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I create art🎨🇫🇮 Escaped 9-5 before the age of 18 #VOJarmy Learn to edit like me and join our community of thousands of students! Similar users See full size profile picture

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Perfect hideout among the mountains of Dolomites..🏠 #VOJarmy Black Friday is soon which means huge sales on all of my online editing courses. Master photoshop in couple of hours and get access to my private facebook mentoring group! It took me thousands of hours to achieve all the skills I have and I want you to save time and money. I want you to get the skills quickly so you can start creating whatever comes into your mind👌🏻@visualsofjuliuscourses at Italy


Guess the fairytale..🐺. I will be using a variety of tones going forward. I have been using a lot of oranges, magentas and blues lately and now want to try experimenting with different stuff. #VOJarmy at Eibsee, Bayern, Germany


Future is here. We’ve been in Dubai for couple of days now and I enjoy being here a lot. During mornings and mid day the city feels almost empty but becomes alive during night. #meandtheviewat42 @shangrila_dubai *THE FOREGROUND IS NOT THERE IN REAL LIFE* #VOJarmy at Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Hey I am back! It has been a hectic week here exploring Jordan. Things haven’t exactly worked out perfectly for me during this trip.. My backpack fell out of the car with all of my gear inside. A local family had luckily seen it so I got it back but @conormccann’s vlog camera inside the bag had broken. Couple of days later I broke my camera and phone.. Overall I’ve still loved Jordan and I have so many ideas for new edits from the images I’ve taken here! Next off to Dubai😍 #VOJarmy Check out my second account @juliusnikolai to see the before photo of this edit! at Jordan


Would you spend a night here? Im currently in Jordan exploring. Absolutely in love with this country. I will be creating some Jordan content as soon as I get the shots I need in order to create what I have in my mind for the edits. In frame @melissa #VOJarmy


Alice in wonderland.. Decided to go with something a bit more surreal this time. Been creating a lot of landscapes but its always great to change things up a bit. We drove 6 hours from Slovenia to Croatia to take images at the Plitvice lakes and all of the images used in this edit are taken from there.😊 #VOJarmy at Plitvice Lakes


Rivendell 2⛰. We found this hidden waterfall in the middle of a forest and I got this idea to create a second version of my Rivendell edit that I created some months ago. If you want to learn all of my editing techniques, you can check the link in my bio for detailed online editing courses where I teach step by step how I create my edits! #VOJarmy


Came home from Germany last night and Im currently at the airport again, about to board a plane to Jordan. Feeling extremely thankful for being able to travel so much and seeing all of these beautiful places on our planet. This visual is from my latest trip to Germany at Lake Eibsee.. #VOJarmy at Lake Eibsee


There’s a weird stigma around travelling that it would be super expensive and scary. I think the problem is not really about financial stuff but more about finding the time or getting the confidence to just leave and go. The best decision of my life was to leave Finland alone and fly to Bali, meet up with people there and explore.. It truly was an eyeopening experience and I wouldn’t change that experience for anything. #VOJarmy at Bled, Slovenia


I saw a volcano first time this year and it truly was a beautiful sight. It’s scary that something this beautiful can cause so much devastation... #VOJarmy The Halloween special 80% discount is still available for couple of hours. Soo it’s last chance to get started with Photoshop with my online beginner course. Join our community of thousands of students and learn all the necessary skills you need in photoshop! Link in bio at Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia


Happy Halloween 2018🎃 I decided to do a huge halloween 80% OFF sale on my photoshop for beginners course. I know a lot of people are frustrated because they don’t know how to use or how to start using photoshop. This course will get you started with everything. Link in BIO! #VOJarmy at Halloween 2018


It’s weird to think how many memories these artworks include for me but you as a follower only see the end result. Hiking above the clouds in Norway, shooting castles in Germany and shooting the most insane sunsets in Bali. Afterwards I look at the images I’ve taken around The World and try to get creative with them. It gives me joy and I think that’s what matters more than trying to please others with your work. I want to start sharing more of my travels in video form for all of you so you get to see more what happens behind the scenes of my work. Currently trying to record some video content of my Slovenia/Germany trip. #VOJarmy

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