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Haraldur Diego - The #Volcanopilot in #iceland Love to fly #overiceland and share the feeling. All pics mine unless otherwise credited.

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Isn't it wonderful to know that we don't have to wait till tomorrow to create great moments? #icelandic #mountains #landscapes #aerialphotography #natgeoyourshot #zen


Even though you've climbed the mountain, conquered it, remember that it's been there long before you, and will still be there long after you. . . . _______ #overiceland #icelandic #mountains #landscapes #iceland


There are basically two ways to gain greater happiness in this life. Improve the reality of it or lower your expectations. . . . . (A thought from Jodi Picoult)


Lava meets sand dunes up in the highlands of #iceland. Or maybe it's the other way around, as the lava has been there for a longer time, and the sand washed in there with the rivers. Or maybe we can just see this as the same thing, because all that sand is made up of is lava. We all come in different sizes and forms, but all made up of the same substance.


You always look for the light, even when there's no natural one around.


A fresh layer of snow up in the highlands is like good makeup, hiding discrepancies on the face of Earth. And like makeup, sometimes it's unnecessary, but looks good. #B&W in honor of my friend @ragnaraxelsson (edit; just found out it's his birthday too)


This probably won't be a popular post. It has nothing to do with you. It also hasn't anything to do with me, and I won't cry myself to sleep because it won't get as many likes as most other pictures on my feed. It's just not the type of post that would catch everyone's eye and call for a doubletap. Social media algorithms work in that way that popularity breeds more popularity, the more it's liked, the more audience it gets, the more likes. Kinda like money and capitalism ๐Ÿ˜ And maybe that's why we like social media. We want to be mainstream, we like what other likers like us like (get it?). But some of the best art out there isn't mainstream. It isn't photoshopped to the extreme to catch your eye, but sometimes it just speaks to us in ways you wouldn't think possible and your only regret is not having a bigger screen. This particular shot my friend @jcpieri got when #flying with me. We had such a great time, and that's the main reason for me liking it. It brings me back to that day, that flight. That's what art should do - lift us away and to another world, no matter what other likers like.


The colors in the rivers are back. They're back already, because of the warm spell weve been having. The glaciers produce more meltwater and the snow has melted. This isn't like the winters I used to know when I was a kid. In around my birthday in April, we used to have snow. A lot of it! We still get snow, but later and less of it. And it's gone sooner than ever. Let's hope it's just an abnormality, not a normality we have to get used to.


With all the great content being created in the world, and for everyone to enjoy there is a special kind of material that you just have to stop by, not just automatically double-click, but watch for a few moments and truly enjoy. Enjoy because of the story behind the shot, or take time to imagine that you were there in person, enjoying the view you see. My friend @ragnaraxelsson (aka. RAX) is a constant producer of that kind of content. Actually, let's just skip the fashion word "content" and let's scale it what it truly is: ART. This one in particular strikes a nerve with me, for various reasons. Check RAX's feed out - not for me or him, but for your own sake. Enjoy!


Let's play a mind game.


The one week of @instagram break is over. Missed me? Lie if you have to! This shot by @jcpieri is just so awesome, and pretty much sums up the great fun we had with @enjoyphoenix on her first flight ever in a plane of this size. I think she likes JC even more now ๐Ÿ˜‰ Can't wait to get #flying again tomorrow. Just hope the forecast will realize, but I'll make a whiskey sacrifice to Thor just in case.


I'm pausing #instagram for a week starting at midnight. Thought a lot about the influence of social media lately and concluded that I need a break. Not pausing my life though; still gonna take Skuggi out to play and poo, still going to go swimming with the fam, still going to go flying and have fun, eat and drink good whiskey, and go to work. I'm just not going to spend a minute publicizing it on social media. Let's see if I can make it ๐Ÿ™„ . Oh, and that pic... oh my what a wonderful #flying dat it was with @benjaminhardman and @eydismariaolafs . . #oneweekchallenge #noig4me


Here we go with the wing again in the shots, like it should be there to tell the viewer that this was no drone shot. No, we battled through with our own bodies and souls to get this mediocre shot with silhouettes and sunset and all. We lived life to the fullest, were our best selves and spent a shitload of money to get this shot so that you too can enjoy it and feel inspired by the way I live... . . . ... or it's just me trying to convince you of that my life is all fun and games, my work is a dream and every single person I meet is just so super beautiful and fun. No. #instagram isn't life. And life isn't fair. But it's not necessarily so to your disadvantage.


Writing the captions is the hard part. Sometimes they come easily, but other times I struggle to come up with stuff. The stories behind the shots can be good, but only if they're good. In this case, there's just the story of me having to pee real bad after being in the air for a so long. But I just had to get those shots of Jรณn #flying below me and @_ryanhill_. Buzzed down that glacier tongue pretty darn fast to land at the first possible runway. The relief was phenomenal. Just remember to hydrate well, at all times, mkay?


When all we look for a familiar faces, we might overlook the ones that we should be seeing. #ihatehashtags


I usually don't like sunset pics, but this one is different as it contains a wing. And nothing flies without wings, contrary to what a former hit song tried to convince people of. Happy Friday y'all!


#iceland is just a plane ride away. Experience is only a thought away.


The beautiful #colibri EC-120 flew into my frame yesterday. Turned out okay ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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