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'C # is C #, all over the world'- Ray Charles Producer/Musician/Composer

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Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there; especially to my dear wife, expertly and graciously raising the first two while growing the third one. Our house is gonna be busy come July!


Well, this is an exciting day. Late last summer, Madi Cunningham, David Boucher, Alan Hampton, Abe Rounds and I headed out to Sonic Ranch to make Madi’s first full length for Verve Records. The first fruits of our labor are revealed today- Pin It Down, an infectious and very live jam we recorded late one Friday night, just after a break to take in sunset across the west Texas desert looking over to Mexico, from atop Sonic Ranch’s famous water tower. So you know the mood was right to track this song. We worked very hard on it, and I’m immensely proud of Madi, and of what we made together. Find it, wherever you get your music these days. The full record is out in August- much more to come! at Tornillo, Texas


Been killing since way back... #Repost @kennymcguane with @get_repost ・・・ #superlamesunday . . Ken: Cool shorts. Nice goatee. Ya fckn cornhole. . . Casey: Are those the biggest and most ill-fitted pants you could find at Mervyn's? Literally the worst pants I've ever seen. . . Tyler: Button your collar. You look like a pedophile. at Redlands East Valley HS Instrumental Music Boosters


Getting my Airport Dad badge today- flying solo w the kiddos out to Phoenix to see the fam for a few days. Equal parts fun adventure and exhausting sheep herding- if you see me here, send over a drink! #dadlife (Of course, I’ve got to give props to my dear @christinechester who’s done this twice before 👀) at Hollywood Burbank Airport - BUR


Andrew Bird’s new record ‘My Finest Work Yet’ is out today. And what a work it is. I got to be in the band, playing piano and all other sorts of keyboard instruments over some remarkable song-crafting. Some of my favorite musicians and dearest friends were in the band too- @alanshampton on bass, @tedpoor on drums, @madicunningham singing throughout. We really did record almost all of the record live in one room (the incredible @barefoot_recording) without headphones, to a 16 track scully that couldn’t punch out. There’s a sense of air and physical space throughout that really harkens back to the Rudy Van Gelder era of audio recording. You can’t get there without all that beautiful bleed. Masterfully Engineered by David Boucher, under the watchful and productorial eye of Paul Butler, who also crafted some of the most beautiful mixes I’ve ever heard. Take a listen, wherever you find music- and catch us on Morning Becomes Eclectic Monday morning, or in Chicago and NYC week after next!


SXSW- 4 incredible days of musical joy with some of my dearest friends. 📸 @Victoriaroe at Austin, Texas


Headed out to Austin Texas tomorrow, to play a bunch of times with @madicunningham @rainstormbrother and @andrewbirdmusic Hope to catch some of you out there!


It’s Wednesday, so time for another @madicunningham cover video. Our raga version of ‘Every Grain Of Sand’. Check it out- link on Madi’s page! 🎥 @jaydenhbecker 🎤 @tejaslh Special thanks to @soyuzmicrophones


Happy Valentine’s Day to my true north, @christinechester.


Take a listen to @madicunningham and I playing ‘No Surprises’ by Radiohead for her weekly cover series. Full video on her IGTV, or YouTube. Video by @jaydenhbecker


Growing up as an aspiring young bass playing church kid in sunny Redlands, California, this band here, Switchfoot, was massively important to me. Their record Learning to Breath, the songs and especially the incredible bass playing therein, occupied all of my musical imaginings for at least a whole semester of college. I met the guys when I was 18, at this weird church gig in San Jose, just before they were suddenly huge. They were then just like they are now- kind and approachable, thoughtful and deep. And really good live. I’ve kept up with the guys ever since (I’m even in an intermittent band with Jon, Fiction Family)- And so it was a huge honor to get to coproduce some songs on this record. Let It Happen, Wonderful Feeling and a few others. It’s inspiring to see them still going strong and pushing new boundaries. In classic form, I didn’t take any pictures- but here’s a 4 second video I texted to my wife while we were tracking. Take a listen, wherever you find music!


Rainy Wednesday afternoon at @barefoot_recording, playing Wurli with BOTH hands.


2018- whew. It was a year for me that felt very full, like all of the things were coming at me in equal portions. I've never felt more creative, exhausted, joyful, anxious, optimistic and pessimistic all at the same time. I made the best music I've ever been a part of in 2018- the fruits of which won't unfold until 2019; but look for new music from Madison Cunningham, Sam Weber, Andrew Bird, Switchfoot, Tyson Motsenbocker and many many others on the horizon. Having young kids and making your living as a producer and musician is not for the faint of heart- time is your most valuable and rare commodity. But I'm learning to focus and execute in a new way- to really fearlessly lay it down when the time comes. There's no time for fear- and there's no time to play something boring or clique! I'm grateful for a few heroes of mine, Joe Henry and Mike Viola, who really took me under their wings this last year, and taught me some valuable life lessons about both making records and harboring the communities that happen around those records. And I've been blessed to help some younger artists, like Madi and Sam, make giant strides forward in their artistry. I have a tendency to go inward when I get busy or overwhelmed- so one of my resolutions in 2019 is to be more engaged with the incredible musical community that we have in LA. It really feels like we’re in a golden era- though I guess we'll have to wait and see how we look back on it down the line. So, Happy New Year to you, friend. Hope we can send up a joyous sound together in the new year. at Los Angeles, California


Thanksgiving tradition- chess vs Uncle Dave. I remain victorious, 3rd year in a row! Hope you all had a great thanksgiving. at Chandler, Arizona


New @madicunningham jam out today. One of my all time favorites! Listen to that guitar part and sound- goodness gracious. Produced by me. #jaybellerose and #davidboucher doing their thing. @tejaslh our human guitar pedal making tremolo and verb moves in real time. Live in @unitedrecording B last January. Oh, that beautiful 2”, 16 track sound. This song started as an iOptigan loop I sent Madi, and she converted it to guitar and started singing, and we were off to the races. Thanks to @bikejunkie72 for lending us some guitar gear, much of which is in use here. Much, MUCH more to come. at United Recording


My friends and long time collaborators @lovelitemusic have a new record out today, produced by myself and @900x. Love songs for the end of the world. Some of these recordings were started almost 5 years ago, and it’s cathartic for me to finally see them enter the world. Take a listen, wherever you find music! Also featuring @wildponytj and @drichardbailey


Out today, finally, is the record I made with the great Laura Jean Anderson. I’m such a fan of LJA’s. Really grateful she brought me along for the ride. This was also the first record I did at my spot entirely in @ableton- a process I’ve repeated since then whenever possible. Thanks to @900x @sterloid @danadams711 for some lovely additional musical goodness. Take a listen, wherever you find music! #Repost @laurajeanandersonmusic with @get_repost ・・・ The day has finally come! "LONESOME NO MORE" is available everywhere! Produced by the amazing @tylerchester. Thank you to @sterloid, @900x, @danadams711 for playing on the record! Out now on @b3science @cookingvinylaustralia 📷 by @dalb.y #lonesomenomore at Los Angeles, California


AEA made this live video of Margaret Glaspy and I, from our duo tour a few weeks back. Check it out- Full video link in bio- #margaretglaspy #Repost @ribbonmics with @get_repost ・・・ Singer-songwriter, Margaret Glaspy [@margaret_glaspy] and instrumentalist Tyler Chester [@tylerchester], deliver a potent rendition of Sarah Siskind’s ‘I Do’ with AEA’s new supercardioid KU5A on vocals and amps. Check out the full AEA Session through the link in our bio! at Hollywood Forever

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