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onward. 🔜 Switzerland 🌲☕️📷🚀

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Talks on cliffs. at Látrabjarg


Beautiful morning situation. ✌🏻 at Iceland


Have a good weekend. Hope it's gonna rain 🙂 at Skógafoss


Have you ever traveled alone? This picture reminded me of the good parts of traveling on your own. I'd like to know your thoughts. at Iceland


The name of this waterfall is Fagrifoss, which means beautiful waterfall. On the way to Laki volcano in the highlands. #waterfallsoficeland at Iceland


Volcano trails. 🚶🏻long time no see. I'm on my way to .... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ at Iceland


Volcanoes in the highlands of Iceland. I will never forget that day. Hiking up Laki to see all the craters from above, lining up in a row. It was one of the craziest and mind-blowing landscapes I've seen. Rough! s/o to those 3 random hikers, also lining up just perfectly ;) #shotoniphone at Iceland


Here another cabin for you. 😊 this one is walking distance from Reykjavik downtown. I think it's one of those where they dry the fish. 🐟 at Reykjavík, Iceland


Imagine, no boundaries. How far would you go? #followyourpassion at Iceland


This is one reason why Iceland is so special to me. Who would have thought I would end up on a golden beach like this? Iceland - always down for surprises. #shotoniphone at Westfjords


Quick stop for a glimpse into the canyon. There was a lot of water, it was very loud and dramatic. Also, this is Mathias from Argentinia. He works on a farm in Iceland and was one of the 4 strangers I was traveling with. We all met through @couchsurfing It was an amazing weekend. ✌🏻 at Iceland


This is definitely one of my favorite spots here in Iceland. I don't know why I waited so long to show you. ❤ Tomorrow I'm going to leave Iceland. For now. Still have a ton of pictures to share, don't worry. Stay stoked ✌🏻 at Iceland


Caption this. #ocean at Latrabjarg (Westfjords)


Westfjords - Thanks for the nice welcome. Super stoked to explore one of my favorite spots of Iceland with the Land Cruiser 👌🏼 #shotoniphone #landcruiser at Westfjords


The survivors. 👊🏼 at Iceland


A lake in a moss-covered volcano crater. That's pretty cool. 🤘🏼 at Vatnajökull


Fallen for the highlands 🗻 at Westfjords


Moody valleys are my favorites 🙌🏼 at Seljavallalaug

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