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She lived up to her name. "She's A Hat Trick" 3 - Top 10s! #sporthorsenationals #sporthorsenationals2018 at Ford Idaho Center


This is my 3rd attempt on my 3rd horse for a national title. Last night we were awarded Top 10 in the nation! Bucket List ✔ #nevertooold #nevergiveup #sporthorsenationals #sporthorsenationals2018 at Ford Idaho Center


Moving on to the finals in the dressage type too. #sporthorsenationals2018 #sporthorsenationals #sporthorse at Ford Idaho Horse Park


We made out first cut! #431 #sporthorsenationals #sporthorsenationals2018 at Ford Idaho Horse Park


So happy to have @d_burt3 to share this experience with! Dig her!! Who would have thought all those years ago riding our old chestnut geldings on the trails we would both have beys competing at The Nationals. Scout and Dozar would be proud of us still riding together.. at Ford Idaho Horse Park


Since I don't have a son playing travel hockey at the Nationals I get to represent and show my horse named after my love for hockey. #hatrick #sporthorse #sporthorsenationals #idaho at Ford Idaho Horse Park


In honor of my Uncle and more recently my Pastor. As well as those I didn't know personally like the 2 kids at my son's school. Please come join me as I host this hike. at Chino Hills Community Park


He likes to make noise..I mean music.


I am 💔 to hear that my church's pastor has attempted suicide. Please pray he makes it through this. at Inland Hills Church


First day without an audition this you know where I went!


Thanks @wienerschnitzel Guess I am going to be eating more chili dogs. (no bun of course) #gf #police #policewife #fire #military #firstresponder #givingback #respect


Summer flew by. Soaking it up at the water park at Raging Water ,San Dimas,CA


Highly recommend @flyovercanada Extra cool to see it with a connection to the aerial photographer. Will definitely like to see @flyoveramerica and their next endeavor Iceland at Vancouver, British Columbia


@fancyschmancynancee You're a great hostess .. plenty of water toys and gluten free food! at Bellingham, Washington


The skies cleared in Washington.. it's a sign of a bright future for my awesome cousin and her husband.


I got this, it's just like a video game. #southwestairlines


Thank you to the fans who came out last night! You guys are awesome #onelifetolive #reunion #abcsoaps #daytime

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