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'C # is C #, all over the world'- Ray Charles On Earth, Vol. 2 out now!

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Thanksgiving tradition- chess vs Uncle Dave. I remain victorious, 3rd year in a row! Hope you all had a great thanksgiving. at Chandler, Arizona


New @madicunningham jam out today. One of my all time favorites! Listen to that guitar part and sound- goodness gracious. Produced by me. #jaybellerose and #davidboucher doing their thing. @tejaslh our human guitar pedal making tremolo and verb moves in real time. Live in @unitedrecording B last January. Oh, that beautiful 2”, 16 track sound. This song started as an iOptigan loop I sent Madi, and she converted it to guitar and started singing, and we were off to the races. Thanks to @bikejunkie72 for lending us some guitar gear, much of which is in use here. Much, MUCH more to come. at United Recording


My friends and long time collaborators @lovelitemusic have a new record out today, produced by myself and @900x. Love songs for the end of the world. Some of these recordings were started almost 5 years ago, and it’s cathartic for me to finally see them enter the world. Take a listen, wherever you find music! Also featuring @wildponytj and @drichardbailey


Out today, finally, is the record I made with the great Laura Jean Anderson. I’m such a fan of LJA’s. Really grateful she brought me along for the ride. This was also the first record I did at my spot entirely in @ableton- a process I’ve repeated since then whenever possible. Thanks to @900x @sterloid @danadams711 for some lovely additional musical goodness. Take a listen, wherever you find music! #Repost @laurajeanandersonmusic with @get_repost ・・・ The day has finally come! "LONESOME NO MORE" is available everywhere! Produced by the amazing @tylerchester. Thank you to @sterloid, @900x, @danadams711 for playing on the record! Out now on @b3science @cookingvinylaustralia 📷 by @dalb.y #lonesomenomore at Los Angeles, California


AEA made this live video of Margaret Glaspy and I, from our duo tour a few weeks back. Check it out- Full video link in bio- #margaretglaspy #Repost @ribbonmics with @get_repost ・・・ Singer-songwriter, Margaret Glaspy [@margaret_glaspy] and instrumentalist Tyler Chester [@tylerchester], deliver a potent rendition of Sarah Siskind’s ‘I Do’ with AEA’s new supercardioid KU5A on vocals and amps. Check out the full AEA Session through the link in our bio! at Hollywood Forever


Left Largo tonight, and another incredible Watkins Family Hour, thankful for friends and music, and the thread that binds this community of musicians together. Heavy crew. at Largo at the Coronet


So grateful I got to spend the last 4 days with my friend @margaret_glaspy, live orchestrating as a one-man-band while she ruled over each audience with one incredible vocal performance after another. Cheers to more of this bold experimentation in the future! Special thanks to @tejaslh and @dannyaustinmanning for helping me mangle my insane amount of gear. #nevernord at Hollywood Forever


Fiery West, the 3rd single from @rainstormbrother, my collaboration with @johnisaacwatters, is out today. Like a wildfire burning through the dry desert brush. Really proud of this one- check it out, wherever you get your music! at Tonopah, Arizona


Left Sonic Ranch today, exhausted with a heart overflowing with joy and gratitude. Making music with @madicunningham for the last 6 years has been one of the great honors and revelations of my musical life. And what a rhythm section, Abe and Alan. We climbed to the mountaintop together, the 4 of us. So I shall wait, impatiently, for this record to be finished and released, so you all can bear witness to the beauty and eternal mystery Madi conjured up this week. You’ll see. at Sonic Ranch Recording Studio


Here at the end of day 3 of 7 at Sonic Ranch, making a record with some of my very best friends, and now looking out across the West Texas sky towards Mexico- I’m thinking the advice my dear friend @joehenrymusic gave me... ‘just keep following the sound of the light’. at Sonic Ranch Recording Studio


A triumphant moment at the Seattle zoo last night. #madisoncunningham #andrewbird #christhile #alanhampton #tedpoor at Woodland Park Zoo


Madison Cunningham has another new song out today, All At Once, from our winter sessions at United B. I’ve seen her play this song many, many times, and I still don’t understand the wizardry that’s happening. And I don’t really want to understand it- I’m happy to just be moved by it. This one was taped in front of a small, very lucky audience that we invited to the studio for a few hours via instagram. I wanted to try to capture some of the magic of this song when Madi plays it live, so we set up some chairs in a semi circle in the main room, and she played this song a few times, then a couple of others for good measure. Many thanks to those kind people for being part of our experiment; I think you can hear the effect of their presence in this recording. Engineered by David Boucher. Produced and mixed by me. Thanks to Boucher for the Supro Thunderbolt, and @oldstyleguitarshop for the vintage ac30 Top Boost loaner. You hear both amps at different points in the song. Find it wherever you listen to music! at United Recording


On Earth, Vol. 2 is out today. This is music for reflection, a nighttime walk, a palate change on a rough day, a canvas to cast your thoughts upon. We hope it’s useful in that way. Michael Gungor and I started this project to provide music for the Liturgists podcast, and all of these songs will be used there in the coming year. If you haven’t listened to the Liturgists, I highly recommend it. It’s helped me understand the world and my place in it a bit better. Included in this collection is Hometown Hero, an older song of mine that I’ve gotten email requests for from around the world for a few years now. Glad it’s finally found a home. Photo, once again, by my dear friend Casey Curry. Hope you dig it! Link in Bio at Boulder, Colorado


Moonrise in the Mohave desert, at the @rainstormbrother video shoot. at Newberry Springs, California


My dear friend Madison Cunningham has some new music out today; two songs, produced by myself, her first release on Verve records. Beauty Into Cliques was recorded live to 2”, 16 track by David Boucher at United studio B. Jay Bellerose on drums, me on bass, Madi on guitar and vocal. Yes, live vocal. She’d be too modest to mention this, but this is take 1 (of 3). Killing right out the gate. So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright is the b-side, recorded by my friend Justin Stanley at his spot last fall. Much more to come from our young friend- but this is some heavy and important shit, that you should listen to immediately! at United Recording


Rainstorm Brother, my collaboration with John Isaac Watters, has a new song out, first of a set. This first track, Drivin’, is a really important song to me- not the easiest subject matter, but such an important one to grapple with in song. Take a listen, wherever you listen- or there’s a Spotify link in my profile. Dan Bailey on drums! And much more to come, very soon, including a music video that explains why the skeleton car on this cover was in my backyard for 6 months. Check it out! at Glassell Park, Los Angeles


“...and now my heart is full...” 📷 @steveagee at Largo at the Coronet


Thank God for mothers. I’m so thankful for my Mom, and the eight (8!) women I’ve called either Grandma or Great Grandma or Great-Great Grandma in my lifetime. My life is richer and my heart more ballasted because of their patient love and enduring grace towards me. And I’m thankful for my wife, on her 3rd Mother’s Day. She the best, and my kids are lucky to call her Mom- and I love her.

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