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@zeemcarter I love you to the Death Star and back...🌑 xox😘 - #valentinesday #love #starwars #nerds


When was the last time you saw one of these?😮 Have you ever seen one of these?🤔 - It's crazy to look back at where we started and how far we have come regardless of the topic. - Classic throw backs like this bring simplistic joy and opportunity to offer gratitude for our development as people and societies🤗 - #throwbackthursday #oldschool #stationary #grattitude


Winston Churchill said, “give us the tools, we will finish the job.” 🛠 - No one said it would be easy. No one said they would do it for you. Our coaches can help lay the ground work and build a foundation for your health journey; they offer motivation, support, and encouragement. But, coaches can NOT do the work for you/us.😪 - Your results are a direct reflection of the hard work and effort you put in. YES, this comparison photo is embarrassing for me, however my embarrassment become my empowerment, this 14 month transformation is a HUGE success for myself.  I was able to over come many personal/complex health issues, while still being able to do the things I loved. I also learned a hard lesson on eating habits, self love, dedication and HARD WORK.💪🏼 - My point is this: No two people are the same. Our experiences and results are unique reflections of our day-to-day grind. But, at the end of the day, we only get as much as we give. Strive to be the most authentic you, but freely use tools from others to become your best self. - #FOODFORTHOUGHT #TRANSFORMATIONTUESDAY #SELFLOVE #BESTSELF #YYC #SWEATWISE


2018 your looking good! - Beyond excited to have made the 2017 @inside_fitness Hot & Fit 100, a long time goal of mine and I'm ecstatic to finally check it off😍 - Huge thank you to @terryfrendo for all the hard work and hours put into such a great magazine and giving so many individuals great opportunities to be seen in the fitness industry💪🏼 Thank you Arthur & Jo @arsenikstudios for the amazing photos edits and time spent perfecting the shoot and submissions🙌🏼 Thank you @gabfoizy for perfecting my makeup so early in the morning💄 @aesthetic_aaron THANK YOU a million times over for being the man with a plan for almost 4 years, working to build and rehabilitate a physique that I can consistently improve, yet always be proud of!🤗 - #teamgfit #hotandfit100 #insidefitness #arsenikstudios #sweatwise at Inglewood Calgary


Sometimes you just need some veggies in your life🙌🏼 - Fried carrots and mushrooms in a teaspoon of sesame oil and soya sauce🥕 - #TEAMGFIT #YYC #VEGGIETALES #SNACK at Altadore, Calgary


I can wear these to the gym right ..?!? - #TEAMGFIT #YYC #YYCLIVING #CHRISTMAS #HOLIDAYS at Altadore, Calgary


Merry Christmas🎄 - Sending all the love and good cheer you you and your families🎅🏼 - #TEAMGFIT #YYCLIVING #YYC #YWG #CHRISTMAS #FAMILY at Altadore, Calgary


Nothing like a delicious while food salad🙌🏼 - Goat cheese🧀 Butternut squash🍠 Spinach🍃 Carrots🥕 - #TEAMGFIT #YYCLIVING #WHOLEFOODS #YYC at Altadore, Calgary


As we approach 2018, we’re excited to announce that our new Team G-FIT Black Card 💳 will be launching in the New Year🎊! - What is the Team G-FIT Black Card? It is an exclusive membership card, where our clients will enjoy an abundance of preferential local savings with our strategic partners. We’ve done this to create further value for our clients and provide them with an exceptional experience. - Are you an owner or manager of a business in Winnipeg, Vancouver, or Saskatoon that would be interested in teaming up with us? If so, please email the following information to - 🔹First Name 🔹Last Name 🔹Company Name 🔹City 🔹Service or Product 🔹Proposed Discount 🔹Limitations to Discount (if any) - Thank you and we’re looking forward to hearing from everyone! - #TeamGFITBlackCard #winnipeg #vancouver #saskatoon #discountcard #localpartnerships at Team G-FIT


Sunday evening coffee with a side of emails work and decorating☕️ - #TEAMGFIT #SUNDAYFUNDAY #COFFEE #WORKHARDER


Did you know?🤓 - Carrots are a great source of Vitamin A (beta-carotene) & unlike most vegetables, cooking can increase their phytonutrient content👌🏼 - Health benefits include: 🥕Improved vision 🥕Reduced macular degeneration 🥕Growth 🥕Moisture in skin and eyes 🥕Resistance to bacterial infection & overall immune system function 🥕Aid in digestion 🥕Regulate blood sugar levels - Nutritional Value of 100grams: 🔸41 calories 🔸10g Carbohydrates 🔸3g Dietary fibers 🔸1g Protein **334% of Recommended Daily Intake of Vitamin A - #TEAMGFIT #NUTRITION #YYC #KAIZEN #FOODTIPS #SWEATWISE at Team G-FIT


On the rare occasion I don't eat my meals out of a container or I have the luxury of cooking for someone else, I have to take a photo🤗 - Brunch scramble🍳 •1cup egg whites •Chopped kale & green onions •Kabocha squash •Riced cauliflower vegetable medley - 👩🏼‍🍳Pan fried in 1-2 tsp of coconut oil, topped with shredded almond milk cheese😍 - Who says healthy can't be delicious☺️ - #TEAMGFIT #SWEATWISE #YYCLIVING #YYC #BRUNCH #NUTRITION


Sunday funday🥂 Last day in paradise with the fam☀️ - #SUNDAYFUNDAY #TEAMGFIT #GREYCUP #PHX #FAMJAM at Paradise Valley, Arizona


A beautiful view of Italy to encourage the sweetest of dreams😴 - #skyline #TEAMGFIT #ITALY #dreaming at Italy




When you leave your phone at the gym and your trainer @aesthetic_aaron gets ahold of it🤣 - Only seems fitting that I would find these pics on Monday Always looking to this guy for inspiration and motivation💪🏼 - Guess that means it time to grind🏋🏼‍♀️ - #SWEATWISE #MOTIVATIONMONDAY #MCM #TEAMGFIT #YYC


Looking for a way to increase protein intake? - One of my go to's, edamame is both delicious and nutritious🤤 - Just a few fun facts📝 •soy beans(edamame) one of the few plant sources considered a 'complete' protein (contains all 9 amino acids) •help to lower cholesterol •great source of protein &a omega 3 fatty acids •reduce risk of prostate & breast cancer •lowers blood pressure **TRUTH: isoflavones in soy bind to estrogen receptors --> more estrogen however plant form estrogen is not nearly as strong as human or animal estrogen👌🏼 ***MYTH: consuming soy causes men to develop breasts🙅🏼‍♂️ - #TEAMGFIT #SWEATWISE #YYCLIVING #YYC #NUTRITION #MEATLESSMONDAY


A snowy ❄️winter morning calls for reminiscing summer feels and post show delights😍 @bangbang_icecream🍦 - Treats like these are what makes clean eating and consistent training all worth while🤗 - #TEAMGFIT #VEGANICECREAM #BANGBANG #COOKIES #YYZ #YYC at Parkdale, Toronto

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