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Packing day over here! We’ll be settling in Atlanta late next week. Seems only appropriate to throw back to this gorgeous #swanhouseatlanta editorial with @berta @tulleandgrace @elitepourlavie @amyosaba @jennifercnieman and @thepoetryofsilk . Photo By @tulleandgrace Design and Styling @tristanneedhamdesign at Swan House


Heading to Aruba tomorrow, and these images from our recent collaboration with @creative.candles and the @bricehotel are giving us all the awesome vacation / summertime vibes. Anyone been to Aruba recently? I packed my 35mm and would love any pretty spots to photograph. Image by my dear friend @joshmorehouse .


New blog post! Obsessing over painted stucco and brick. Anyone tried this? With so many traditional red brick homes in Atlanta, this is more than likely the route we’ll go! Lovely painted brick and super crisp roof pitch by @telichcustomhomes out of Baton Rouge.


Summer travel is on the brain y’all, and Greece is at the very top of my next bucket list. Who has been and what’s the best time to go? Dish! Photo by @lukeshadbolt at Mílos, Kikladhes, Greece


Last week I had the absolute pleasure of assisting E + A for their Vizcaya Engagement pics at Vizcaya Museum. @joshmorehouse you are a true artist of your craft. Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy your family!


New @instagram roundup post up on the blog. We’re sharing some of our favorite images and accounts we’ve found over the past few weeks. So nice to get out of the “same ol’ scroll”. Hand painted tile / Image by @tabarkastudio . at Savannah, Georgia


Happy Valentines Day, lovers. 😘 Photo by @carloshernandezphoto Flowers @earlyginny Linen @eventworksrentals Candles @creative.candles at Lowndes Grove Plantation


Our market is finally on the upswing so we’re upgrading a few things to give our house an edge when we list in a couple of weeks. This design by @alainakaz has been a huge source of inspiration for me - minimal, yet still very approachable. Check our latest blog post to find our favorite / easy / modern upgrades we’ll be doing in the days / weeks to come. 💓 at Savannah, Georgia


Maybe it was the crazy moon, but this week felt like a lifetime. So glad it’s Friday! Clocking out to get some QT with the babes and some of the best neighbors in all the land. Who else has an amazing group of neighbor friends? Seriously such a blessing. Also, can I get a amen for having two features picked up on @oncewed in one week? This beautiful #realwedding from this fall will be coming to the blogosphere very soon! Photo by @jeremychouphotography | Bride @laurenreneedesigns | Venue @zerogeorgest at Zero George


Sent this beauty off for submission a couple days ago. I’m all about doing what feels right this year - and this girl, this wedding, this day, was nothing but good vibes all around. @laurenreneedesigns you were a vision. @jeremychouphotography you are such a master of your craft. Photo @jeremychouphotography | Venue @cannongreenchs | Planning and Design @tristanneedhamdesign | Wing Man @joshmorehouse at Cannon Green


They say a picture is worth a thousand words - but this one is worth so much more. Designing @carloshernandezphoto most recent #charleston workshop was an honor and truly a pleasure. These flowers just speak to how amazing the vibe was that day. 🙌🏻 @earlyginny - you absolutely ROCKED it babe. Photo + Mentor @carloshernandezphoto | Flowers @earlyginny | Rentals @eventworksrentals | Venue @pphgevents (Lowndes Grove) | Lab @photovisionprints at Lowndes Grove


Partner . Friend . Companion . Travel Buddy . Marriage is so beautiful and complex. I’ve only been married for 7 years, but my heart sometimes aches with how much I love my husband. I can’t even imagine the love I’ll feel after 50 years? Earlier this week we laid my sweet grandmother to rest. She hasn’t been quite the same since her husband of 50+ years has passed. I’m still very heart broken, but find comfort in knowing that in some strange universe, more powerful than ours, she’s with her partner . friend . companion . and travel buddy, again. Photo by @joshmorehouse | Paper @owlpostcalligraphy | Ring @susiesaltzman


My favorite photo of Dr. King. A smile, a sense of hope, a sense of peace. A true leader. Happy MLK day friends. Photo @gettyimages at Savannah, Georgia


Isn’t it so surprising how bare your house looks and feels with all of your Christmas decor down?! Each year, it always surprises me how much I equally miss it / want it to be down. 🙌🏻🙈Now that snow has melted ( thank you #bombcyclone ) I’m more than ready to prep for Spring. For tips on how we ease into Spring decor - check our most recent blog post. Link in profile. Fiddle Leaf Fig Stem @westelm at Savannah, Georgia


We had family photos taken over the holidays. Something we don’t do often enough, and I am almost overwhelmed by how beautiful they turned out. My two girls - their energy just radiates. Thank you a million times over @joshmorehouse . 💓 at Savannah, Georgia


To say this year was good to me would be an understatement. I am so incredibly blessed to do what I love. And, even though all four of us have terrible colds, my little family is happy and healthy. I spent the day going through photos and counting my blessings. I hope you all have a relaxing and peaceful New Year. I am thank for you. All of you! Link in profile for my year in review. Photo by @lunademarephoto | Tabletop @borrowedblu at Santa Ynez, California


It’s funny how the holiday season is laid out - time off with family, time to rest, time to reflect on the year / years before. It’s all so necessary. I love this photo so much, as it was taken on the balcony of our apartment in Germany. Such an awesome adventure for Justin and I. So beautiful to see how much we’ve grown. In these last few days of 2017, I wish you all peaceful days of reflection, and mounds of love. Cheers to making this year, the best one yet. at Büschelbach, Bayern, Germany


Feeling that last minute Christmas grind pressure ? Check our recent blog post (link in profile) for all of our favorite stylish / modern Christmas gifts, that are ALL @amazonprime ready.💃✔️✈️🙌🏻🎄🥂Image @herbivorebotanicals

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