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So rad seeing this crazy idea come to fruition. Happy to see the rest of the drivers smiles when they come off the track. It’s like a rollercoaster out there with the big berms and huge jumps. @nitroworldgamesofficial @utahmotorsportscampus this weekend!!! You have to see it to believe it. Live on @velocity in the States or @mtondemand worldwide. @srtusa @chrisatko @patriksandell @arpin00 @yokohamatire #teamyokohama @kevlarbrand @nitrocircus @ripleysbelieveitornot 98% scared and 2% excited or 98% excited and 2% scared.. hard to tell but looking back on racing in the 70’s and 80’s F1 and Group B rally “when men were men”.. this feels a lot like that 👍🇺🇸


My @srtusa RX car wasn’t here yet so I “borrowed” the tracks 4 seater @polarisrzr .. Jump works ✅ can’t wait to go over this thing side by side while another car is jumping the table top under us! If you can get to @utahmotorsportscampus this weekend, it’s going to be one hell of an event! @nitroworldgamesofficial @yokohamatire @kevlarbrand


So many amazing drivers coming to do battle at @nitroworldgamesofficial Rallycross this weekend. The course at @utahmotorsportscampus is a lot of fun and has bigger jumps and steeper banked turns then any previous Rallycross event. Also, this will be the best chance I’ll ever have to beat my redbull teammate, 2 time DTM champ, 2016 @fiaworldrx champ and all around driving bad ass @mattiasekstromracing .. I haven’t beat him at anything else.. ever.. but I’m optimistic for this weekend! 🤷‍♂️ #gameon @yokohamatire @kevlarbrand @ripleysbelieveitornot @nitrocircus @srtusa


Just got a box of @nitrocircus gear with a few of my jerseys as well as some @nitroworldgamesofficial tickets to sign and give to the guys at @edgepowersports when I get to #saltlakecity tomorrow. Stop by Edge Powersports before the weekend to pick up some free autographed stuff and a couple tickets (limited supply) for @nitroworldgamesofficial this weekend! It’s going to be an awesome event this Saturday and Sunday!


Started off today the same place I ended yesterday.. #lap1 #caseofthemondays @austinforkner @wienerschnitzel @pit_viper @gopro #reynardraceway #goodpeople #havingfun #toomanystrokes


Trey at @tdm.films put this together from yesterday. I’m feeling old and beat up but it’s been a good riding trip to Oklahoma. Looking forward to a week “break” in the rally car and announcing fmx at @nitroworldgamesofficial to recover 😂 ✅ @game_moto #reynardraceway @hsbkracing @gopro @pit_viper @wienerschnitzel @alpinestars @ride100percent @cernicsracing


Two proper demonstrations and one not so much 😂 @gavindelker_170 #overtheriverandthroughthewoods @hsbkracing @game_moto 🎥 @stevemccann @gopro


Fun riding on the “hero dirt” here at @hsbkracing @game_moto 👍 @wienerschnitzel @pit_viper @gopro #2stroke


Fun times at #reynardraceway .. such a great group of riders here. I knew @austinforkner and @bbloss29 were fast but I wasn’t even in the same area code. Then Austin got on a 450 at the end of the day and dropped his lap time another 4 seconds! Awesome “family” here. Brings back a lot of good memories of being at the track. Ready for #sundayfunday #imtoooldforthisshit #crashingsucks @tdm.films @webiginc @alpinestars @rr67 @wienerschnitzel @pit_viper @canvas_mx @ride100percent @redbull @redbudmx #mxon #teampuertorico🇵🇷


The funniest thing about this pic is thinking of all the riders in the best condition of their lives who Windham is still going to beat 🤔 #soeasyacavemancandoit @fchonda @geico #mxon @redbudmx 🇵🇷 🇺🇸 #kevinwindham #forestgump #legend @wienerschnitzel @pit_viper


Who’s coming to Salt Lake City for @nitroworldgamesofficial September 22 and 23? FMX best trick is worth the price of admission but adding 1/4 pipe and Rallycross is going to make it a motorheads dream weekend. Hope to see you guys there! @nitrocircus @yokohamatire @srtusa @stateofsport @kevlarbrand @ripleysbelieveitornot #teamyokohama


Finally #jumpedtheshark #yougotthistour #northamerica @SAPCenter October 11. Tickets at @nitrocircus

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