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Stay up to date on upcoming USPA events in Louisiana.👉🏼Tag us or HASHTAG #UspaLouisiana for a repost!⚜️DM for any questions regarding USPA Louisiana⚜️ Similar users

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🚨NOVEMBER 17, 2018🚨One Day of Lifting. Open Entry To All Lifters. And most importantly 💵 CASH PRIZES💵. We already have several great lifters signed up. THIS MEET WILL FILL UP. Head over to and fill out the entry form and secure your spot today for the SSS3! #southernstrengthshowcase3 #uspalouisiana #uspapower #powerlifting #madeinlouisiana #louisianalife @geauxfittraining @uspapower at New Orleans, Louisiana


‼️THIS MEET IS NOW HALFWAY FULL‼️👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼ENTRY FEES IS ONLY $60 (and $20 crossover)!!!!!! CALLING ALL HEATHENS! August 18 it’s going down at @trainforvalhalla! RAW-SINGLE PLY-MULTI PLY PUSH/PULL! Click the link in my bio to register. #powerlifter #powerlifter #deadlift #benchpress #uspa #uspalouisiana #uspapower @uspapower at Valhalla Training Grounds


#Repost @boadapparel with @get_repost ・・・ 💥 NEW RELEASE 💥 SAY NO TO GIMMICK LIFTING. A lot has changed in powerlifting (over the past 10 years) well the entire fitness industry for that matter. Things seem to be real trendy nowadays. One of the worst trends seems to be Gimmick Lifting. It's just not worth an injury for "Likes". If you're tired of seeing all the Gimmicks, this shirt is for you. #nogimmicklifting #justsayno #BOAD #BOADapparrel #BOADlife #TheStrongestNameInTheGame #BuiltOnADream #BeOptimisticAndDriven


#Repost @ponchatoula_fitness_center with @get_repost ・・・ Forms Looking Pretty Solid There @lyfe_with_lo 🙌🏼💯 #Repost @lyfe_with_lo with @get_repost ・・・ Cheer practice followed by squats. 5x5@45lbs bc form first. @thesirblackbeard


#Repost @carlosthemachine91 with @get_repost ・・・ 3x2 paused at 340lbs, and 7x3 at 320lbs today. Feeling solid @jcleve6860 @ant.bui #powerlifting #squats #squat #skwat #legday #homegym #themachine #uspalouisiana


#Repost @garrettjames4 with @get_repost ・・・ Got to test my strength tonight after 7 weeks of volume, I’m pretty pleased with the results, I can taste 500 already!🤘🏻💪🏻 ・・・ Garrett with a birthday present to himself, 410 pound deadlift singles!!! More weight than he has ever lifted!!!


‼️THIS MEET IS NOW HALFWAY FULL‼️ CALLING ALL HEATHENS! August 18 it’s going down at @trainforvalhalla! RAW-SINGLE PLY-MULTI PLY PUSH/PULL! Click the link in my bio to register. #powerlifter #powerlifter #deadlift #benchpress #uspa #uspalouisiana #uspapower @uspapower at Valhalla Training Grounds


LINK IS LIVE! Head over to, select member resources, click on event calendar, scroll down to November 17, 2018 and click #SouthernStrengthShowcase3 and you will find the entry link. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. See y’all in November! #uspalouisiana #uspa #uspapower #powerlifting #louisianamade @geauxfittraining at GeauxFit Training


#Repost @ponchatoula_fitness_center with @get_repost ・・・ It’s In! We’d like to introduce to you our new Texas Strength Systems squat and bench combo rack. We’re so happy to be making additions to YOUR gym that proves Ponchatoula Fitness to be the only and best powerlifting/strength training friendly gym in the area! Easy to use and extremely safe! If there are any questions regarding operations of the rack please don’t hesitate to ask. #texasstrengthsystems #comborack #strengthtraining #powerlifting #powerbuilding #upgradepr #bench #squat #yourplatformisready #loadthebar #uspa #uspalouisiana #yicompete @uspalouisiana @yicompete @texasstrengthsystems at Ponchatoula Fitness Center


#Repost @_rebeccasaurusrex with @get_repost ・・・ Broke in my new squat shoes and knee sleeves by knocking out a 27 lb PR 🎉💪🏼 330 # with much more in the tank. 400 I got my eyes on you 👀 As always, many many kudos to my awesome coach, @hotnastystrong. I wouldn’t be this strong without ya 😎 @tarajhart3 @danielhart9503 @heycoco54 @uspalouisiana @girlswhopowerlift #IronHouseStrong #USPALouisiana


Excited to make it official! November 17 is the #SouthernStrengthShowcase3 at @geauxfittraining ! Mark your calendar! More details to come! @uspapower #uspalouisiana #uspa #uspapower #powerlifting at GeauxFit Training


Head over to and click on Member Resources then select Records and choose Louisiana and you can navigate the records ! Congrats to all the new record holders!1


TOMORROW! #Repost @trainforvalhalla with @get_repost ・・・ It’s going down this Saturday! Super happy we could bring this possible once in a lifetime opportunity to you guys. @stanefferding is excited to be here. He’s going to cover a lot of topics including nutrition, training, and supplementation just to name a few. Come and learn from the guy that trains “The Mountain” at Valhalla Training Grounds


For all you ppl who need blocks under your feet when your benching, check out @lentiniliftsheavy bench boosters. Pretty legit design with good grip so your feet won’t slide. I’m diggin it! @uspapower #uspa #uspapower


#Repost @too_hoff_2_handle with @get_repost ・・・ Just benchin. 155x10 with a few in reserve. #meetprep starts next week 😈 Keeping it light this week and making sure everything looks pretty before we start loading the weights. Bw 168 this morning. Ready to rock and roll! #powerlifting #bench #uspa #uspapower @uspalouisiana at 504 Fitness


#Repost @itz_mr_gammon with @get_repost ・・・ Trusting the process and trying not to ego lift, tied my PR of 430lbs and next time I go heavy it will be for 450. #kapow @uspalouisiana @herosupplements @yicompete @fitcops #trusttheprocess #roadto500 #uspa #powerlifting @zoogymkenner


Learn bench tips from AJ Schroeder!👊🏼👉🏼 550 raw bench—677 single ply— 744 multi ply👉🏼 $10 entry fee , Coaches get in free! 📍 Bench seminar Friday April 13 at 7pm. @schroederstrong gym at 742 Florida Blvd., Mandeville, LA 70448. Contact him for more details.

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