hall


Little Khao is a Khao San Road joint, which is in Assembly Chef’s Hall. Must Try their green curry rice with chiken, that is my favourite. Little Khao主打曼谷和泰國中部的傳統美味,廚師長Chantana Srisomphan來自Khao San Road。推薦試試它家的綠咖哩,不是很辣,香味清爽宜人,口味柔和馥郁,非常適合搭配清淡的雞肉。他們還和做可麗餅出名的Millie Creperie合作製作了周邊的popcorn. at Assembly Chef's Hall


The Canadian International AutoShow is the BIGGEST and BEST AutoShow in Canada. It will be started from Feb.16th-Feb.25th,2018 In the AutoShow, you can see the fastest production car "the Koenigsegg Agera RS". Another feature attraction will be a significant display of cars celebrating the “70 years of Porsche,” where visitors can learn about the history of Porsche. 加拿大國際車展將於明天2月16至2月25日在MTCC舉行。展區面積超過65萬平方英尺,共有超過1,000部轎車、皮卡、多用途車,概念車等車款展出。 此次多倫多車展中,會有一個保時捷70週年的主題展廳,擺放保時捷從開始至今的各種車款。世上最快的車柯尼塞克Koenigsegg Agera RS也會出現在其中。 #canadianinternationalautoshow2018 #autoshow #CIAS2018 at The Official Canadian International AutoShow

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