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TwelvePaws (me) will be taking a (very) short Instagram break as I finish orders from this weekend and then fix up the shop accordingly to make room for what I have planned next! I’ll still be answering and accepting orders. Just need to trim up all those loose threads (haha) 🧵! Stay tuned ❤️ 📸: @talesoftwonobles Yiska in the Pastel Aztec


YOU’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME! Last chance to use your special discount code (sent only to email subscribers) to get one sale item free, with the purchase of any item! (And holy wow thank you to all who have purchased already 🥰). 📸: the beautiful wearing the currently sold out Aztec Burst!


CHECK YOUR INBOXES!!! Sale is LIVE for those of you who have signed up for our emails! Make sure to check your junk if you have not received the email! Sale goes until 11:59pm tomorrow and then some of these prints are gone for good!! Featured is the West Coast Bush Brite 😍


SALE GOES LIVE TOMORROW AT 9am! Only those signed up for emails will get the discount code. Discount will be buy ANY item and get any SALE item free! This is our last time clearing out to make room for some new products! After this sale a lot of products will be GONE 👋🏻 Thank you to everyone who has joined the email list so far! Have a FABULOUS Friday 🤩 PS: I think blue is totally Beauty’s colour 💁‍♀️


I have something exciting in the works for collars and leashes within the next month or so. Completely unrelated ideas I should add. That’s all you get for now.... but, apart from the new designs I will be adding, I think you’ll like the new functions provided too :)


Pretty girl Juniper in her Dawson bandana. 📸: @wildling_tails ❤️🥰


Have you had your eye on a TwelvePaws product? 👁 Maybe a bandana.. a beanie for yourself... a seatbelt for the dog in the car... a waistleash... a new collar?!! Well, whatever it may be THIS weekend is the perfect time to buy. For all our EMAIL subscribers we will be sending out a special BUY ONE GET ONE offer. For ANY item you buy you will get to choose any SALE item for FREE! So, have you signed up for our emails yet? You can do so on our website homepage. There has never been a better time to join the pack and #expressyourwild :)


MONDAY! The first Monday of the new year. For me, the last first Monday of a school semester for the foreseeable future (as a student that is!) Embrace this Monday. Embrace the beginning of a new week! Go get sh*t done! 📸: @maike_mit_django 😍😍Django is wearing a Large Yin Bandana!


Three reasons I made a long leash for Kiska. 1. I believe short leashes were made for city dogs, and although they are a necessary tool and skill to learn and use, they are not always the best tool for exploring 2. My humanity makes me feel bad keeping her on a short list when Beauty is off leash 3. Despite our training. Kiska still has a very strong f*** you mom attitude when it comes down to things she really wants to investigate so it’s the best of both worlds if I’m not comfortable to have her off leash Basically guys, I made a tool to compromise with my dog. PS: this is the leash at its shortest length Happy Sunday!


So, yesterday we leave Calgary at +9 degrees and drive West for about an hour and end up in a blizzard... AND IT WAS PERFECT! We finally got to test out our snowshoes and it was SO pretty! This stunning photo by @im.balto reminds me of our weather yesterday! We drove back home and left the blizzard bubble behind us... still nothing here but the ol’ snow crusties from weeks and weeks ago!


Heyo! I just want to give another reminder to everyone to join our emailing list! I’m going to have a sale ONLY available to our email subscribers. This sale will be buy ANY item and then get any SALE item for FREE! And there’s TONS in the sale section right now as I’m trying to do one final clear out before some new products are released. How might you join said email list? It’s easy! All you have to do is visit our website and subscribe (it’s on our homepage)! I’ll try to give one more push for this before the sale which will be held NEXT weekend. This will be the last sale I have for a while and who doesn’t like free stuff? 😏 📸: @talesoftwonobles @herandhertribe 😍😍 Tamra is wearing our green Hike Life beanie!


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everybody had a great New Year’s Day and took some time to reflect on ways to grow in 2019! I tried uploading this yesterday but couldn’t because of the music I selected.. LAME! So, I used music from the app itself... not quite the same effect. If anybody has some tips for this.. let me know! Cheers everybody and happy first hump day of 2019! 🐪


Before writing this post I went and looked at what I wrote for 2017. I said that my main goal in 2018 was to find balance. HAH! That did not happen. But upon reflection maybe I set my expectations too high being a full time student, running a small business and working a part time job. I think the main lesson I learnt is that finding balance isn’t a destination, it’s a constant journey. The main goal is to create a life for myself that is slower and more thoughtful, but for now I need to find moments where I can make this happen and not expect it to be this blanket of balance that envelopes my life. I have four months left of my journey to become a teacher and I’m doing ONE market as opposed to last semester where I did EIGHT. Now, things may change as they always seem to and that’s okay, but this year I’m going to focus a bit more on the behind the scenes of my business and my life. Getting things organized and not feeling so frantic. This year I really felt like I was always reaching for something - and I always seemed to be disappointed. For example, “I need this camping trip to calm me and nourish my soul” and then if one thing went wrong I would be overwhelmed with anxiety and irritability. I think I was searching outwardly for things to solve my problems when I should have been looking inwardly. And ultimately, a lifestyle can’t often be created in a month or a year, it’s something to work towards. So, this year I’m going to focus on finding balance (again haha) but I’m going to be less hard on myself, more understanding of where I’m at in life right now and how it takes time to get there. Remembering that it is consistent application of a mindset and habits to get you there. It’s not a one time thing and it’s OKAY to have setbacks. So, thank you for continuing to follow my business and all its little ups and downs. I still have so many exciting new products and ideas that I’m planning to release this year and I can’t wait to share this and other parts of my journey with you. Cheers to 2019 🥂


Reflection. It’s time to start thinking about those new year resolutions. What’s your number one for 2019? 📸: stunning photography from @rugerboogeradventures


BOXING DAY SALE IS STILL HAPPENING! LAST CHANCE! Use code BOXINGDAY18 and get any collar for 50% off with ANY bandana purchase (that includes sale bandanas). Sale is only valid on website. Sale ends tonight!


Now is the perfect time to get your pup a matching collar and bandana! With ANY bandana purchase (and lots are on sale) you get ANY collar 50% off! Use code BOXINGDAY18 at checkout :) 📸: @the_bru_bros 🥰


BOXING DAY SALE! BUY ANY BANDANA AND GET 50% OFF ANY COLLAR! USE CODE BOXINGDAY18 AT CHECKOUT! // No exclusions apply. Website only. Sale ends Friday at 11:59pm. 📸: @exploringjay 😍


The Grinch has a new dog this year #thenewmax WISHING YOU ALL A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM TWELVEPAWS! I wish I had it together enough to get a photo of the three Scrooges together but maybe next year 💁‍♀️

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