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Got it in the bag. THE NASTY WOMAN—ART BASEL 2018. Check the video on my page for a big surprise. RSVP @vulgarmagazine. See you there. 💗💗💗 . #wynwood #basel #wynwoodmiami #miaminightlife #artparty #partymiami #artbaselevent #mismi #baselmiami #artbaselmiami #miamifl #thenastywoman #nastywoman #wildfemmenist #femaleentrepreneur #fashion #style #fashionista #model #versace at Wynwood, Florida

Let’s get Nasty! Our team has been hustlin on a dope experience for you during Basel. FASHION & ART collide next Sunday, December 9  at The Factory in Wynwood. Hosted by @saweetie. RSVP now at VulgarMag.com @vulgarmagazine @eyesandedge #THENASTYWOMAN . Shouts out our team of nasties! 💗💗💗💗💗💗 @vulgarmagazine @eyesandedge @talifornia @hollyhoover_ @steffybangbang @domi.nyc @stephswangsta @whittybrielle at Wynwood, Florida


We’ve got a surprise for you. THE NASTY WOMAN—ART BASEL 2018. See video on my page announcing our host. RSVP @vulgarmagazine. 💗💗💗 . #wynwood #basel #wynwoodmiami #miaminightlife #artparty #partymiami #artbaselevent #mismi #baselmiami #artbaselmiami #miamifl #thenastywoman #nastywoman #wildfemmenist #femaleentrepreneur #fashion #style #fashionista #model #alexanderwang at Wynwood, Florida

If you can’t handle a rose with her thorns—leave it alone. . Photographer: @oleg.photos Styled: @whittybrielle Wardrobe: @coltypdx @freepeople at Doug Fir Lounge


Vote. . . You have an opportunity to make your voice heard. An OPPORTUNITY! Why would you turn that down? You have until the 6th. Get with it. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ . . Photo: @connordearaujo at Portland, Oregon


Cross my heart. 🖤 . . Photographer: @oleg.photos Styled/Modeled: Me Pants: @maisonvalentino Collar: @coltypdx Bag: @versace Coat: @freepeople Kicks: @manoloblahnikhq Shades: @georgekeburia Heart: Pre-order at Portland, Oregon


...Boo! 👻 Happy Halloweeny wknd. all you gals & ghouls. 🎃 . Yes I’m a nerd. And yes this is my favorite holiday. Be safe & have fun! 🧡 at New York, New York


I think about you a lot sometimes. . #bts w. some of the most talented boss babes. Shoot photographer: @harleecase HMUA: @styledbymal_ Model: @whittybrielle Photographed here by: @styledbymal_ Styled: @whittybrielle & @heyjadehey Production: @kalamulcahy at Portland, Oregon


Darling, I thought you’d be just the same. How terribly dull to be right. . 📷: @phil.lomonaco Always delightful shooting. 🙏 at New York, New York


Let’s see how much trouble we can get into this time... @blueeyedbird12 . @blueeyedbird12 is coming to town! 🤗💗✨ . 📷: @connordearaujo at Portland, Oregon


Digital exploration for human connection. Tuned faces so people tune in. Aptitude in apps—our connectedness appalling. Boldly ghosting to gain intrigue. Social networks thriving—support network? System down. Seeking answers. Questions on read. We’re plugged into an empty outlet. A holy void. To put it simply—dear, we’re warped. . WARPED | EDITORIAL FOR @holyvoids & @eyesandedge . Model: @whittybrielle Styling: @whittybrielle @stephswangsta Photographer: @heyareyoujay Creative: @whittybrielle Shot for: @holyvoids @eyesandedge Wardrobe: Tunic: @holyvoids Boots: @casadei Bag: @versace Jacket: @wonhundred_official Glasses: @dior at Portland, Oregon


Consider with consideration. Form actions with intent. . . Photographer: @phil.lomonaco Model/Styling: Mua Fit: #NYFW day 5 at New York, New York


Yes I do. 🍤🥠🥡🥢 . Back for #NYFW enjoying two of my favorite activities: Expensive fashion, and cheap Chinese takeout. at New York, New York


The sign said stay off the roof. . Back seats for kissing. Best friends for wishing. Moments for taking. Rules just for breaking. . Models: @blueeyedbird12 @theonly_honeey @whittybrielle Creative/Styling: @whittybrielle Photographer: @connordearaujo Publication: @eyesandedge at Portland, Oregon


I don’t follow rules and they don’t like that. . . Model & Styling: @whittybrielle Photographer: @heyareyoujay at Portland, Oregon


Body + Soul . . We search for differences, cover things up, worship, or hate this thing which is merely a vessel. We’re just a body and a soul. . . Snapped: @connordearaujo at Mt Hood National Forest


Don’t fence me in. . . Photographer: @connordearaujo Wardrobe: @harperspr & @paradiseranchdesigns Styled: @whittybrielle at Los Angeles, California


I wanna go fast. 🏁 #snapshotlife . . 📷 @chiefingchiichii at Santa Monica, California

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