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Catch a glimpse of what these locals call a traffic jam. Photo by @kendraneef | #explorealberta at Jasper National Park


Who would have thought frozen bubbles trapped beneath the surface of the lake would look so cool? Seriously frozen bubbles are a thing. Photo by @enchanted.forest | #explorealberta at Abraham Lake


They say the early bird gets the worm, but in this case the early bird gets a sunrise all to themselves. And that’s much better than a worm. Right? Photo by @eddypretendin | #explorealberta at Edmonton, Alberta


Have you ever visited a place and thought ‘I’ll be back here for sure.’ Well that’s Jasper for you. Photo by @storyofsage | #explorealberta at Pyramid Lake Resort


The first day of Spring has us dreaming of canoeing, camping, climbing and cycling. And those are just the things that start with C. Photo by @stevint | #explorealberta at Banff National Park


For those days when the outdoors isn’t awe-inspiring, there’s always city buildings begging for your attention, and boy do they deliver. Photo by @dawngraves | #explorealberta at Edmonton, Alberta


Because sometimes your bucket list is too big to walk everywhere. Photo by @andy_best | #explorealberta at Banff National Park


Technically, the northern lights are what happens when electrical particles from the sun collide with gases in Earth’s atmosphere. But you don't need to know the why to appreciate the beauty. Photo by @rustybuffalophoto | #explorealberta at Fort mcmurray, alberta


Snow is that you? It’s time to channel your inner-kid, snow angels, snowball fights & building snowmen. Video by @jonathanjacobs_ | #explorealberta at Calgary, Alberta


These pure white slopes are just begging for your attention. Photo by @kmulds | #explorealberta at Banff Sunshine Village


There are two types of travellers in the world: those who prefer ice in their campfire beverages and those who see ice and think, "I need to climb that." Which one are you? Photo by @benjaminhardman | #explorealberta at Jasper National Park


When Calgary looks at us like this we know we’ve got a big day ahead of us. Maybe it’s a day of shopping, checking out some local coffee shops on 17 ave, or walking along the bow river. Whatever it is, we’re so into it. Photo by @davey_gravy | #explorealberta at Calgary, Alberta

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