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#waynegainsayer . 🇦🇺🏙 Melbourne blogger of whatever I like . ❤️🎮🍔 Lover of games & food . 📩 All enquires [email protected]

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. ASSASSINS CREED IV: BLACK FLAG . Hands down my favourite A.C game Not necessarily for its story relevance in the grand scheme of the series . But for its great (individual) story Perfect setting and era Amazing characters Controls And most Importably the sheer volume of missions, objectives, collectives AND the new ways to explore . Once you set aside the core campaign There’s also leveling up your ship the ‘JACKDAW’ And then collecting resources through epic naval battles Taking fortresses from sea AND the insanely hard legendary ships! . Then there’s the hunting & crafting It was a large part of the game But unlike other games it was rewarding and you felt satisfied finding certain animals . Back to the ocean the game introduced underwater exploration and OMG it was incredible Searching shipwrecks for treasures & resources while avoiding eels & gigantic sharks . They also introduce harpooning Hunting for sea creatures from a tiny dingy boat with harpoons! Orcas, humpback whales, great whites & more! I love these animals in real life 😂 but in the game it is incredibly fun and can be quite difficult . Then there’s building your town, upgrading your weapons, your clothes, stealing from enemy camps,, SO MUCH MORE!! . This is the perfect assassins creed game FIGHT ME!


. Recently made my own sexually appealing dessert loaded fries at @nicebunsbyyomg and GOD DAMN! . -fries -strawberries -deep fried banana pieces -Nutella sauce . These were seriously AMAZING! . Who’s hungry? 🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏼‍♂️ at NICE BUNS by YOMG


. What’s everyone playing for their Sunday funday? . It’s been a VERY @ubisoft few days for me I DONT KNOW WHAT TO PLAY FIRST! might smash out some of the division 2 . It looks amazing from what I’ve seen from everyone . But farcry new dawn has been getting great reviews from my trusted instagrammers... . BUT siege looks awesome and I could play with @lolitarose_x so I don’t seem so shit 😂 . Why are choices so hard 😭😭 HELP!!


. Major love to my bro @tufsig_collects . We’ve had dozens of conversations about how GOOD need for speed III hot pursuit is And he always mentions that there’s extra cars in the PC version . And in Australia we even got 2 exclusive vehicles The @ford GT falcon And @holdenaustralia HSV GTS (Right there on the cover) . He knows I LOVE this game so he sent me a big box PC version and I freaking love it dude . Thankyou so much! It looks beautiful next to my @playstation 1 copy . Any other hot pursuit fans here? 🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏼‍♂️


. THE CURRY AF ORGY!! . Last night was the last chance to get into the legendary @theresistance_barandcafe to try their special ‘the curry AF’ Created by @aindogs_burgers himself . And today is #FRIEDCHICKENFRIDAY . Bringing that Sri Lankan vibes straight at ya . -pappadum covered fried chicken BOOM! -coconut yoghurt slaw BOOM! -mango chutney BOOM! -cheese sauce BOOM! -mild chilli BOOM! . What a fucking burger! BOOM . Shattered it took me this long to get in and try it because it was seriously fantastic . Delicious fried chicken And everything else to pair the flavour . @theresistance_barandcafe are literal burger gods The special may be over, but their burgers are still 👌🏻👌🏻 at The Resistance Bar & Cafe


. RAINBOW SIX SIEGE YEAR 4!! . Massive thankyou to @ubisoftanz for sending me this amazing care package . Can’t wait to get stuck into this And check out the new Australian themed level I assume there’s drop bears EVERYWHERE! . Now I know nobody loves R6 siege more than @lolitarose_x But who else loves rainbow six siege?? 🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏼‍♂️ . Unboxing video coming very soon! Keep your eyes peeled 👀


. GOOSEBUMPS . Absolutely loved these books when I was younger And the love has recently started all over again! . I love being an adult and being able to buy them instead of ticking them on my bookclub sheet and hoping mum would pay for it 😂😂 . These were my favourites when I was younger . What’s your favourite goosebumps book??


. R.O.B. . In July 1985 @nintendo released the robotic operating buddy ROB . It was to be part of an ongoing ‘robot series’ which ended up stopping nearly as quick as it started . It was an operational part of only 2 released game Gyromite & stack up . Both came with elaborate connections and add ons and extra pieces and was honestly a mess . But it’s a great piece of history! . Anyone else have a ROB?


. @nicebunsbyyomg know how to rock dat double fried chicken on a #friedchickenfriday . Word to your mother 🙌🏻 at NICE BUNS by YOMG


. BIOSHOCK COLLECTION! . If you have a current gen console this is one you absolutely NEED! . Comes with bioshock 1,, 2 & infinite plus all the DLC for all 3 . The campaigns are amazing with VERY well thought out stories with great twists and insane twist endings in al of them . Rapture (1 & 2) is one of the most incredible game settings of al time in my opinion . And the first person shooter mechanics of switching between plasmids and weapons is seamless and amazing . The enemies are both awesome and very creepy What could be scarier than watching this big daddy walking up to you 😳 . I really hope they announce another one soon! Please @2k


. TONY HAWK’S PRO SKATER 2! . This game was allllllllllll about making that sweet sweet money And buying those sweet stats & setups! . The original THPS was amazing But this one blew it out of the water . Introduced manuals, reverts, stalls, and more importantly... a balance meter . Who agrees this is one of the best games ever!!!


. @quanticdreamgames . The studio that brought you all heavy rain & beyond two souls Before it’s enormous achievement of a game ‘Detroit: become human’ And the more forgotten Fahrenheit! . All quantic dream games are VERY story focussed And that is something very lacking in this day & age of gaming . Sometimes they’re slow... Sometimes they’re VERY slow . But at the end of every game you feel a sense of accomplishment with a game experience you know you’ll never forget . my favourite so far is a tie between ‘heavy rain’ & ‘detroit: become human’ . Who’s played 1 or more games by quantic dreams games? . Which was your favourite? Let me know below!


. Yesterday at @saltedcaramel_cafe I tried my first ‘Greek coffee’ on recommendation from the new owner . It was very strong and delicious Very unique texture being able to feel coffee moving through the water . If you’re a coffee lover I recommend it! at Salted Caramel coffee and eatery


. 99% of the time I’d rather fried chicken over grilled . But @chicken.central do it too well . Snuck in a quick double president on lunch a week or so ago It’s as good as I remember 🤤 . Who else is a fan of these legends?? at Chicken Central


. RIOT! . In June 2007 @paramore released this amazing album RIOT! . Including the biggest single ‘misery business’ this album contained hit after hit And is the album (I believe) that really put them up to one of the biggest acts in the world . Even landed them a spot in the @guitarhero world tour campaign . @yelyahwilliams voice is nothing short of perfect from start to finish Even mixing it up on the track ‘we are broken’ . The music behind this album is what Paramore are and really set the bar for them . A bar I feel they’ve fallen short of hitting ever since, and Infact are getting farther from . But I can always go back to RIOT! . Who else is a Paramore fan?


. The other week with @aindogs_burgers @deadlifts_and_pizza & @shaftyeats we celebrated #friedchickenfriday 1st birthday at @sonnysfriedchickenandburgers . And GOD DAMN did they deliver an incredible spread for up . -30x pieces of fried chicken -2x double fried chicken burgers -triple spicy chicken burger -4x serves of fries -fried pickles -large potato & gravy -large Mac n cheese . Seriously.... some of THE best fried chicken in Melbourne I want to bathe in a bathtub full of this chicken . Who’s joining? 😂 at Sonnys Fried Chicken & Burgers


. ARRIVAL . One of the best alien/ encounter movies I’ve seen in a long long time! . Starting @itsamyadams and @renner4real its the story giant monolithic stones coming to earth and the exploration and explination of them . I won’t say too much more as it’s a story that needs to be seen . A movie unlike any I’ve seen in a long time and had me hooked from the very first 5 minutes! . 10/10


. @burgerroadmelbourne GOD DAMN! . So nearly a year ago I stopped eating red meat, and I cop a lot of shit because “what can you really eat” . This burger is a massive laugh in your face This mammoth burger was absolutely delicious and pumped full of tasty ingredients . -4x fried chicken -4x mac n cheese bites -sweet potato fries -waffle -fried halloumi -corn & cheese fritter -cheddar cheese -Swiss cheese -provolone cheese -cheese sauce -2x ranch sauce -chipotle mayo -on a milk bun . Biggest burger I’ve eaten in a long time Biggest I’ll probably eat in a long time too haha . @burgerroadmelbourne killed it with this burger thouGH . Everything was delicious Tasty AF fried chicken Literal mountains of cheese . And that soft waffle & sweet potato fries 🤤🤤 . Seriously what a burger! at Burger Road

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