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I create art🎨🇫🇮 Escaped 9-5 before the age of 18 #VOJarmy Join our community of thousands of students and start mastering editing 😍 Similar users See full size profile picture

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Summer nights VS winter nights.. I’ve had this idea in my mind for so long and finally now that’s it winter I was able to take the winter shot for this edit from the same spot and combine the two. #VOJarmy at Finland


Im currently on a month lasting roadtrip through Finland and Norway with @kayvanhuisseling @conormccann and @jakobmihailo. We had insane weather and lighting condition yesterday and this is what I created from the shots. Hope you like it, also if you haven’t seen my new youtube tutorials and vlogs yet, check them at Visualsofjulius on youtube😊 #VOJarmy at Finland


Posted a new youtube video today! Go to my stories and swipe up from there to see the video. As I said, this year I will focus also on youtube more. This is a repost from 2017, who still remembers this? #VOJarmy


Hidden gem💎 This year will be more ”silent” here on IG in terms of posting edits because I want to focus on other things like youtube too. I just uploaded a new Video to Youtube where you can see a bit behind the scenes of how and where I work. Also included a speed editing part of this artwork in the video! Would highly aprecciate if you could subscribe the channel. More videos are coming😊 #VOJarmy at Indonesia


”2019 downloading 98%” 2018 has been the best year of my life. I finished high school, travelled to 14 countries, became friends with likeminded people around the world, started my first online business, started videographing, made several courses, created images here from my trips, started doing social media full time and made literally all of my dreams come true. All of this was mostly possible because I never gave up and worked daily towards my goals and dreams. This industry is getting more saturated everyday so in 2019 lets change ”I’ll do it later” into ”I’ll do it immediately”, not only with social media but with everything in life. If you have a passion, start NOW. Im excited for 2019 and I hope I can say that this upcoming year will be the best year of my life.❤️ Thanks for the people who made this year so great🙏🏼 #VOJarmy #newyear2019 #2019 #newyear at New Year 2019


Santa’s home🎅🏻🏠 #WHPmagical As a Christmas gift all of my online editing courses are 30% OFF for five days. It’s time to stop procastinating and take action. Learn all the skills you need in order to create beautiful work and join our community of thousands of students worldwide! MERRY CHRISTMAS 2018 #christmas2018 link is in bio! • Every year I make a special edit during holidays and this is what I came up with this year. It’s completely made out of my good friend @makerantala ’s images! Follow him and tell him I said hi! He’s so talented👌🏻 #VOJarmy at Finland


Dreams of Indonesia.... Christmas is soon here and I will come up with a special artwork for it this year too. Let me know in the comments what you’d like to see me creating this Christmas! Also if you didn’t see my first video project yet, the link is in my bio. Thanks for all the amazing feedback on it😍 #VOJarmy at Indonesia


MY FIRST VIDEO IS FINALLY NOW OUT. It would mean the world to me if you could use couple of minutes of your time to check it out! Link to the video is in my bio. It is my first proper video project. This project is strictly visual and it was great to kind of use my clips to learn how to use video editing programs and so on! Hope you like it. • This video is a 3d scene of my most successful edit ever with moving water reflections,lights and so on. Super time consuming to create but I learned a lot. #VOJarmy


“The Lost City”🌅 During my recent trip I had the chance to visit Jordan and I love that place so much. Especially The Wadi Rum desert where I also shot the original photo of the pillar on the left side. Definitely will revisit someday👌🏻 #VOJarmy Go to my 200k post to enter my giveaway, there’s still couple of houra left to enter😍


200k GIVEAWAY!! 🎉 Recently we hit 200k on this account and now it’s time for a giveaway, thank you everyone so much for supporting my work❤️! Im going to give away 2 complete course bundles of mine (1600$ value), 5 people will win three courses of own choice and 1 lucky winner will get a free 1 hour coaching call with me! • To enter: 1. Follow @visualsofjuliuscourses 2. Like this photo 3. Tag 3 friends below! • GOOD LUCK! Winners will be annouced 7 days from now. I will pick winners for this giveaway randomly. #VOJarmy


Welcome to Rivendell. This is an edit I made earlier this year and still up to this date it stays up there on my list of the favorite creations I’ve made. It’s a combination of 10+ objects. Also THANK YOU all so much for 200k😍 this is not my 200k special post yet but it is coming next week. My whole life has changed in a year because of this platform and you all have made it possible for me to do this and the support you give to me daily means the world to me. Stay tuned for the 200k special🎉😊 #VOJarmy If you head to @visualsofjuliuscourses, you can see how this edit was created along with other before and afters of my edits in the past! at Rivendell


Let the lights guide you...🏮 One of my dreams was to see the lantern festival with my own eyes and couple of weeks ago it happened. It’s crazy where life can take you sometimes when you have dreams and goals to work for. We’re going to hit 200k soon on this account and I am super thankful for everyone who has been here supporting me and my art. I’ll come up with something special when it happens! in frame @lichipan , at the time we took the image I had no clue it was her, what a coincidence😂 #VOJarmy at Thailand

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