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Everett’s latest favorite thing is coming up with popsicle flavors. He used to just start mixing a few flavors then pour it into ice cube trays so I decided to buy some otterpop containers on amazon and we’ve been having so much fun creating them together (and eating them everyday). I hear it’s national #popsicleweek so I thought I’d share the idea with you. Some of our favorite flavor combos are in my stories today and you can find the link for the otterpop molds in my profile. Some tips- use leftovers smoothies, blend plain yogurt and jam or honey, 100 % juice or lemonades also work great. Which flavor would you like a recipe for? / / / #popsicle #homemadepopsicles #foodblogfeed #healthysnack #kidrecipes #kidfriendlyfood #summersnack


Happy Father’s Day Josh. I love watching you with our kids and watching them adore you. So glad to do this wild life alongside you!


Early this year we embarked on a adventure of a lifetime with our little family of four. One of our favorite destinations (and you can easily see why) was Dubrovnik, Croatia. Though we visited in winter I wanted to share some travel tips for this stunning city in case any of you may be traveling there this summer of fall. Today on the blog I’m sharing ALL this tips, best playgrounds and farmers markets, restaurants, and local activities. Tag any friends who may be visiting Croatia this Summer. / / / #dubrovnik #croatia #dubrovnikadventures #travelingwithkids #ForbesTravelGuide #seetoshare #cntraveler #bbctravel #lovetheworld #huffpostgram #lifewelltraveled #suitcasetravels #takemethere #livetravelchannel #mytinyatlas #passionpassport #WonderfulWorld #seetheworld #PassportReady #PassportLife #InstaTraveler #Aroundtheworldpix #Wonderlust #Wonderfulplaces #TravelNow #TravelTime #TravelJournal at Dubrovnik, Croatia


This photo is just a little teaser for ya... I’ll be sharing my full guide to Dubrovnik, Croatia, tomorrow. I’ve been working on it little by little and it’s almost ready. Lots of details including tips for traveling there with kids. At this very spot Everett said ‘Mom there’s nothing like this in the whole world!’ I’ll always remember that’s sweet moment. Traveling with kids really helped me to see the world in a fresh way. / / / #dubrovnik #croatia #dubrovnikadventures #travelingwithkids #ForbesTravelGuide #seetoshare #cntraveler #bbctravel #lovetheworld #huffpostgram #lifewelltraveled #suitcasetravels #takemethere #livetravelchannel #mytinyatlas #passionpassport #WonderfulWorld #seetheworld #PassportReady #PassportLife #InstaTraveler #Aroundtheworldpix #Wonderlust #Wonderfulplaces #TravelNow #TravelTime #TravelJournal at Dubrovnik, Croatia


“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.” - Anthony Bourdain . . Like many of you I was shocked to hear the news about Anthony Bourdain this morning! He influenced my world beyond measure and I can say without a doubt that I don’t think I would have explored the world so daringly without his influence. We watched countless episodes of his, staying up into the wee hours and planning our next adventure. He fearlessly introduced us all to new cultures, ideas and food. I’m so so sad but I’m also hopeful that his legend will live on and more people will look at the world with kind and adventurous eyes as he did. at Dubrovnik, Croatia


Editing photos of Dubrovnik tonight in hopes of sharing some highlights of the city soon with you guys! Are any of you planning on traveling to Croatia this Summer?? This is such a magical place to visit and I would love to give any tips or advice as you make plans!! / / / / #dubrovnik #croatia #dubrovnikadventures #travelingwithkids #ForbesTravelGuide #seetoshare #cntraveler #bbctravel #lovetheworld #huffpostgram #lifewelltraveled #suitcasetravels #takemethere #livetravelchannel #mytinyatlas #passionpassport #WonderfulWorld #seetheworld #PassportReady #PassportLife #InstaTraveler #Aroundtheworldpix #Wonderlust #Wonderfulplaces #TravelNow #TravelTime #TravelJournal at Dubrovnik, Croatia


Since Everett was 2 years old we’ve taken swim lessons in the Summer and now it’s something we look forward to. With the tradition also comes snack routines. Everett always requests a hearty granola bar after he swims. Now I bring two, one to occupy Ruthie (almost 2) during the lesson and one for Everett. Today, on the blog, I’m re-sharing my favorite granola bar recipe... it’s basically my energy bite recipe baked for a short time so the bars are still chewy but hold together well. On another note, aren’t these little snack bags from @ikeausa so fun?!! / / / #summersnacks #homemadefromscratch #foodblogfeed #feedfeed #granolabar #bobsredmill #homemadegranolabars #healthyrecipes #recipesforkids


Everett requested Strawberry Cake for his pre-k graduation party... the boy loves cake!! So, I was back at it with baking this week. I found a little rhythm to making a cake from scratch even with two kids circling around me, so I thought I’d share.. here’s my go-to plan: • Stir up ingredients for the cake then bake. I do this a few days prior to the celebration. 30 min active time 25 min to bake • Cool cake then wrap in plastic wrap and freeze. 5 min active time (freezing a cake ensures it will remain moist when you serve it). • Day before party or the day of- Make frosting. 25 min active time • Unwrap cake and frost layers then a thin crumb coating (to seal crumbs in). 15 min active time. (Frosting frozen cake is much easier) • Back into the fridge to seal the frosting. 30 min passive time • Final coat of frosting on the exterior, using a bench scraper tool to make the edges straight. 10 min MY CONCLUSION: making a cake only takes 1 hour and 25 minutes in active time but with a lot of interruptions from the kiddos I always need a good plan. ☺️ Hope this crazy method makes sense to someone else out there! And if you’re in charge of making a cake for a celebration this summer I hope this helps! PS... Cakes with fondant or embellishments will take quite a bit longer in the finishing steps. #makingcake #cake #cakedecorating #cakes #beautifulcake #foodblogfeed #feedfeed #bobsredmill


Anyone else a big cereal addict ✋??! While traveling in Italy we found this awesome, and simple, cereal blend that was homemade from a guy at the local farmers market. I bought at least one bag a week and knew I had to recreate it once we got home. While most cereals are over processed and too sugary, this mix is perfectly sweet and crunchy with only the addition of some honey. It’s healthy, easy and so cheap!! Get the NEW recipe on the blog today! And feel free to get creative and make the recipe your own. / / / / #homemadefromscratch #cereal #cereallover #healthybreakfast #foodblogfeed #cerealrecipe #healthyrecipes


Summer begins in just a few short days! With Summer comes lots of picnicing and pot-lucking for our family! My go-to Greek Pasta Salad is a life saver for outdoor eating. I like to make it in advance and bring it in a few jars as we go explore the outdoors! / / / / #pastasalad #meatlessmeals #vegetarianrecipes #saladrecipe #foodblogfeed #picnicrecipes #picnicready #utahfood #eatseasonal at Salt Lake City, Utah


Last year for Everett’s birthday we did a small camp-themed dirt cake and he loved it. This year he requested the same but wanted a sea party 🤔. So, along with his coral cake I posted earlier, we had a little sand and sea ‘dirt cake’ and the kids got to make their own little jars of sea to take home with them. Pudding dyed turquoise + crushed vanilla wafers + sea creature gummies. Turned out pretty fun 😊 / / / #kidsbirthdayparty #kidsbirthdaypartyideas #kidsparty #kidspartyideas


If you know my boy you know he has an eye for beautiful things and delicious ones. He also loves everything relating to the sea and all things pink. So, I had some high expectations to fill with his cake this year! With a lot of help and instruction from my friend @ballerina_baker we put together this lovely coral reef cake (see more on my stories). He loved it but even more than the cake he loved being celebrated surrounded by all his little friends 😊 #coralreef #birthdaycake #cakedecorating #instacake


Had so much fun decorating Everett’s birthday cake this year. I called in for help from my friend @ballerina_baker and I literally was in awe of her grace and art in how she puts together a cake. Check out our process in my stories. I’ll show you the final product tomorrow but I had to also share this photo. Laying fondant over a cake is so much more of a beautiful process than I’d imagined; it was a thin and delicate layer that we dressed our little cake with then fit it tightly over the edges until it fit just right. #cakedecorating at Salt Lake City, Utah


Clearly I have a 5 year old in my midst! Sprinkles. On. Everything! Everett turns 5 tomorrow, whaaat?!! He requested confetti cookies for his school birthday celebration. Found a simple recipe on and froze the dough earlier in the week. They came out 👌 #coookies at Salt Lake City, Utah


I honestly didn’t know how I’d be as a mom, if I’d like it or be any good at it. After having my first, my heart literally exploded with love, a new love I had never experienced before. And then my second came and my love magically multiplied. When they hurt, I hurt, and when they learn, grow, and care for each other I truly delight in them. After some pretty traumatic health issues I can say that I had no idea what I was getting my heart into when I became a mom but I am grateful, so so grateful, for these two. They have changed me and helped me to understand God’s love in a more tangible way. My kids are definitely my best adventure yet! at Paris, France


Everett had big plans this morning. Gifts and breakfast, special songs and planting flowers. Josh helped make it all happen. While the kids jumped in bed with me for extra snuggles, Josh made these Ginger Peach Scones and hand-whipped cream. So grateful for my little family and the simple, sweet life we get to share.


Today on the way to school Everett said, “There’s a lot that we forget but some things we’ll never forget.” I said, “Like what?” And his reply, “Like that church that we saw when we went to a city in Italy just for a day and it was all pink and turquoise.” You’re right sweet boy, we’ll always remember our quick trip to Florence and the muted colors of the Duomo. I think often times when we have little kids it’s easy to say, “Lets wait until they’re older to travel so they’ll really remember it,” but I must say, when they travel young they gain a broader experience of the world that will forever change who they are. And they WILL REMEMBER!! #travelyoung #travelalways #duomofirenze #florence #firenze #italywithkids at Duomo Di Firenze


ETON MESS!! It’s basically a fancy way of saying crumble up some cookies and toss them with fruit and whipped cream and call it dessert. My Spring-time version is this Rhubarb Amaretti Eton Mess with a Coconut Whipped Cream.. it’s #glutenfree and #dairyfree but you would never care or notice! / / / / #eatseasonal #glutenfreedessert #dairyfreedessert #etonmess #etonmessy

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