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Before the Suns shoot around today, Eric Bledsoe met with the Phoenix Suns to express his request to be traded. The Suns then sent Bledsoe home, and informed the media he will not play tonight against the Kings. Phoenix has reached out to several teams about being a potential destination for Bledsoe. Should the Celtics be interested?


Soft league 🤦🏻‍♂️$25K is like a 5 dollar bill to these guys though so 🤷‍♂️


Just in case you are concerned about the Celtics start, as you can see, this season is way too young to start drawing conclusions.


Marcus Morris returning this week 💪 (still unlikely vs New York) #celtics #marcusmorris #return #big #letsgettowork #bully #grit #weneedyou #winsomegames #greenrunsdeep #allabout18


You guys can believe what you want, because I am clearly not a doctor, but Hayward is already out of the hospital, I don’t care that he’s “likely out for the season” and that apparently includes playoffs, in my opinion if the C’s are a top 3 playoff seed and within reasonable win differential with anyone ahead of them there’s no way Gordon Hayward is willing to stay off the court for playoffs. #celtics #gordonhayward #prayforhayward #playoffs #thereturn #greenrunsdeep #ibelieve #allabout18


The Boston Celtics defeat the Philadelphia 76ers 102-92 and earn their first win of the season. Gotta say, it was not pretty, but the C’s grinded out the W. Much better game for Kyrie, and once again, not trying to hate, but the absence of Smart was essential to a key contribution from Shane Larkin. Great game from Kyrie & Al ☘️ And I must say, this is the right starting lineup. #celtics #celticswin #thankyou #finally #76ers #w #firstone #kyrieirving #alhorford #jaysontatum #greenrunsdeep #keepitgoing #ibelieve #AllAbout18 at Wells Fargo Center


If anyone is wondering why I am not acting disappointed about Hayward’s injury, it is because back in 2016 I predicted the Boston Celtics to win the 2019 NBA Championship, and that prediction has not changed. This year’s about getting the guys to know each other, making the best run we can, and pushing our hardest to see where that goes. Next year, is when the super team forms. Kyrie Irving, adjusted to having a real coach, Jaylen Brown fresh off potentially winning MIP, Gordon Hayward with the momentum of his return, Al Horford at his natural position, and a dominant rookie center to close the rebounding and low post defensive gap, that will also add to the offense. Rozier, Tatum and Morris in the second unit. Plenty to look forward to Celtics nation. However, this year, we’re still #AllAbout18


The Boston Celtics are on the road tonight against the Philadelphia 76ers. Marcus Smart & Marcus Morris inactivate for the C’s. #celtics #76ers #gameday #letsgoceltics #focus #turnthingsaround #wakeup #kyrieirving #jaylenbrown #alhorford #jaysontatum #greenrunsdeep #fuckjoelembiid #allabout18


I hesitate to inform you, against the Bucks, Kyrie Irving went to the locker room at one point in the game with concern of a pain in his knee. In case you don’t know, Kyrie Irving’s injury history relates only to his knees.


Many websites predicting the Celtics will make a run at Corey Brewer soon, for possibly just cash. I feel like this could be a great compensation piece to get a small forward with upside in an attempt to narrow the gap left by Hayward by adding depth. Would you like to see the Celtics add Brewer? #celtics #rumors #coreybrewer #lakers #trade #gordonhayward #injury #compensating #greenrunsdeep #dannyainge #traderdanny #allabout18


So, after I predicted the Boston Celtics to go 2-0 against Cleveland and Milwaukee, we find ourselves 0-2 after both games. I did not expect Gordon Hayward to break his ankle, no one did, so I’m not disappointed with the Cleveland loss. However, Milwaukee, is not a team I find better than us, even without Hayward. But, I feel like I am being too negative early on and making you guys lose excitement, I am very criticizing when it comes to the Celtics, however in reality by no means is an 0-2 start anything to panic about. There are 4 returning players from last season, meaning for 9 other guys, this is a new playbook. This team lost one of its best players to gruesome injury, and a lot of these guys, particularly Kyrie Irving, have never been asked to do the things they are doing. Irving shot 7/25, that lost us the game, but it didn’t blow our season, I doubt we will ever see Irving shoot so poorly again, but we will see him score a heavy amount of points, because coming off the ball allowed him to create 25 shots, which on a good night, when mixed in with a few more free throws, is a 35 Point night. Jaylen Brown is doing the best he can to fill Hayward’s spot, Tatum is solid and in just his 2nd game, Horford looked great last night, and I think this team will really come together when Marcus Morris comes back. Keep fighting, focus is on Philly @celtics ☘️ #celtics #bleedgreen #roughstart #turnitaround #ibelieve #greenrunsdeep #allabout18 #kyrieirving


No offense to the Smart lovers out there, but I’ve developed an equation for how things go with Marcus: Marcus Smart + starting = loss. Marcus Smart really is that bad on offense, and until we get him back to the second unit, we are going to lose plenty of games. Need a center, like we always have, but need one now so we can run Irving-Brown-Tatum-Horford-New Center, with the bench being supported by Terry Rozier, Marcus Smart, and eventually Marcus Morris.


Someone the Celtics need to trade for this week: Jahlil Okafor. The big man out of Duke did not even travel with the 76ers last night, as he was ahead of time informed he wouldn’t see the court. He has publicly announced the organization has given up on him, his value is lower than ever, literally like a second round pick and cash considerations right now. Okafor averaged 17 points/game his lone year as a starter, and the Celtics need offense right now. Also, he is a big body, 6’11, 260, the Celtics let up way too many points in the paint, LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo slaughtered them from down low, with Okafor down low, he’d be able to muscle James or Giannis away from the basket more often. With Okafor, we’re 2-0 in my opinion. #celtics #jahlilokafor #trade #dannyainge #makeithappen #rimprotector #bigman #76ers #now #greenrunsdeep #allabout18


A lot of people are talking about Kyrie Irving playing off the ball, but you guys have to realize that it is designed to help him. Isaiah Thomas, averaged 29 PPG for the Celtics last year, in this Brad Stevens offense. Make no mistake, Stevens is not forcing Irving to split up possessions, he’s not forcing him to evenly distribute everything, you guys have to acknowledge that the offense Stevens is running this year was intended to get 2 guys to average over 20 points a game. This system is designed for Kyrie and Gordon Hayward to succeed, why do you guys think Jaylen Brown dropped 25 and 18 in the last 2 games and is suddenly getting so many touches, because Brad found him best suitable to take Hayward’s role in the system. Isaiah Thomas scored a number of points, coming off the ball. He would give up the ball, make quick movements, create space, get the ball, then take a confident jumper or use his unique talent to drive into the lane and draw fouls and make contested layups. Kyrie still got to put up, say it with me now, TWENTY-FIVE SHOTS tonight. That’s what this system is designed to do, have him move without the ball into a space where he can take the confident jumper IT4 had, or use his incredibly unique talents, the best handle in the world and one of the top finishes in the world. I understand it is an adjustment for Irving, but Hayward’s role, in my opinion, is being played beautifully by Brown. It’s the other star role not being used correctly. I’m warning you guys now, until Kyrie can start efficiently using these shots and one-on-ones Stevens is drawing up for him, we are going to struggle.


The Milwaukee Bucks defeat the Boston Celtics 108-100. This is an incredibly frustrating loss. Not because the Celtics lacked effort, but they lacked confidence. I have non stop preached this team is more talented than last year’s team, please guys, I don’t wanna see “we would’ve won with Hayward”, stop, he’s out, it’s no one’s fault, it can’t be our excuse to throw this season away, but like I said, this year’s squad is more talented, but the confidence is nowhere to be found. The mentality on display from particularly Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder, is what won this team games. It kills me to see Kyrie Irving, a legitimate MVP caliber guy, be too shook up to take over the game. For years, Boston fans hopelessly waited for the Celtics to obtain “that guy”, a superstar that controls the game, and the Bucks had that tonight, in LeBron Jr., also known as Giannis Antetokounmpo. I still am very glad that he is on our team, I understand he’s getting adjusted to a new team still, and I am by no means saying he can’t turn things around, but for a guy that left his old team because he wanted to be the guy, for a guy that has so much talent around him that if he could just be the center piece they could dominate, I’m putting this loss on Uncle Drew. We love you, and we need you, wake up Kyrie. #celtics #bucks #toughloss #roughstart #ouch #kyrieirving #cmon #wakeup #heart #defense #takeover #4thquarter #closeout #turnitaround #greenrunsdeep #allabout18 #ibelieve


While Gordon Hayward is down, Jaylen Brown will have to step up 👌 #celtics #jaylenbrown #gordonhayward #injury #getwellsoon #prayforhayward #greenrunsdeep #youngbull #jb #superstar #holddownthefort #ibelieve #allabout18


Home is where the heart is. Win this one, for Gordon ☘️ Swipe right for tonight’s starters. Out for Boston: Gordon Hayward; ankle (of course), Marcus Morris; knee. Out for Milwaukee: Jabari Parker; Knee #celtics #bucks #gameday #homeopener #welcomehome #heart #work #hustle #grind #gordonhayward #getwellsoon #prayforhayward #kyrieirving #marcussmart #jaylenbrown #jaysontatum #alhorford #winforgordon #greenrunsdeep #allabout18 #ibelieve Thon Maker will actually start for the Bucks at TD Garden


In August of 2014, Pacers forward Paul George endured one of the most gruesome injuries in sports history. George fractured his tibia , having the bone literally tear through the skin and stick out of his body. George was immediately transported to the hospital and under went surgery. On April 5th, 2015, Paul George returned to the team, with 6 games left in the regular season. The Pacers missed the playoffs by one game, had they won the final game of the season, George would’ve been still available for the playoffs and Indiana would’ve played the Atlanta Hawks first round, a series they were very capable of winning, as Deron Williams and the Brooklyn Nets took them to 6 games. October 17th, 2017, Gordon Hayward fractured his tibia, and dislocated his ankle. The Cleveland doctors were able to reset his ankle, and he has already undergone surgery, his recovery begins now. The two injuries are not comparable, Hayward’s is nowhere as severe as George’s, and has said to be a clean break (although it didn’t look it), however Hayward’s is a month and a half later, making it about equal return time, if all goes well, we can expect Hayward back in April, if lucky March. The focus, needs to be, remain a top 3 seed in the conference, and continue our goal once Hayward rejoins the team. #celtics #gordonhayward #injury #paulgeorge #prayforhayward #samegoal #greenrunsdeep #allabout18 #playoffs

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