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Hi my name is Rich. I am the owner Track Life we build high quality american race products for fellow road racers... Similar users

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This is a DC2 usmd/Jdm CARBON FIBER fender Cut Out set for 400.00 +shipping. This kit is the same as a fiberglass kit. Comes with both side driver and passenger and brackets. 2 layers of Carbon fiber polished out. No clear. Including bolts directions and a template to make the cut on the fender, name plates Brackets slide for more tire room. #tracklifecarbon #tracklife #fendercutouts


This is what comes in a Fiberglass Fender Cut Out set for 300.00. Both side driver and passenger, Brackets, Directions, bolts,name plate, Template to make the cut on the fender and The Brackets Do slide out and in for more tire room as shown in the pics.


I give directions with a template to make the cut on the fender. For those out there wondering how they go about the cutting. #tracklife #fendercutouts #tracklifecarbon #Tracklifecomposites


@spoon860 made Track Life Fender cut outs work on a wide 3 piece front he trimmed the bracket to make them fit. SMART always Great to see his work #tracklife #fendercutouts


Track Life Carbon EK Full Fender


Did the full 1 piece fender in Carbon for Customer and friend . Not easy but worth it. #tracklifecarbon #Tracklifefullfullfender @alln1motorsports


Working at it takes time.


@furiousvti send me this pic of his set with the Fender Cut outs pulled out for more tire clearance. He did it right Looks Great BroπŸ‘πŸ‘ #tracklife #fendercutouts #fendercutoutspull #Tracklifefullfullfender


FINALLY !!!!!! NAME PLATES πŸ˜£πŸ˜€ who needed name plates? DM me


The CRX installed. The car build is from @dylaxiin he's doing a Great job with it and also using @aero_spec_racing parts as well another good guy to check out. $425 a set in Kevlar $400 a set in Carbon $300 a set in fiberglass


Time to go Home .... #tracklife #Tracklifecomposites


Kevlar CRX Fender Cut outs #tracklifeKevlar #tracklife #fendercutouts


The bumper pieces are done for the 60mm wide Full race fenders. This will give you an idea of the tire that can be put under there. The tip of the bumper get chopped off so to clear the bigger tires. #TracklifeEK60mm #Tracklifefullfullfender #tracklife #Tracklifecomposites #fendercutouts


This is a Beautiful pic of how Track Life Fender Cut Outs work... They can slide out to give a bit more Room for bigger tires and help in Air venting the fender as well. The pic is from @josebecedc2t Done RightπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #fendercutouts #fendercutoutspull #tracklife #Tracklifecomposites


Some new Bumper pieces for the new EK fenders #Tracklifefullfullfender #tracklife #Tracklifecomposites #fendercutouts


@naito_nation with the new painted 96-98 Track Life Fender kit with Carbon Cut Outs. Looks Great Bro πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘ #tracklifecomposites #Tracklifecarbon #ekfullfenderkit


Some Fitment going down!!!! And my new rim 16.5 Tapes....πŸ˜’πŸ€£


DC2 Full Fender update!!! Wing Let in the process of being made. Can be made of Fiberglass, Carbon, and Kevlar. This is an Add on to the Full Fender DC2. #Tracklifefullfullfender #TrscklifeWinglet #tracklifeKevlar #Tracklifecomposites #fendercutouts

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