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5x platinum Grammy nominated engineer and producer ! The Dreamer | The Believer for all business inquires hit @kashjohnsmusic

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My Cuzin @texaschozen soooo hard , just wait till her tape drop ...I’m behind her 100 percent at Houston, Texas


People always say houston don’t stick together we finna prove em wrong my brother @otb_fastlane album on the way mixed by Turnmeupjosh and executive prod by Turnmeupjosh “fentanyl” finna be a classic 🚌🚌 got some big surprise features on here too 🤫 📸 @rocshotdat at Houston, Texas


@yfnlucci hit em up video out now prod by @turnmeupjosh @poohbeatz313 @gogrizzly


Me and @otb_fastlane got some crazy shit coming ...the whole fentanyl album mixed and executive produced by me ...nawfside ain’t gone be the same once we drop this shit !!!! @yngjosh best producer in houston at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen


Fuck a chain fuck a watch I Told my mama when I was a young nigga ima buy her a house 2019 ima make it happen ...just watch me lord knows #freeDee at The Woodlands, Texas


@otb_fastlane only a matter of time before the world wake up !! 2019 finna be a long year


The best revenge is letting your enemies live long enough to see you win the greatest joy is knowing you can get him touched at anytime but even more pleasant he can’t stop you ...success will humble yo biggest haters 🤫 #quietmoney at Miami, Florida


I dnt waste my money on no jewelry , but I still outshine all u niggas ...


My brother @richthekid new single just dropped go get that ...album coming soon 🙏🏽 at North Houston, Texas


Another W for me woke up on complex magazine linked up with my florida boy @rodwave and we made history ...new single “feel the same way” ft @moneybaggyo mixed by Turnmeupjosh whole album mixed and arranged by me as well ...much love to the whole 954 for rocking with ya boy 🙏🏽🙏🏽 at North Houston, Texas


4years ago my dawg let me do his first tape , Last year we mixed “dawg Azz” in my Cuzin living room told my dawg it was a hit then so proud of everything dude has accomplished , it’s time we team up for the city and make this shit make sense I believe in @otb_fastlane so much told my boy I got him relationships will take u further than money new @otb_fastlane album on the way...Executive produced by me ...HOUSTON we got something major in the works at North Houston, Texas


Idk who need to hear this but pay attention to the message and not the messenger ...STAY WOKE at Houston, Texas


Student of the game, I'm just ahead of my class I'm that nigga, but I never got my head up my ass You doin' good, but I'm ready for bad And you won't never catch me frontin' 'cause I'm used to bein' second to last


You have to come up in the world before it’s worthwhile for those who are worth less to put you down ...


Happy bday to the true father of healing I admire you so much so grateful I was blessed with your knowledge you are one of the greatest people who lived in earth ! It’s No disease that can not be cured 🙏🏽🙏🏽 Dr. Sebi ❤️


New @dejloaf just dropped “last time I checked” produced by @irocksays go download now link in bio


It’s So much shit that come with being young and successful but lord I thank you for it all ...I’m thankful my mama dnt gotta struggle no more, all the loses I took , the pain I’ve endured that built my character, thankful I can do what I love everyday and live the life please, grateful for my excellent team , thankful my family is in good health Thankful im no longer homeless or on anybody couch and most all thankful I have a peace of mind it’s so many things To be grateful for in life outside of money and material things 🙏🏽🙏🏽 at Atlanta, Georgia


Number 8 album on the top 100 billboard charts safe to safe I got the best sound in the game right now @durkioworld tell these niggas the price went up we got now !!! Album mixed by Turnmeupjosh

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