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“Sunset on a remote section of the Grand Canyon. There were no crowds. The dropoff makes you catch your breath, but this view is like no other. The colors of the rocks really pop at sunset after a rainstorm.” _ Photo by contributor @trailwandering #wildernessculture _ For ethical outdoor practices check out https://lnt.org/learn/7-principles @leavenotracecenter at Arizona


John Muir said it best, "with every walk in nature one receives far more than they seek" _ Who’s ready for summer hiking? _ Photo by @outofthewoods #wildernessculture #leavenotrace at Mount Rainier National Park


Often, the best experiences happen when we least expect them, buried in the middle of everyday life. #RealMatters _ “We had pulled off the road to find a place to sleep after pushing on to cover some miles. It was late, it was dark, and we were tired, so anywhere would do. What a delight it was to wake up and find this! If you’re wondering, the girls were still tucked up cosy in their rooftop bunk! _ To just sit, in silence, miles away from civilization, and watch the sun break the horizon, is one of the most humbling feelings on earth!” _ Photo/caption by @summerofseventyfive #wildernessculture


“We spent most of the day looking for towering groves of sequoias. It was freeeeeeezing outside (made evident by our breath in this photo) and we were completely alone on the hike. The park was greeted by a snow storm the evening prior, so everything was covered in a fresh layer of snow. The best part was the snowmelt from the top, it felt like a magical scene from a movie.” _ Photo by @embracesomeplace #wildernessculture _ For ethical outdoor practices check out https://lnt.org/learn/7-principles @leavenotracecenter at Sequoia, California


”The amazing dragon's spine better known as Matthes Crest, with Spencer and Jason cruising up to the North Summit. A warm late summer climb, overlooking some of the most beautiful country around. Even if you're not a climber, it's hard to argue with the rugged aesthetic of these rocks.” _ Photo/ adventure by ambassador @wheretowillie #wildernessculture at California


“52hrs. That’s the rough estimate of the time that it usually takes for my friends and I to go on a weekend backpacking trip. Some may consider us crazy or that we’ve gone completely mental for pulling off such ideas since they would rather relax and take it easy after a long work week. But these adventures just sound so.. normal. At least for my friends and I. I’m not too sure what it is about cramming a weekend filled with adventures where I’m surrounded by beautiful people and all sorts of indescribable jaw-dropping sceneries, but I know for a dang fact that if there’s an adventure awaits, then you can certain count on us to be there. Is this what it means to be #weekendwarrior? I guess so 🏕.” _ Photo/adventure by @donutworry___ #wildernessculture at California


Photo by @gnarlynickolas _ This photo was taken at sunset on our third day projecting a new highline we established on El Capitan in Yosemite.  _ It took 3 days just to set the line. We had to hike hundreds of feet of webbing and rope, hundreds of carabiners, and a bunch of cams to the alcove on el cap. One side of the highline was rigged by wrapping a huge pillar of rock and the other side was attached to the cliff via a 17 point natural cam anchor. When the line was up, it became the first highline on el capitan to not use any bolts. It was about 200 feet long. _ We spent every day for a little over a week at the base of el cap trying to make this thing happen. We tried to walk it at night and during storms as well. One thing that's kind of unique about this line is that it's protected from lightning by the giant cliff above it. Most people would never highline during an electrical storm, but due to this location we were able to do it safely and this photo was the product of that. _ While some people got close, no one was able to complete the highline from start to finish with no falls. So this remains an open project for anyone willing to put in the work! _ In the end it was a super amazing week with an awesome crew of people. It wouldnt have been possible without these people @ryansheridan @justinreedolsen @mitchthe5th @damianrileyphoto @foreman619 and so many more #wildernessculture at California


We love that social media allows us to have a glimpse into the real experiences from the community, like this one from @outofthewoods. Adventures like these inspire us! #RealMatters _ "3 years of planning to go here, but due to weather, work, and fires, I still hadn't made it. Finally this year my plans worked out and the wait was well worth it!! This was such a great trip not just because of how beautiful it was but also because of the great people I was fortunate to share the trip with" _ Photo series by @outofthewoods #wildernessculture #LeaveNoTrace at Washington


@alpinewithv climbing in Chamonix “Climbing the Arete des Cosmiques was special to me, not only because it's considered a classic, but also because I've had a Petzl poster of that place hanging on my office wall for years. It's one of many and it's nice to know that I am going to those places one by one, and that they aren't just pieces of paper that provoke my daydreaming on a regular basis 💭. Of course the poster is of a climber on Digital Crack on the monolith behind me, but I might have to work my way up that one 😜” 📷@brandonmacmullin _ #wildernessculture at France


We took some time away from social media to think, refocus, and reflect on what matters to us. We are very excited to share what we have been working on. Before we do, we want to take the next week to highlight real adventures and experiences #RealMatters #memoriesbeforestuff _ Photo: @therollingvan #wildernessculture Photo taken from a designated overlook. For more ethical outdoor practices check out https://lnt.org/learn/7-principles at Oregon


Hiking the rugged northern coast of #Iceland _ Photo: @jeffcarlsonphoto #wildernessculture at Iceland


Overlooking Yosemite Valley #California. Comment your favorite National Park and tag some friends 🏞 _ Photo by @wildbonde #wildernessculture at Yosemite National Park

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