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Who isn’t intrigued by this adorable caracal? Photography by Marion Vollforn #WildlifePlanet


These cute Salamanders known as Axolotl are of great interest to science because it can regenerate limbs and parts it's own brain. Wish I could do that! The Aztec people saw a manifestation of the god Xolotl in this little creature, who led souls into underworld alongside the setting sun. IUCN Red List Status: Critically Endangered Photo/Caption by @timflachphotography #WildlifePlanet


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Happy #WorldWhaleDay 🐳 Video by @karimiliya #WildlifePlanet


The innocence of nature deserves the power of mankind. Photo/Caption by @benjhicks πŸ’šπŸ’ #WildlifePlanet


Embers that glow in the shadows that grow.. Photo by @shaazjung #WildlifePlanet


Have you ever heard of a cheetah voice before? πŸ†. Video by @ccfcheetah #WildlifePlanet at Somewhere in Africa


Now you see me, now you don’t 🐢 . Photography by @ghost.ofwinterfell #WildlifePlanet via @ourplanetdaily at Canada


Happy Valentines Day wildlife lovers πŸ’™ Which photo is your favourite? 1-5 1. Jeffery Guzman 2. @oceandimensions 3. @benmack_ 4. @bjk_photovideo 5. Noam Kortler #ValentinesDay #Ocean #WildlifePlanet


The Honey Badger (Mellivora capensis) has a reputation for being the most fearless animal on the planet, and for good reason. South Africa. Video by Game Drive Channel via @natures #WildlifePlanet at South Africa


Follow @jameslloydcole πŸ‘ˆ He is taking amazing photos from all over the world. Photos by @jameslloydcole #WildlifePlanet at Hallstatt, Austria


Cheeky squirrel in St James Park, #London Photo by @lensereflection #WildlifePlanet at London, United Kingdom

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