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You can't make it to the salon right now, but all the Zoom calls and FaceTime dates call for blow-dried strands—or smooth, frizz-free hair at the very least. Not sure how to blow dry your hair like your hairstylist? We spoke to our favourite ones to find out. Head to the link in bio for a step-by-step. 📸: @errikosandreouphoto


Keep up with Kareena as she reimagines life and love in 20 questions, uncover the new ways to turn self-isolation into self-love and explore the reimagined Indian crafts for the global audience, only in the April issue of Vogue. Click on the link in bio or head to Vogue.in/magazine and signup/login to get free one-month digital access to our magazines, including our archives. #stayhomewithVogue


Sit tight for Friday night Netflix and Chill... a full family #RoutineinQuarantine affair. P.S: No pyjamas allowed. Shop in your closet for some old vintage finds. 📸: @ridburman


“Appreciate this down time that we have to reallly reconnect with yourself and your family. Take care of yourself, mentally and physically,” says Suhani Parekh of Misho (@misho_design). How are you keeping up with it? #InItTogether


PJs, a satin kaftan, jeans from a decade ago or a breezy slip dress: what's your zodiac sign's self-isolation uniform?


Browse Instagram and you’ll see a lot of people proudly using creative pursuits to make use of time that would normally be spent commuting or socialising. But if you're not inspired enough to do the same, you may feel like an underachiever. And you're not alone. Why not start by discarding the thought that you should have “something to show” for this period, or that you should create a significant piece of work while you’re in lockdown? Remember that this is a global pandemic and a highly anxious time for everybody, not an artistic retreat; you’re not going to be tested on what you’ve achieved at the end of it. Instead, use creativity to make yourself feel good, rather than with the goal of being productive. For more on how to nurture ‘everyday creativity’ and get through the lockdown, head to Vogue.in. 📸: Trunk Archive


“I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy indoors. But it’s also important to stay fit and active this time,” says Malaika Arora (@malaikaaroraofficial.) No gym? No problem. She shares her favourite power yoga sequence to strengthen the arm and shoulder muscles—you just need a mat and you’re good to go. #VogueFromHome


Gaurav Gupta (@ggpanther) of @gauravguptaofficial has promised himself to become completely sustainable and even purchase an electric car for himself. "It's time for us to have a deeper dialogue with our environment," he says. #InItTogether


For Gaurav Jai Gupta of @akaaro, the lockdown has pushed him back to the basics like working out at home. "We've got to stay active and stimulated mentally and emotionally," he says. As for his brand, COVID-19 has brought them to an introspective narrative. Stay tuned for more from #InItTogether.


For most of us, a hair oil massage for the hair is a tradition passed down through generations, making it almost as routine as washing your strands. But even if you've been doing it for years, it's helpful to hit refresh on the best practices. Should you apply oil onto damp or dry hair? How long should you wait before you wash? We got answers to all your questions—head to Vogue.in for more. 📸: @sureshnatarajan_dop


“It is the best time to think ahead. It is a great time to put down your intentions, to make lists and tick them off. Just make a plan for the future,“ says Masaba Gupta (@masabagupta) of House of Masaba (@houseofmasaba). How are you spending your time? Stay tuned for more updates on Vogue’s #InItTogether


If you're looking for great television, Miley Cyrus’s (@mileycyrus) IGTV series, Bright Minded features everything from cooking classes to discussions on mental wellbeing and womanhood—while also providing a sense of community in these often lonely times. A typical episode might also include beauty tips, unscripted moments and dogs (lots and lots of them). To know more about the singer and social activist's intrinsically political and gloriously gay live weekday indulgence, tap the link in bio. 📸: Sony Music