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Spirit. Magic. Poetry. Love. | I make colourful things from dreams and visions. 🌞WWW.VISIONARYSEA.COM🌙 • Shop 👇🌈 #visionarysea Similar users

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Tony Püschner

Brighter and more pastel than my typical palette. This piece entitled “Rejuvenate” came about from studying still life portraiture in 2014. To me this piece is an exposition of personal recuperation, hence its name! It’s proving interesting going through my older works over the Winter period and assessing what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown, but also how much more there is still to discover! (I laugh cause I had no idea how to blend yet) I hope your day is rejuvenating 🌺


Last year I did a really amazing workshop on exploring the Tarot, during the workshop we were encouraged to open up to a visionary process and experience the energy of the card. We were focusing on the high priestess at the time and I had this really surreal experience, a crossing of the veil you could say. A whirling portal and a spirit formed of stars on the other end reaching to pull me through it. So when i got home I painted the experience 🙃✨🌀 here is “Before You Go”


It’s me ~ hello, hi! Just thought I’d drop in and say hello. It’s winter here in Australia now and man is it cold, it’s got me hibernating, introspective and internalising. I think that’s really common for a lot of people. A lot of the energy I normally have for art is being used up in just staying warm and getting through the days. Don’t worry, more art will be on the horizon soon, but I also think these downtime’s are equally as important. We can’t create all of the time, no one can. We can’t be inspired, energised, elated, happy... all of the time! The earth has seasons, the sun doesn’t always shine on her face the same, and it’s the same for us. Remember to look after yourself through all of Life’s seasons. You’re a wellspring of goodness. ✨💚


I did this artwork during the last winter solstice... to me it’s extremely cellular, womblike, resonant with rebirth and also this sense of creation. Sitting in the sediment below the surface, awaiting the signal, the photosynthesis, allowing the flow of light to seep in, to rumble around and reverberate our cells and elevate our atoms. So much love to you! No matter what side of this whirling world you live upon 🌞 🌓


Pilgrimage of the Orbs 💜 . The Universe is full of mystery, and here, in a realm of the unknown, lies the Pilgrimage of the Orbs. Great pools of energy plume from a mystery crater, made of a quartz like material… and a line of souls, eagerly awaits their turn to place an offering… . . What is the strangest dream you’ve ever had? Let me know in the comments or a message! . Love you guys 🌟


So here’s some of my oldest favs! About 6 years ago now I started doodling some funky mushrooms 🍄 - you can grab these colourful little dudes on stickers, phone cases and more at the link in my bio ✨🌈🌟🍄


Another piece I’ve never shared on here, “Is there Starlight Under the Sea” ... 🧜‍♀️ 🌟 Tell me what your favourite mythical creatures are? I’ve always believed in the faerie realm and I think that the myths around dragons and angels speak of multi dimensional creatures, that live in layers of reality we don’t all perceive in every day life, but do very much exist. What are your thoughts? Are there mermaids beneath the ocean? Is there Starlight under the sea?


Another early digital art piece of mine, entitled “A Welcoming to the Infinite” . 🌈 You can buy this piece on Wall Tapestries and more! Link in my bio. 🌈 I’ve been curious a lot recently about Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel - what are your experiences? Have you ever Astral travelled? Have you lucid dreamed? Do you believe there is a difference? Sleep states are such a fascinating state of consciousness and they allows us to explore all kinds of things beyond our waking world, whether that be within the mind or without. Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts with me and each other below ~ ☺️ ✨


Hathorisis | A High Priestess of Horus . I just finished this piece after a few weeks of hard work. It was a fun and challenging exploration of symbolism and portraiture. Learning new techniques and delving into layers of self and I had not before. Loving the process of creating each new work. I really wanted to share this poem about Horus that I found extremely moving, written by David Mowers. 👁 ✨💜 It’s the Eye of the Sun, -staring down at me… At night the mind of the Moon, -so bright it’s all you see… Seven Glorious Ones, Horus-Follower’s sons, -and the cycle’s complete; time for a repeat! Magic year, magic mind, Ozymandias seat, a­ magic moment in time, ‘ten found-on-the-line,’ -mark a place where you’ll be. ­ ­ ­ At the steps are the ones, ancient Kings of the Sun. Torn apart by the people, when the harvest was done, And solar barque crosses Styx, to the gates of Ammon… Riders come from the steppe to see the death of the one, Ancient King of the Sun redeem the land and the seed… -Rises up as Orion, again, and now he’s freed! It’s the Eye of the Sun and the Lion is free, roaming over the lands, now the cycle’s complete… - Poetry by David John Mowers, 2016


One of my first ever Digital Artworks - “The Lions Roar” - appropriately revisiting these foundations, as I prepare to do a piece on Inanna / Ishtar in the coming months. Lion imagery and powerful allusions to Love, Strength, power, war, fertility, sex, the divine feminine in her power and in embodiment of the ancient magic encapsulated in history. - what symbols represent strength in your life? Do you have totemic animals? Do you have deities you are close to? Tell me about your experiences with all things mystical and beyond the veil! 👁💜🖤


Close Up of “Kingdom of the Old Gods” A Painting spurned from an Astral Dream exploration... an enormous cavern full of ancient relics and statues to Gods and Goddesses alike... opening out into a valley of the sacred! 🌈🌈 🕉☸️☯️☪️✝️☮️✡️ ..


A close up of a piece I’m currently painting... 🔮🌞 🦅


One With Nature turns 2 Years old Today! 💚 . Remember to frollick in forests, walk barefoot in some dirt, roll around in the grass, immerse yourself in oceans, soak in the hot sun and drink from the moon. ✨ We’re part of it all 🌏🌍🌎


Close ups and Details in my piece “Cosmic Copies” from early this year ~ an exploration of Alchemy, Multi-Dimensionality, Layers and lives of being~ yin and yang, balance, harmony, duality, love, pain ~ internal and external realities. This is very much a piece about introspection as it is about a Cosmic Blue Alien being that feels oh so familiar. 👽


May the 4th Be With You guys 💕✨🌈 But seriously, #maytheforcebewithyou


And this is the full version of “An Ecliptic Union” #ankh #eclipse


Little close up of “An Ecliptic Union” from a few months back 🙃 this is the night version. . . Your path is entwined with mine Oh illuminated in golden golden light I am here to make room, to heal The womb, oh diviner Sacred feminine Oh diviner Sacred masculine Our paths are entwined in The brightness of gold and silver of night Illuminated and cast out of darkness And of light I am here to heal the womb, and world Earth Heart Earth Mother Earth Father Bring balance within, without And carry it on Sacred feminine, divine masculine One moon sun song . .


Close up of Lyra & The Creancients ~ . Anamorphic vision, Liquidus flux, The breath in your lungs ~ Hiss and shimmer, Sends a shiver up you spine Remnants of another time, A moment ago An age From the eternal flow and flood Creancients show . 🌈✨🌙🌏

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