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Throwback to when I was in Iceland last year September. At that time my life was traveling. All I did was flying from one place to another. I was on an airplane all the time. For me it was always a very exciting part of my travels. Here’s how it usually went - Find cheapest flight. Pack super light and minimalist. ‘Cause you don’t want to worry about checking bags. Be late at the airport (mostly). Have my carry on packed like a pro so I get through security fast. Then watch all stressed people gathering for boarding while I feel like the most chilled person to enter the plane as the last. I don’t mind waiting at all. If the plane is about to drive the airport in circles, fine with me. Gives me time to think about the people on the plane and why they’re here and where they’re going. Maybe it’s someone’s first flight ever. Maybe someone has just ended a big adventure. Maybe someone is starting one. A man once told me he is flying from Canada to England for the first time. The man was about 70y/o and his son booked the ticket for him so he could visit a cousin he just found out about. Anyways. For me the actual part of flying is the best part. It gives me chills, I love taking off. This is where my thoughts focus on myself. What am I doing here? Where am I going? Where have I been? Mostly it is one more chapter of my life that I leave behind and at the same time, it feels like I am taking off to the next one. And mostly I don’t know what this next one is going to be. Now, for the next plane ride all my thoughts will be the same except one has changed. Flying hurts our planet. And I would like to do something about it. I decided to fly less this year, be concious about it and I’m also currently looking for a way to compensate my damage if I do fly. If you already heard of good projects worth supporting let me know please. 🌱🌈🌎 . . . #whatsonmymind #mindfulness #girlswhotravel #ecotravel #slowtravel #co2 #conscioustravel #flyless #planttrees #hiddeniceland #guidetoiceland #discovericeland #whatsoniceland #canyon #fjadrargljufur #iceland #westfjords #waterfallsoficeland #vik #photographiceland #icelandexplored #ocean #unlimitediceland #ig_iceland #reykjavik at Iceland


Happiness. What brings it? What makes one happy? From the multitude of possible answers, I was awe struck recently by the answer given by a 14 year old girl while I was listening to a radio station. Happiness, she said, is being able to help others in being happy and sharing their happiness. Such a tremendously beautiful position taken by this young lady. We could all alarm a bit about our ways that make us happy. There's definitely not a single path, but doesn't it matter which path we follow so that we make sure we live and share the glimpses of our happiness? ✏️ @ovidiu.cosa at Happiness

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