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Is it seriously not Friday yet? . . I want to go hiking and hang out with my friends and go sky diving! . . Oh wait...I can't do any of those things 😒 . . 📸 @fern_the_corgi


I'm here! Now what are your other two wishes? 🧞‍♂️ . . I feel like I have been super MIA this week. Even though I'm working away on orders I'm just easily distracted and keep getting bummed out about wanting to do things that I can't do 😔 Hopefully soon the weather will warm up and I can start doing more yard work. Currently our yard is a mud puddle and because the yard is so steep if you walk on it, it slides out from under you 🤦‍♀️ . . How are you guys holding up? Any advice for staying busy? . . 📸 @dr.bruce.banner.atx in the Wooly Beast lightweight hoodie


Winter is Coming...but hopefully not for a while 😅 . . Its finally starting to feel like SPRING! And I'm ready to plant my garden and start spending more time OUTSIDE! Honestly, I'm ready to do everything once this Coronavirus goes bye-bye 😂 What are you looking forward to doing again once it's safe to be out and about? . . Ice Eco Bandana NOW AVAILABLE on our website! Link in profile. How cute is cute is baby Riddle in this?! 📸 @boxerpup_brothers


Hey guys! Just checking in to see how everyone is doing during this time ❤ Are you sheltering in place? Or are you still going into work? . . We are on our week two of staying at home...I'm always at home, but last Monday my husband's work told everyone to start working from home. Its definitely weird having him home ALL OF THE TIME 😬🤯🙃 But as long as he stays in the basement, I think we'll be fine 😂 . . @dr.bruce.banner.atx in the Stoic Eco Bandana, now available on our website 👍 link in profile


There might be snow on the ground, but the Spring Release is here! We just launched so many new goodies! If you have a chance you should check it out and let us know what you put in your cart 🛒


Today is the Day! Our Spring release is happening TONIGHT at 5pm est 😱 . . Who excited? 🙋‍♀️


Beauty comes in all sizes 😍 . . Ok...I'm not going to lie, I'm obsessed! This hoodie was not popular in our last preorder, but I feel like there might be a lot of regrets out there? Show of hands? Who regrets not getting this 🙋‍♀️


You guessed it! BANDANAS ARE COMING! Some of you have been waiting since last fall for these to come to Wilder North! And 16 of these Eco Bandanas will be dropping TOMORROW at 5pm est 🤯 . . But don't stop at bandanas, there will also be COLLARS and KEY FOBS and HARNESSES and CAMERA STRAPS and COFFEE COZIES and...that might be it 🤔 So be sure to browse every corner of the website TOMORROW NIGHT to see what's new 😱


Our Spring Release is on Tuesday! What you you think this could be 🤔


Who could use a hug? How about a T-Rex Hug?! . . So many people had regrets on this lightweight in our V-Day preorder, so I brought it to the website! Now available for a limited time, so don't have any regrets 🦖 . . Check out the new available lightweights on our website! Link in profile 😍 📸 @dr.bruce.banner.atx


Since we are all (hopefully) in quarantine, let's play a little prediction text game! . . Here's how you play...type into your phone in the comments -Today in quarantine __predictive text__ . . For example mine is... Today in quarantine the same day that is actually the case I was thinking of a hiatus of my life 😂 . . Makes sense to me 😂😂😂


Good morning! Who's ready to start the day?! Or you still sleeping off your solo St Patty's night? Personally, I had a glass of wine and went to bed early 😂 . . Today's adorable mug is @hannah_andthemoose in our Mustard cork collar and an adorable Drinking Buddy bandana from @nomadic.tails 😍