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・ 格子の引戸を開けると南の庭への縁側になります。 ・ 休日はこんな感じでゆっくりしたい♪ ・ 『 cube×CUBE 』 #川添純一郎建築設計事務所 @kawazoe.junichiro.architects ・ **************************************** オシャレなタイルがいっぱい! タイル通販サイト もご覧ください♪ **************************************** ・ ・ #テラス #terrace  #シンプルテイスト #新築一戸建て #ハウスノート #housenote #家づくり #家づくり記録 #マイホーム #マイホーム計画 #マイホーム計画中 #住宅設計 #住宅デザイン #住宅建築 #住まい #住まいづくり #建築家 #工務店 #インテリアデザイン #内装 #戸建 #新築


Shit happens


庇可愛いし渋色タイルもいい 京都市中京区下瓦町 #いいビル #レトロビル #渋ビル #かわいいビル


The Mermaid Multi House, by @partnershill with @hoggandlamb picked up The Frederick Romberg award for Multi-residential Architecture at the National Architecture Awards. Thanks to everyone involved including our great client @alex_chomicz photo by Alex Chomicz


Как определить на фото рассвет или закат? . . . #natgeoru #nationalgeographic #instagramrussia #spb #piter


Photographer @watchluke 📍 : Sheikh Zayed Mosque Tag: #reflectiogram Selected by: @questofivan Follow your passion, follow life’s reflections 🌅


Sebuah momentum perjuangan waktu itu dimana kami bersatu padu bergerak melawan apa apa yang memang salah kami barisan sakit hati terhadap kebijakan pemerintah yang akan mengesahkan RUU baik KUHP atau RUU yang lainnya Tuntunan kami, buatlah sistem yang adil & beradab! Bukan yang ngaur & tidak jelas! Sering rasanya mendengar orang orang legislatif berbicara hukum kita sudah tua & tidak lagi relevan , pertanyaan pun muncul sebenarnya yang tidak relevan & tua itu undang undang atau kau "elit politik", kalian mempertontonkan kebodohan publik kami menilai melihat dan mengingat itu.. Rakyat sudah cerdas bung! DPR (Dewan Pembodohan Rakyat) Barisan sakit hati Bandung 23-24 September 2019


Just a handful of the images featured in my Tutorial Videos. Photoshop can seem pretty overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with all the tools and how they can best be used to improve and enhance your photos. In these tutorial videos, I show a plethora of techniques used in a variety of scenes so you can understand not only how to go about editing your photos, but knowing why and when you should use certain techniques in different scenarios. The Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale ends tomorrow so don’t miss out on getting any of these videos for 30% off. Link in my bio or story.


➡️➡️Did you spot the Rainbow? 🌈 🌈. .An Epic Swiss Landscape. Beautiful alpine lake surrounded by peaks exceeding height of 3,500 meters or 11,000 feet. This is one the most epic spot I have ever hiked up to with my friend, @sky_trotter, the smooth landing operator. You can try to find him in the picture, he’s there somewhere, trying to look cool. This was quite a difficult hike for me as I am not an alpine goat. When work settles down, I’m going to train to do more of these beautiful hikes. Sleeping under the stars and waking up to this scene is something I would really like to do on a regular basis.