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I don't send dick pics. I'm a real man, I wait to disappoint women in person. #SixersFan #WhoDey

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Punk fell asleep while we were on a Supernatural binge. #Netflix #kitten #cat #supernatural #cute


He played a good game doe. But this still how imma fall asleep tonight 😂  #NBAFinals #Lebron #LebronJames #Cavs #cavaliers #GoldenState #Warriors #NBA #Win #Won #


😂  #forrealtho #thestruggle #friends 😂


Anybody else get this way after @21DayFix   #CardioFix? 💪💪


This is how I stay #Motivated!😜💪


Decided to start cooking while doing @21DayFix and used a #Fixate recipe for this yummy ass stuffed pepper! It is delicious😋


Completed my first week of @21DayFix! I feel amazing! For the first time in years I don't feel depressed or as self conscious. I have much more energy then I used. In only one week I have lost 12 lbs! And it's all thanks to staying motivated and following my nutrition guide. If anybody would like more information, or just wants some motivation to help get to a goal of your own leave a 💪 in the comments! 😃


@21DayFix Just finished Pilates Fix. Good Lord its hard for a fat man... @autumncalabrese I'll still be available for dinner after I hit my goal weight 😁💪


You can never expect to succeed if you only put in work on the days you feel like it. Join me on @Beachbody so that we may both succeed. Use the QR code in the image or go to to sign up for a free membership! 💪 Leave a fist pump in the comments if you would like more information.


Day 3 of @21DayFix. I know it has only been three days but I already feel more energized and happy! 💪


Second day of #21dayfix! Hey @autumncalabrese when I get to my goal weight you should go out on a date with me 💪😏 #guerillaradio


Started my first day of @21dayfix today and decided that I would share some motivation!

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