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• simple keto / low carb - my way • weightloss • total lost: 30.1kg • sd: 7th oct 2017 • sw: 104.9kg • cw: 74.8kg • gw: 64.9kg • 31 nsw 🇦🇺

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Megan 💁🏼‍♀️
The Sugarless Bakery
👩🏼‍🍳Keto Is Life‼️ Sugar🚫

🙈 Hopped on the scales this morning and this happened! See ya 30kg 👋🏼 I can’t believe only 9 months ago I was almost 105kg and I managed to lose 30 of them. Never in a million years did I think I would stick to keto but boy I’m glad I did. It’s changed my life in ways I can’t even explain. I feel better, I look better, I’m happier and I’ve met so many people on here that I just adore ❤️ A year ago Dan and I joked that if I lost 30kg we would get married .. we have decided that instead, we are going to go to IKEA to get a couch and maybe a throw rug 😂


🍴 My favourites tonight - lamb chops and buttery Brussels sprouts ❤️


🙈🤓 Happy #facetofacefriday everyone! Im really starting to not recognise my face in photos anymore! Is that really me? I’ve always liked my face and honestly the fact that it’s changing freaks me out a bit - just need some time to get used to it I think. This photo just makes me so happy to realise how much healthier I am now more than anything 🐥 (also, yes, I know, I still need to fix my bloody hair - coming soon!) Have a wonderful Friday to all the insta-faces out there xx


🥩 T-bone, cauli mash, garlic butter Brussels ❤️


🐷 When @lowcarbemporium have a sale, you stock up on @pascalsporkscratchings 😋


🦕 Day 18 Struggling hard at the moment with no sweets. My period is due any day now, so the next week is going to be very interesting indeed - but I’m gonna stick to this. If anything, I just want to do it to prove to myself that I can complete something I start. I’ve been having delicious white and green teas every night which has been nice and helping my post dinner sweet cravings a bit 🤓🍵


🐽Dinner - pork chop (x2) with some cauli rice and cabbage pan fried in butter


🍴 Last nights dinner - left over roast beef with buttery broccolini and cauli mash. 10/10 meal !


✅ Day 17! Yesterday was a breeze! Especially the steps - it was a stunning day in Sydney and had the nicest walk in the sunshine on my lunch break ☀️ I have a big package arriving today from @lowcarbemporium - let’s hope all the sweets I ordered make it home for Dan to hide them until August 1st 🙈😂


🐥 Happy #transformationtuesday ! November 2017 - July 2018 🐥 8 months between these two photos. Almost 30kgs down in weight but the real transformation has been within myself. I know I’ve said it before, but just the fact that I’m actually proud of myself is a huge transformation for my mind. I loved myself at 105kg, but was never proud. I went from feeling useless, to knowing if I want to do anything, I can. ❤️


🦄 Day 16! Over the half way mark! I’m still enjoying the kick-start but still missing sweets. Once August arrives, I need to make sure that I don’t over indulge in the sweet department so I think I’m going to limit treats to weekends for a month and see how that goes😋🍬🙈 Other than that, I’ll have no problem sticking to the rest of my goals moving forward into next month 🤓


🍴 Dinner! Roast beef with cauli mash and broccolini ❤️


🍴What I’m eating this week! I plan my entire week out each Sunday because I like heading into the work week prepared and organised. A few things I will mention (because I always get asked): • Yes, I only eat one main meal each day, however I also drink a large almond latte each morning and have snacks in the evening also (this week it’s macadamias because I’m doing no sweets) • Yes, I’m eating enough calories. • No, I don’t get hungry throughout the day. The almond latte keeps me full and I also drink 4 litres of water. • I get all my recipes from my head, cook books, google and instagram (however it’s mainly meat and veg this week so no real recipes)


🍴 Dinner! Spicy sweet chilli and lime chicken breast pan friend in butter with salad 😋


🌲🐿 Picnic snacks! Had a day out with Dans fam so packed some delicious food to take with us.


🙈 #NSV - It’s actually so wild to me that I’m walking out of Kmart with these sizes. I’m so used to just looking for a size 20-22 in everything and hoping it fits. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be trying on a 12 and it be too loose and have to grab a 10 (was a big make, but still!)


🐥 Weekend weigh in and the last couple of days kick-start updates (swipe) Only 600g to go until I’m 30kg down 🙈 it’s amazing how much the human body can change in just 9 months! Will this upcoming week be the week I crack 30kg lost? I’m so glad I’ve done this July kick-start challenge, it’s really helped get my mojo back (even if I would literally give my left big toe for just a bite of a Well Naturally coconut bar right now) I feel lighter, happier, less anxious, more energetic and a bunch of clothes I got awhile ago that were snug now fit like a dream. I’m also very proud of myself for actually sticking with this, I haven’t been perfect and it hasn’t been easy - but I’m doing it! Being proud of myself is such a foreign feeling to me but it’s a very nice feeling 💕 Have a wonderful weekend lovers xx


🍔 🍟 Burger and fries for dinner. My burger may be bunless and my fries may be cucumber but DAMN it was so good I had a second ❤️

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