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[[21.7.17]] fanaccount decided to the amazing @willowshields;; “always stay true to who you are.” || #willowshields ♞ >> willow liked 2x, 18/5.25/6 ||

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[reposting old aesthetics] ━ ✧ hi!! ✌ swipe to see it in color! i remember this one so well! when i posted this i just reached 300 followers and i was so so so happy. can't believe it's so long ago already🙈 ✧ almost done w the theme but still don't know if i should continue w the red or a new 'blue' theme..please content what u think because i meer your opinion! ━ q; do you prefer netflix or youtube? a; netflix👏♡ ━ [18.09] [14.44] [1.075]


━ [reposting old aesthetics] ✧ goodmorning! 🌼 here's old aesthetic number #3, this one was one of my favs. swipe to see it in color! ✧ how are you all doing?? i'm actually doing fine, just started school and it's actually not THAT worse (yet!!1!😂) and i finally got some more motivation to post lmao ━ q; do you have any tips for my account? what can i improve? ━ [09.09] [11.10] [10.80]


━ [reposting old aesthetics] ✧ hellooo✨ how are you all? i'm great except for some things.. atm i really don't have the motivation to post anymore and stuff so I'll be inactive sometimes and just taking my time. i really hope y'all understand it and i'm really thankful for the people who do and still support me, ily! ♡ ✧ second thingyyy.. I've got school tomorrow! please wish me some luck 😂 ━ q; what is your fav kind of flower? a; roses ━ [02.09] [21.22] [1.068]


━ [reposting old aesthetics] ✧ hi! so okay i decided to post these aesthetics again! these are from a year ago so they're horrible lmao and i sure will remake them but not now. hope you enjoy anyways 💛💛 ✧ school in 2 days!! kinda looking forward to it but also not because homework and math and shit and no time to edit much so I'll be less active, but i will definitely do my best! goodnight loves xx ✧ side notee im so freaking mad at the person who broke into willows car!! that's like so rude and she doesn't deserve it😧 ━ q; which grade are you in? a; 9th ━ [31.08] [22.00] [1.080]


━ theme divider 1/3 ✨


━ theme divider 2/3 ✨


━ theme divider 3/3 ✨


━ [belated jennifer birthday post] ✧ hi y'all! yesterday was jens birthday and i had no time to post, sooo here it is now. happy belated 28th birthday jennifer shrader lawrence! ♥ ━ q; when is your birthday? a; september 29th ━ [08.15] [1069] at Happy birthday


━ [ #willowshieldsfacts; fact 1] ✧ hello y'all! i decided to try something new and i thought doing facts was a great idea, so here's fact one. she's a queen, she doesn't need acting classes. she can act perfectly😻 did you know this? ✧ whoop whoop im on a holiday now and im having sm fun but the wifi is TRASH so yeah im srry abt the inactivity ━ q; fav subject at school? a; english ━ ✧ notes ✧ [❥];; 13.08.18 [❥];; 19.57 pm [❥];; 1068


━ [willow shields arriving in new york at the today show in 2014] ✧ hi! tomorrow I'll go on a holiday, I'll have wifi so I'll be active and I've made some edits to post during it. ofcourse i won't be as active as i always am 🌹 ━ q; are you an introvert or extrovert? a; a kind of both, but i guess a little bit more introvert ━ ✧ notes ✧ [❥];; 09.08.18 [❥];; 19.40 pm [❥];; 1053


━ [willow shiels edit] ✧ hi! i had literally NO inspiration sooo.. i'm posting this old edit thingy which i don't like. i hope you do anyways!! ✧ friday i'll go on a holiday! i'll make loads of edits and i'll repost stuff too, and i will be less active but still there. i can't waaittt 🗼🗼🗼 (also,, thanks for 1034 followers!) ━ q; we're playing kiss, mary, kill: rue, prim, katniss COMMENT BELOW! ━ ✧ notes ✧ [❥];; 06.08.18 [❥];; 21.20 pm [❥];; 1034


━ [willow shields quote] ✧ omg!! i've reached 1k!!!!! i'm so so happy, it's unbelieveable. i've gained so many followers these last days and i'm so thankful that they've helped me getting to the 1k. and also my followers who have been here for a long time, tysm!! and especially my friends, they've done the most and i can't imagine being here w out them, ily 🖤✨ ━ q; do you prefer books or movies? a; i love both, but i think books because they're more detailed ━ dt; @smillingdylan, @pstutcrials, @itzmomou, @jlawbest, @berrademir0, @heyitssrenee, @chloegupdate ━ ✧ notes ✧ [❥];; 02.08.18 [❥];; 15.51 pm [❥];; 1006 [❥];; tagg @willowshields if you want!


━ [willow shields at the spy who dumbed me premiere in la] ✧ hello! 25 july willow attented the premiere of #thespywhodumpedme in la and her look was absolutely incredible!! i loved it so much and i'm glad we've got some new pictures again 🤗🤗 ✧ willow posted some pictures of her finger in her story which is probably broken, i feel so bad for her!! i hope you get well soon lovee @willowshields ━ q; do you collect any items? a; beach shells only i guess ━ ✧ notes ✧ [❥];; 30.07.18 [❥];; 18.31 pm [❥];; 953


━ [willow and mark dwts x quote] ✧ hi y'all my posts are flopping so plss like my others too and i will like yours too 💓 ✧ woahh i miss dwts so so much, i wish they did it once again w willow and mark in it cuz they were so amazing sksjksjsksjs (also this edit is trash and the filter is too but i hope you still like it #ripquality) ━ q; are you a morning or a night person? a; night ━ ✧ notes ✧ [❥];; 26.07.18 [❥];; 10.25 am [❥];; 944


━ [willow shields x taylor swift] ✧ hi y'alllll, here's a new post and ik you've seen this one before. but i had to post to i decided to repost this thingy, enjoy (again) ✧ i don't know what to say to finally no long captions for u to read ☁🌓 (friday night there'll be a bloodmoon here and i can't wait to see it!!1!1!) ━ q; fav singers? a; so many, but i ADOREEE lana del rey and billie eilish! ━ ✧ notes ✧ [❥];; 24.07.18 [❥];; 21.33 pm [❥];; 947 [❥];; if you wanna talk or be friends just dm :)) [❥];; this is a repost #taylorswift #taylorswift1989


━ [1 year anniversary of my account] ✧ woahh. today it's been one year since i created this account decided to willow shields. and it's been an amazing time. i still can't believe it. i've reached so much (900 followers, ibfs, willow noticed multiple times) and i'm so happy i'm here. i made a lot of friends and i want to thank them all, i wouldn't be here anymore without y'all! you know who you are! and ofc willow, my idol and inspiration, ilysm willow and i wanna thank you for everything <33 and all my followers too, thank you for supporting me always 🕊 ily all!!! ━ - swipe to see this account at the very beginning and how it's like now! - can you please tag @willowshields? ━ ✧ notes ✧ [❥];; 21.07.18 [❥];; 18.03 pm [❥];; 944 [❥];; 1 year anniversary of @wiillowshieldss [❥];; i'll tag more ppl soon at One Year Anniversary Celebration


━ [willow shields x quote] ✧ good evening y'all (or morning, whatever)!! a simple and quick edit because i don't have much time atm. i'm tired and i had literally NO inspirition so enjoy this simple edit ;)) ✧ comment some suggestions and ideas for me to edit, or some advice to improve my account! ━ q; what is ur fav ice cream flavour? a; mint chocolate chip is deliciouss ━ ✧ notes ✧ [❥];; 16.07.18 [❥];; 21.38 [❥];; 939 [❥];; follow my t100 acc, @blcdreinaa


━ [willow shields x thg exhibition] ✧ hi! so before i said i'd start a new theme with some thg scenes, but i changed my mind cuz i realised one of the reasons i love this account so much is because of the theme, it's all mine and i love the colors and stuff so i keep it (but swipe to see the first post of the "new" theme!) 🏹 ✧ willow rocks this look, i love it so so much, it's one of my favs. also, she's blonde again and i love it!!! ━ q; fav thg movie? a; catching fire ━ ✧ notes ✧ [❥];; 14.07.18 [❥];; 22.27 pm [❥];; 936 ILY

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