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Engagement session @vizcaya_museum I used a two light setup for this shot. One is way out in the back camera left, and one is up close to the right. I love this shot because of how the lighting and colors really pop. ๐Ÿ˜. @profotousa @canonusa at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens


Going to wrap up this series with this one. This is from the getting ready on the wedding day at moms house ๐Ÿ˜. Dress ๐Ÿ‘— @galialahav @bocaratonbridal at Miami, Florida


One of my favorite images from this amazing session! Standing in the middle of downtown Miami, hot as hell I wanted to make a very dramatic looking image and I wanted to create an in camera starburst. This was shot at f/16 in order to get the sun to show itโ€™s rays.. and this then became a part of my overall composition. I have managed to include the famous freedom tower in the background as well. The pose here was key. This was an ultra wide shot at 16mm. I have my bride bending her camera leg to give nice shape to the dress, and to create nice lines that flatter her. I have both of her arms posed in a way that also shows the side of the dress, and is not pushing on her body (not flattering), and is well defined. Her other hand pulling on her hair was a nice touch, and offers a different looks and feel vs. another shot with both hands on the waist line. Her man, I have off to the side and I was careful with his stance. It was important to have some separation with his legs so-that they donโ€™t blend together and form a black โ€œblobโ€. This was very important because this was such a high contrast shot, and these little details make a big difference. For all of these reasons, I love this shot and hope you do too! Shot at full power with my old Quadra pack at 400ws bare blub, ZERO edits were done to this shot. Dress ๐Ÿ‘— @galialahav @bocaratonbridal #sexyweddingdress at Miami, Florida


For this shot, I wanted a more styled "look". I have used two off camera lights @profotousa to shape the final result. One is a hard light in a reflector camera right, far away. It's far away because it's important that the spread of that light is wide enough to fully wrap around both of my clients. The main light (camera left) is a larger octa box, that was held on a boom by my assistant. The important take away is the ratio of light. The amount of ambient light hitting the camera sensor vs. the amount of flash. I always want a nice "pop" so, I always generally run a bit of an underexposed ambient exposure as a starting point. However, here it is not.. and I have adjusted the flash to fire just above that level, this prevented a "muddy" looking shot. Man, look at the detail on this @galialahav ๐Ÿ‘— ๐Ÿ˜ @bocaratonbridal at Miami Beach, Florida


I saw this image in my head. Lol. I wanted to make this kinda "dreamy" feel to the shot, and thought this background would do the trick. Lighting here was an Octa bank off camera right. The ratio of ambient light and flash is close to 50/50 here. ๐Ÿ‘— @galialahav @bocaratonbridal at Miami Beach, Florida


Two things in this shot, one is the compression of the bridge in the background. I had to litterly stand accross the street in order to get this at 200mm, but as you can see is very important to create that wonderful pattern. The second, is the pose / idea for the shot. I wanted the feeling of movement, and energy. I also needed to ensure they are well defined in the frame, and body parts are not blending all together (I mistake I see often from many photographers). I love this shot because all of this came together. ๐Ÿ‘— @galialahav @bocaratonbridal at Miami Beach, Florida


If you don't want to do a firstlook on the wedding day, yet expect lots of styled shots.. The only option is a separate shoot like this series I'm going to share. ๐Ÿ˜Ž. It's the only way to have your cake and eat it too! #weddingstyledshoot ๐Ÿ‘— @galialahav @bocaratonbridal


One of my favorite locations inside of the @deeringestate ๐Ÿ’•. Lighting here was a deep Octa camera right and set to balance with the ambient. #sexyengagementphotos #deeringestatewedding at Deering Estate


Using that late day sun to light both my couple and the water / sky behind them. I love sessions where I can use both natural light and my flash to get consistent results, and it all matches perfectly. This is so important for all photograohers to learn. #sexyengagementphotos #masteroflight at Deering Estate


Such a styled, sexy couple. Love this one from our engagement session with them! Here I am using that late day sun for the background, and a my flash to blend it all together. @deeringestate @profotousa #sexyengagementphotos at Deering Estate


Sometimes the best light is the direct sun. The key is to come up with a pose the allows you to use it that way. In this case I have their eyes closed, and snuggled in close. If their eyes were open it would not have worked, as the sun would have been way to bright ๐Ÿ˜‰๐ŸŒž #sexyengagementphotos #masteroflight at Deering Estate


It took three different takes, but we ended up with the perfect shot to end this super sexy engagement session ๐Ÿ˜. More to come.. Happy Friday everyone! #sexyengagementphotos #profotousa @profotousa at Kimpton EPIC Hotel


Now, who said a little rain has to ruin your wedding day โ˜”๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿค—. Taken @coralgablescountryclub #coralgablescountryclubwedding @maytemarie @bridesofflorida @allurebridals @makeupandhairbynaivi at Coral Gables Country Club


PUBLISHED IN VOGUE! I think any photographer, would be just beside themselves to have one of their images published in @voguemagazine magazine! This project with Wedding Dress Designer @raniahatoumbridal was just perfect for me. She is a very talented designer from Honk Kong, and came to Miami to shoot with me for some new images for her upcoming bridal line. This is the actual shot that was published in @vogueitalia magazine (swipe to see print). This was a crazy involved production shoot that took place in Miami, FL at night. Right after we got setup, and started to shoot it started to rain! So, the little specks that you see are actually rain drops, and added a nice effect to the final shot. Needless to say, we had to take extra care of all the gear to ensure nothing was damaged. It was a fun time for sure... but very stressful. To be honest, we did not think the client was going to end up using any of the shots because of the rain. But, as it turned out.. it was not only used, it was then featured in print! Shoots like this are very important to my business, and brand. They are what keep me sharp, and motivated. They give me new sets of challenges, and the experience to work on larger projects, with larger teams with very specific expectations. If it was not for some of the commercial work, I would never have the brand that I have nor the drive to continue to stand out in the marketplace as a wedding photographer in Miami. #voguephotoshoot #raniahatoum #raniahatoumbridal #fashionbridal #profotousa #profotoambassador #masteroflight #vogueweddings at Miami, Florida


Well, you asked.. so, here is your invite! LINK IN PROFILE!!! This is truly a unique opportunity to come to Paris, and work right along side of me with hired, professional fashion models from a major agency. We will take the day, and build our portfolios together, All the while I will be teaching everything that I do as it relates to getting the shot. Posing, Lighting, and Composition as well as a private video lesson after on how I post process all of the shots we take in Paris! Going to a place like Paris, and working with us will motivate you to want to take the next step in your photography career. Having beautiful images that are of a extremely high production value will take you A LONG WAY in your portfolio, and will be able to build trust in all of your future clients. For thous who want this adventure, and understand how amazing this opportunity is, your going to be investing in your business, your portfolio, and doing things that most only dream of. Stop looking at Instagram and wishing you had jaw dropping results. Come out, and be apart of actually GETTING THEM! Brands that will be involved: @profotoglobal @profotousa @canonusa @thinktankphoto SEND ALL INQUIRES VIA DM I am only taking on 4 people, and I want to have a real working relationship with each of you before I lock you down to go. Small group is more manageable, and you will get far more out it. We learned a lot from our Italy trip last month! So excited guys.. Let's do it!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž #photoworkshop #parisworkshop #parisphotoworkshop #photographyeducation #learnlighting #canonusa #profotousa #profotoglobal #masteroflight #learnphotography at Paris, France


Okay, going to wrap up this test session here.. Now, this was a test to see how I could over power the setting sun with HSS on the new @profotousa B1X. This was shot at 1/4000, f/2.8 at 200mm. The "normal" sky was around 1/200 and I made it much more dynamic by using the HSS technology. Wanna know my favorite part of the whole shot? It's actually that little kiss of light on her back side! (that sounded strange to say, but.. anyway) This was another Profoto B1X firing close to full power with a full cut of CTO gel just out of the frame camera left. THIS was the key to this shot. If I did not add this second light, and correct for the color temperature, then this shot would have been a "throw away" for me, and I would not have been interested in it, in the least (to spite a beautiful subject, nice pose and expression). Understand, that without this second light @deborah.zamora would not have separated from the now under exposed background. Her legs, butt, and back of her hair all would have blended into the background, and it would have looked horrible (in my professional opinion). Yes, I am that strict, and that picky. When I know what's possible I have to do it, or it's not worth doing at all. Does that make sense? Other notable mentions here, are the fact that I have the main light (OCF Beauty dish) in VERY close. This was both for efficiency, and also to keep the out put as soft as possible. It also allowed me to feather the light output. Feather? This means, I was able to tell my man @geraldzamora "turn your wrist to the right with the light". This then means, less of the center of the dish is hitting her, and more of the edge is hitting her. = softer output, and a more sharp fall off to shadow. This, in combination with the base line exposure in the camera gives me a very, very impressive result straight from the camera with no edits what-so-ever. #profotoacademy #profotousa #profotoambassador #profotob1x at Key Biscayne, Florida


This was my favorite shot from the day with @deborah.zamora . Not only is the lighting absolutely stunning, and my model to die for..(she was also one of my amazing brides a few years ago) it was the first time I pushed myself to try a new idea. Please, let me explain.. This is exactly why I love doing โ€œtestโ€ shoots like this. It lowers the expectations, and gives me a little breathing room to try and expand on random ideas without large sums of money involved ๐Ÿ˜‰ So, to you this maybe just a pretty shot of a good looking subject (and it is), but what I want you to know is that we had โ€“noโ€”plan at all for this session. We were all in my SUV driving around downtown, and I was literally going around the streets on a โ€œlight huntโ€. I had all my lighting gear assembled, armed, and ready to rock in the back. When I saw something that I thought would look nice, I pulled over.. hazards on, and we clip it out in seconds before a tow truck could even be called. Back in the car, and off we went like bandits laughing all the way to some cold beers later (or, actually the beach sunset which you will see nextโ€ฆ) ๐Ÿ˜Š But, In this shot you can see what I was going for. I wanted full length. I wanted legs, shoes, and warmth. I saw the late day Miami sun setting behind this building, and in a fraction of a second I said.. โ€œokay, letโ€™s do it hereโ€. My man @geraldzamora jumped out with me, grabbed the @profotousa B1X and I used TTL with Spot meter on my 1DX for the first test shot. I looked down, and it was 0.5 stops under. I used the air remote, increased the EV and switched to manual. Took the next shot, and it was perfect. LOVE this way of locking down lighting exposures on the fly. It took 30-seconds to have the correct exposure, and when shooting like this is so important. Done, and done! Hazards off, e-brake off, lets move! #profotoacademy #profotousa #profotoambassador #profotob1x at Brickell City Centre


There we were all riding along in my SUV in downtown Miami on this test shoot for my new @profotousa lighting system. I had the window down, and I was sniffing out the late day sun like a golden retriever. I look over and I see this street corner. What I noticed was the long shadowed, warm, soft, and directional light on this restaurant entrance. I said โ€œhang on, we are pulling over for a sec.โ€. Hazards on, and out we go! With one hand on my 1DX, I hold it up and take a snap shot as the back of my SUV door opens, and I adjust for the ambient โ€œbase lineโ€ exposure value, and added some warmth to the โ€œKโ€ white balance (around 8500k). My man @geraldzamora grabbed one of my #profotob1x heads, with the new OCF silver beauty dish mounted and ran across the street with @deborah.zamora . I yelled for Deb to just stand there for a second, and took a test shot in TTL mode with the Profoto Air remote (so sick). Looked down, and the EV was perfect. I then switched over to manual mode (locking in that value), and I myself illustrated the pose for her from across the street. She did it, I snapped it.. and we left! 5 frames. Thatโ€™s it. Less than 2-min total. Now, notice.. look at her face and camera right side of this frame. The lighting has been blended SEAMLESSLY with the flash! This looks โ€“exactlyโ€”like I had a two light setup, when in fact I did not. This is what I refer too in my workshops, and with my assistants as a โ€œfree hair lightโ€. This is why I stopped the car. ๐Ÿ˜Š Some of you may see this shot and think โ€œyeah, no big deal itโ€™s a shot of a pretty girl.โ€ But, it was.. it was a big deal! This was a creative opportunity that I would bet anything most people would have walked right by and never thought twice about. I almost did, and you would too. So, when I look at this shot.. I see that. ..and I understand how easily this could have been missed. This is why I love this shot, and why I love the challenge of photography. #profotoacademy #profotousa #fashionshooting @canonusa at Brickell

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