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Yep! Craft Beer / Vegan Night is in full effect! $3 craft beers every Monday! Plus! @RawTrainer & @RawEsthetics in the house with an Organic Skincare Class! Tag your favorite crafts below 👇🏼🍺 #TownHallorNowhere at Townhall


F**ck Toxic Coffee! We’ve had our coffee, “The Standard” independently lab-tested to ensure it’s the cleanest coffee on the market. ☕️ All organic and 100% free of all molds and mycotoxins! #TownHallorNowhere #NoMold #NoMycotoxins #CleanCoffee #TheStandard (You can also find our coffee at our sister restaurant @wearerebol!) at Townhall


#ClevelandBeerWeek special #BeerSchool with @LordHoboBrewing! Thank you to everyone that came out tonight 🍻 If you haven’t attended a beer school yet, keep an eye on our calendar, we host them monthly! Beer, food + knowledge. #BoomSauce (swipe right to 👀 more) at Townhall


Always a pleasure hosting with you @espn @espncleveland @stephenasmith @coreycoleman and @joehaden23! 🙌🏼 #🏀 #TownHallorNowhere #Cavs at Townhall


Catch us LIVE on @espnfirsttake NOW! We’re still filming so come by! #TownHallorNowhere #🏀 #Cavs at Townhall


It’s #ClevelandBeerWeek! Join us for rare tappings, beer school, and brew pub takeovers! Swipe right to see events and visit our FB page to learn more! PLUS it’s #CraftBeerNight, all crafts are $3, every Monday! #TownHallorNowhere at Townhall


In a world of competition, don’t forget to love yourself. Thanks for the share @robynobrienusa! at Townhall


Our menu was made to accommodate all dietary preferences! 🍴 (Glazed New Zealand Lamb - with sweet potato bacon hash, Brussels sprouts + mustard wine reduction) 🤤 #ResponsiblyRaised #TownHallorNowhere #NonGMO at Townhall


Wine O’Clock! 🍷Come by and try one of our organic + vegan wines! Because — wine not? 😉 #TownHallorNowhere #Organic #Vegan at Townhall


Rise & grind with the cleanest coffee around! Yes, our coffee is organic, but even some organic coffee contains harmful molds and mycotoxins. We have had our coffee independently tested to ensure that it is 100% free of all molds and mycotoxins. ☕️ #TownHallorNowhere #NoMold #NoMycotoxins #CleanCoffee #DumpTheJunk at Townhall


Welcome back to Cleveland @cailaquinn! Thank you so much for coming in and making our team’s day with this photo 😊 Such a sweet and humble new friend! #TownhallorNowhere #TheBachelor at Townhall


Don’t worry about eating less, worry about eating better. #TownHallorNowhere #DumpTheJunk #NonGMO #Organic at Townhall


FRIDAY! 🍻 We’ve got all the craft beer you need (& then some) P.S. don’t forget to mark your calendars for #ClevelandCraftBeer week, October 13-19 🍻 Rare tappings, tastings, beer schools & more! Tap to see some of what’s on our taps 😉 #TownHallorNowhere at Townhall


Drink Clean Coffee! Yes, our coffee is organic, but even organic coffee can contain harmful molds and mycotoxins 😡 We have had our coffee independently tested to ensure that it is 100% free of all molds and mycotoxins! Ask your server if you would like to see a copy of our clean coffee report. #NoMold #NoMycotoxins #TownHallorNowhere #CleanCoffee #DumpTheJunk at Townhall


October is #NonGMOMonth! We have tons of events, local pop-up shops, daily samplings, and Non-GMO films. As a family, we are also making a Non-GMO + Paleo or Pegan + Low Glycemic Pledge! We invite you to join us in this pledge for the month of October. You can download the pledge via the link in our bio, and if you decide to join us, we are offering several incentives! Free admission to all of our Non-GMO Month events (see Facebook events), Free TownHall swag, and a gift card at the end of the month! To let us know you are joining us, we ask that you sign the pledge, then upload a photo to Facebook or Instagram and tag us. We will send you a DM with free event codes etc.! Let's eat better - together! #TownHallorNowhere #WeAreFamily #NonGMOMonth at Townhall


Weekend brunching the Non-GMO way👌🏼Follow us and tag three friends in the comments section for a chance to win a $50 gift card! BONUS ENTRY OPTION 👉🏼 Post / Tag/ Hashtag #TownHallorNowhere in your favorite TownHall photo for an extra entry to win! Winners will be announced tomorrow at 3 pm! (Huevos Rancheros 👆🏼) at Townhall


Coffee is not bad! Toxic coffee is bad! We’ve set the standard for healthful coffee. We (TownHall and @wearerebol) are the only restaurants in the country that have had our beans independently tested to ensure they are 100% mold and mycotoxin free! (See report above!) #TownHallorNowhere #DrinkBetterCoffee #NoMold #NoMycotoxins #CleanCoffee #NationalCoffeeDay at Townhall


Health starts in the gut. At TownHall, we use only the freshest, highest quality, and Non-GMO ingredients! Our menus were made to accommodate all dietary preferences from vegan to paleo and everything in between! #TownHallorNowhere #EatRightFeelRight (Harvest Salad 👆🏼) at Townhall

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