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7x platinum Grammy nominated engineer and producer ! The Dreamer | The Believer for all business inquires hit @kashjohnsmusic #winnerscircle

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Niggas just be talking good I dnt believe em ‼️ at Doraville, Georgia


I be working in silence ...cuz when I used to tell ppl shit it never went through , OG told me keep my moves to myself and watch em manifest 🙏🏽🆙 #alotofmoneybeingmade


Another plaque on the way thank you to my brother @metroboomin for allowing me to apart of this and my manager @kashjohnsmusic for pushing me everyday to be better 🙏🏽 god is good 8th plaque at The Woodlands, Texas


I’m the hardest producer and engineer in the game ...7x platinum Ima be a millionaire this year no more watching mama struggle no more walk-in or sleeping on floors god is good 🙏🏽 at New Orleans, Louisiana


Everybody in they bag when u gone hop in yours ?! ❤️ at Atlantic Station


Another plaque on the way ...much love to @durkioworld @worldfamouskid @ali_gold_2 @dykrazy @rexkudo for the opportunity at Atlanta, Georgia


Damn Nip 😥🙏🏽 at North Atlanta, Georgia


Slept on floors , slept in cars made hundreds of thousands been homeless so many times , seen niggas get rich off my ideas and watched me struggle , can’t no man ever say I crossed em , never let a nigga take my nuts, never hit a woman in my life , or stole from my Patnas , lord knows I’m far from perfect but I’m solid and ain’t ashamed of my past 🙏🏽 at New Orleans, Louisiana


“They like, ‘Boy, won’t you get your rest on? Bitch, cause I’m up for every hour I was slept on.’” - @bigsean at Atlanta, Georgia


I’m a playa ion count my loses I only count my blessings and new money ...God is good 🙏🏽 at Atlanta, Georgia


Never cared if a bish left ...it’s my world I’m the catch 😎🤷🏾‍♂️ at New Orleans, Louisiana


Woke up to my dawg @jharden13 jamming that new @binorideaux prod by me , nigga dropped a 61 and went jammed my shit ...damn that’s love 🙏🏽 blessings on blessings


Went vegan grew my hair got in tune with the universe now I’m ready to meet my full potential now 🙏🏽 at Atlanta, Georgia


Let’s get rich first then fall in love ❤️...money can’t buy love but i can’t fully love u until I reach my full potential 🤷🏾‍♂️ at North Atlanta, Georgia


Just know It’s beauty in the struggle ...Number 1 Billboard 🙏🏽 at North Atlanta, Georgia


God is good ❤️ at Los Angeles, California


A year into meeting this man I’ve learned so much about life finances and being a better person ...since I’ve had @kashjohnsmusic in my life I’ve made 10x more money I think better I work smarter and all my business is in order thank you so much for being a great manager teacher and friend most genuine man I’ve met in the music business he stay on my ass everyday to make sure I remain great and become better ...and most importantly does exactly what he says he gonna do everytime !!! at North Atlanta, Georgia


Drop a comment if I give you motivation ... at Patchwerk Recording Studios

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