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Experimentation can help keep your photography practice fresh. In this tutorial, we explain a few ways you can achieve low-key imagery with subdued exposure and nuanced details to light. Link in bio. Images by @ottmarwu and @w_i_l_l.m


See how photographer Maddy Minnis (@mongobbq) captures the transformative landscapes of the American Southwest and how moving to New Mexico changed her life and her work. Link in bio. #VSCO


Doodles, drawings, and designs on the Sketch Collection. Link in bio. #VSCO #CreatetheExtraordinary Image by lilyungbokchoyy


Now on exhibit at the new Micro Gallery at VSCO HQ is the work of Bay Area artist @azhaayanna. Her recent body of work, titled Escape, shows Azha’s story about grief, pain, and losing a loved one to gun violence. Visit the link in our bio to learn more. at VSCO HQ


Join in with the community and share your photos with #VSCOX. See our curated favorites and learn how they connect to the latest VSCO X journals. Link in bio. Images by @shravankrishnamurthy, @miuvermillion, and @connikoscina


Discover stunning spaces photographed by the VSCO community on the Interiors Collection. Link in bio. #VSCO #CreatetheExtraordinary Images by @we__spears, @jeneschmitz, and @d.leong


The Melanin Collection is cultivating a visual voice for the Black Community on VSCO. #Melanin to join the movement. Link in bio. Images by @shutterbugs87, @lennoxbishop, and @colorfulkierra


Legendary photographer Wing Shya (@wingshya) captures authentic moments by employing patience, embracing mistakes, and photographing within the constraints of analog film. See more on @neocha's VSCO. Link in bio.


Make something special of suburban solitude with @adolescentcontent creator @s.ilver. Edited with #VSCOX. Join @s.ilver and the rest of the VSCO X community. Link in bio. #CreatetheExtraordinary #VSCOxAdolescent


Experiment with our new Artificial Light Presets by editing and photographing in various lighting conditions. Link in bio. Images by @kendalkulley


Blur lines between the real and the imagined with @adolescentcontent creator @laurencephilomene. Edited with #VSCOX. Join @laurencephilomene and the rest of the VSCO X community. Link in bio. #CreatetheExtraordinary #VSCOxAdolescent


Join us as we look back on Creators in Conversation, an evening dedicated to discussing creative anxiety with @anxymag and over 200 creators at VSCO HQ. Link in bio. #VSCOxAnxy #CreatorsinConversation Images by @aoctaviusw and @jamestensuan at VSCO HQ

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