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Vegan mum with three kids 🇫🇮🇩🇪in Belgium, going zerowaste and aiming to live sustainably

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Just a random pic in between - we’re spending the weekend at a cottage with relatives (no running water or electricity 🙈) and went for a 3h hike. It was so lovely! This is something I would really like to do more with my kids. Fellow people from Brussels, any suggestions where to go hiking? Anyone interested in hiking together in the autumn? #nofilter


Bathtime seems to be a daily evening ritual in many families, but when we had our first child, our midwife actually told us NOT to bathe the baby every day, once per week or even less would be enough. She also adviced to use only water or mild soap. Babies and children usually have sensitive skin and bathing can dry it out. We use olive oil soap bought in a paper package - but only if the kids are visibly dirty and warm water doesn’t do the trick.


We try to use as little products as possible on our kids skin and try to find natural remedies instead. Aloe vera gel is great e.g. for sunburns and mosquito bites. Aloe vera gel can be bought in tubes, but the cheaper and eco-friendlier version is to just cut a small piece of a leaf and carve the gel out.


To continue with the skincare theme, some ideas which have worked with my three babies: most babies don’t need much skincare and for sure don’t need all the fancy products out there. Thanks to the advice of our midwife with baby no. 1, I just oiled the babys’ skin where it doesn’t naturally get that much air and light (e.g. armpits, navel, behind the ears, skin folds) with olive oil. If one of the babies had a rash or pimples, I put some breastmilk on it and in most cases, that worked really well.


Minimal waste skincare: to finish off my skincare routine, I apply a lotion made by @makesenz and finally a few drops of the oil I happen to have at home (almond, hemp, sesame, jojoba). Senz is a Brussels based company which makes and sells e.g. skincare products. You can return the jar to the shop and they will reuse it. The oil I buy in bulk or reusable bottles.


Minimal waste skincare: I use these two products as the basis of my skincare - I put first two to three layers of toner and apply then a thin layer of serum. When I first went ZW, I read that many people use just oil to lotion their skin. Unfortunately that didn’t suit my skin at all and I basically ruined it for several months. Thus I started looking for alternatives which would be good for my skin, but still be ZW friendly. My skin needs lots of hydration and using alcohol free toner has been a life changer!


#minimalwaste skincare: this is what I use for facial cleansing - in the mornings a kojnac sponge, in the evenings in addition a facial soap from @madara Both come in a cardboard packaging. I have very sensitive, dry skin and struggled quite a bit to find suitable skincare products with minimal waste. I’m very happy with the routine I have now and will speak about it here over the course of the next days.


This is our rental bike for the summer vacation in #finland 💚. I don’t have a drivers licence and where we’re staying the (expensive) bus comes only once per hour. I’m so glad about the bike, as this will allow me to be much more mobile with the kids then usually in Finland. The last weeks before our holidays we’re quite tough on many levels. I had a ton of posts planned for #plasticfreejuly and will hopefully now find the time to do at least a few of them ☺️.


A little card&gift for our youngests’ nursery to thank the caretakers for this year. Everything is reused, repurposed or recycled 🌿.


I’ve become a big fan of #aloevera ❤️. When we went zerowaste, I stopped buying conditioner, but unfortunately my hair got very dry. I tried rinsing it with vinegar, a conditioner bar and oil masks, none of it really worked. Then I read that aloe vera could help and yes, it does! I massage aloe vera gel in my wet hair after washing it with a shampoo bar and just let it dry. I’ve also started mixing the gel with a few drops of jojobaoil and my hair is suuuuper soft now ☺️.


This weekends’ #groceries All fruit and veggies are from #belgium except the bananas obviously 😆. Have a good start into the new week - for me the last full work week before much needed holidays 😎.


Our #zerowaste kitchenshelf At the bottom, the shopping box (with all our cloth bags so I can easily just grab the ones I need), our napking box (in reach of the kids) and the container for used napkins. On the upper shelves, jars with dry goods, our beloved moomin cookie jars and the juice box (the bottles and box come with a deposit and are re-used) as well as our nicer napkins we use to set the table.


Plastic free July is approaching - are you joining? Picture courtesy of my eldest child ☺️.


Have a lovely weekend and and enjoy #summersolstice in case you celebrate it 💚.


We welcomed an #aloevera plant in our home last weekend. Picked it up with our beloved #cargobike from friends of friends who are moving away. I’m so excited to try this for my hair ☺️! What’s your ZW hairroutine? I’ve been struggling with very dry hair lately, any tips for that?


Todays #groceries from I’m a bit bored of cooking at the moment, would you have suggestions what to cook with these veggies? I’d be happy to hear ☺️.


Repairing some of our kids favourite books - I love reading and luckily we have access to several great libraries (even in Finnish and German!) or we borrow books from friends. We try to use those resources instead of buying books. At home, we mainly have books our kids really adore, some of them even being my old ones from when I was a child. #booklove


Tiny #zerowaste groceries from yesterday - we still had veggies from last week and next week 3/5 of the family are away, thus no need to buy a lot. #nofoodwaste Have a lovely weekend 💚.

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